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Coroner Wants Jackson Files From Former Nurse

7/22/2009 6:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An official from the L.A. County Coroner's office is in the offices of Michael Jackson's former nurse -- the nurse who claims Jackson badgered her for a powerful anesthesia.

Ed Winter: Click to watchCherilyn Lee Michael Jackson Nurs
Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter just left nurse Cherilyn Lee's office ... he walked out with Jackson's medical records.

We asked Lee about Jackson's use of the drug Propofol -- she says he asked her for it but she never gave it to him.

Winter retrieved files from Dr. Arnold Klein last week.

Ed Winter: Click to watchCherilyn Lee: Click to watch
UPDATE: Winter has left the building with medical records. He said Lee was cooperative and is not under investigation.

UPDATE: We spoke with Lee after Winter left -- she says she thought she'd convinced Jackson not to take Diprivan, he was feeling good and a great father figure.


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1734 days ago


I'm glad to finally see some action taken towards justice.

1734 days ago


Top five.

1734 days ago


I'd also like to add...this is what these people get for plastering their faces all over tv and doing interviews no one asked them to do. But I do believe this nurse has nothing to hide. She seems like she's ethical from what we've seen.

1734 days ago


she's about to go down and lose her career from a 20 year plus addiction. it isn't right! michael jackson chose to use drugs for decades. it killed him, and he is the cause of his own death. i liked michael jackson, but i can't side with the legal outcomes from his death.

1734 days ago


Thats good they dig deep into wat happend to him. But i know michaels in a better place, i kno hes finally happy.he found his peace since no1 seemed to let him be. RIP michael

1734 days ago


If the Jackson's want to really bring anyone to the spot light why not bring Michael's nephews to the stage the group 3T. Has anyone seen these guys. They are gorgeous and have pretty good voices. They definately have the look to drive girls crazy. I would love to see them brought into the spot light. Everyone should check them them out they even have one song out with Michael Jackson, it's good.

1734 days ago


everyone knew he was using drugs...from his lawyers, the la district attorneys, sheriffs who raided his you remember when he was on tv talking about his drug addiction and started acted like he was high and crazy by singing and making those special ed noises.....we ALL knew he was using drugs

1734 days ago


HMMM, I thought it was mighty funny how she came out after the day michael jackson died out of the blue and said he asked her for Propofol, but didn't give it to him....SOUNDS FISHYYYYYY TO ME...I hope her and dr murray pay for killing michael...MURDERS

1734 days ago


GO AFTER ALL THE DR'S from the last seven year's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time CA and the US as a whole put's astop to all of these DR.'S, feeding the celebrities pill's like it's candy.

I don't care what it cost's Ca, Obama can give them bail out money to put a stop to these DR.'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1734 days ago


3. I wonder if they're doubting her story that she never gave Michael Propofol? Perhaps she was just skirting the issue and was a source...

It'll call come out in the trial...

Posted at 5:41PM on Jul 22nd 2009 by Babyfacemagee

Now that I read your post..It's possible she could be involved although I'm kind of hoping she isn't just for the sake of knowing atleast one person said NO to Michael, but if she is involved I'd have to say she's very stupid for coming out with information that could land her in jail also.

1734 days ago

paris phillippe    

CNN - HLN just reported, while Michael Jackson laid dead in the Morgue, personnel were walking in an out of this room, out of curosisty, and all said the same thing. Michael Jackson's body was bruised all over and the most startling thing they all saw, was a hole where his nose should be. Like many imagined, he had so much plastic surgery, he had a prosthetic nose! Dr. Klein never admitted to that on Larry King. Sorry news, but glad it came out. In fact, it took all this time for it to come out and I for one believe it!
I hope they get to the bottom of this Murder in the Second Degree for Murray and the rest in the house and all the other doctors throughout the years, manslaughter for all of them. They all enabled him. These were professional people, not on the street drug dealers, these people were educated to help people and they should be dealt with harshly.

1734 days ago


Wow.....they actually ARE going to get to the bottom of this sordid, sad mess.
And give Michael, and his children the justice that they so rightly deserve.

1734 days ago


GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get em'! Keep us informed tmz!

1734 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

I was wondering what happened to her. She just disappeared after she was the tv for a while. She did mention that she didn't give the drug to MJ and after that he cut her off.

1734 days ago
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