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Katherine Jackson -- I Will Be Heard!

7/22/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson wants "a seat at the table" in all matters involving Michael Jackson's estate.

Katherine's lawyer, Londell McMillan, tells us Katherine called him the day Michael died, asking him to come to the house. McMillan says when he showed up the first weekend, Katherine and Joe expressed "concern" over the estate and hired him to represent Katherine's legal interests.

McMillan says Katherine will not challenge the will, but as far as the executors are concerned, he says, "She deserves a seat at the table at a minimum." McMillan would not say if Katherine merely wanted to be named as a third executor or whether she wanted to challenge John Branca and John McClain, the named co-executors.

Sources connected with Katherine claim she has already asked the co-executors to allow her to participate in the decision-making and her request was "rejected."

McMillan says neither he nor Katherine are pushing for Joe to become a co-executor.

McMillan, who worked for Michael Jackson during the last 3 1/2 years of the singer's life, also has repped Katherine on various business matters related to her son.

McMillan says he's "optimistic they can work things out, but I'm prepared to go the distance if Mrs. Jackson directs to do so."


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Nobody cares.
Put it to rest.

1896 days ago

Put this senile old bitch in a home.

1896 days ago


and who care's,....really

1896 days ago


She deserves to be infomed of actions and maybe have her opinion taken into consideration but otherwise she should not be named an executor because she doesn't know anything about the business and as for Joe he's not even in the picture regarding the execution of the estate. Katherine needs to slow her roll and focus on the kids and finding a proper burial site for Michael. RIP.

1896 days ago

Clearly she can easily be manipulated by slaime bags like lawyers and Joe the Devil. She can't be trusted to take care of the kids, let alone the affairs of the estate.

1896 days ago


I think Katherine deserves to be involved in the decision making process of Michael's estate. However, since she is influenced heavily by Joe, then that it negated. It's too bad, because I think Katherine really does want the best for MJ's kids and the future of his estate. But until Katherine can grow a spine, and tell Joe HELL NO, then she is relegated to the background probably for the rest of her life.

1896 days ago


This money grubbing Madame and supreme enabler of child abuse doesn't need to be heard, she needs to just sit her old greedy ass back and listen.

The executors and conservators of an estate have to make a monthly (I don't know about California) accounting of all transactions and activities of said trusts....this is made available to all concerned parties and beneficiaries.

You just can't stand it can old BITCH.....that for once in the past 50 years you're not in control of who used to be your son!?

1896 days ago


Michael knew exactly what he was doing when he made that will. He knew that unless he took steps to protect his assets hiis Father's control over Katherine would screw up the whole estate.The executors will look out for the best interest of both Katherine and Michael's children without letting Joe get his hands on any money or make any important decisions. She needs to backoff or the no contrest clause is going to bite her in the ass.

1896 days ago


Where was her concern when Michael was younger ? Oh yah the same place it is now on the $$$

1896 days ago


I, for one, do NOT think Ms. Katherine is as sweet as everyone says. Also, she has 40%, what ELSE does she want? We already know the 40% will be pissed away on Joe, and the brothers and sisters who are holding out their hands for a piece of the action. Michael sits on ice while they f-ing argue over his MONEY? Areyou kidding me? I am disgusted. I think Micahels attorney's offered ill-advice with the exception of the "no-contest" clause. The kids splt 40%, while Ms.Katherine receives 40%, obviously as Michael realizes she will have to goive the rest of the family money. The awful thinsg is that if the kds do not have a non-biased executer/guardian of their estate, Katehrine could piss away their future. IT realy sucks for the kids and Michael. I just hope to hell the judge sees what is happening in the media, i,e, Joe's "performances" on Larry King and any other media outlet who will have him. Hatherine has revolved her life around Joe and his wishes so why would she chane NOW? If I have typos, I couldn't care less.

1896 days ago


Michael selected the best legal representation money can buy in John Branca. Likewise, he selected the finest musical guardian for his body of work in John McClain. Mrs. Jackson needs to, as Post #7 above says, "sit her old greedy ass back and listen." I have a feeling that's exactly what a judge will tell her to do, too.

1896 days ago


I say let Katherine do as Katherine does. It was Michael's wish. It'll all come out in the trial anyway...

1896 days ago


What experience does Mrs. Jackson have in these matters? None. She and Joe declared bankruptcy themselves in 1999 with $23 million in debt. Doesn't sound to me like she knows a thing about financial matters and definitely not anything regarding running an estate. Give it up hon.

1896 days ago


She called Londell McMillan the day Michael died regarding concerns over her legal interests!.

And what a very grievous one you are.


1896 days ago


She called him asking about the Estate the DAY Michael died...that pretty much says it all. Greedy family. As for those that say who cares..obviously you do or you wouldn't have clicked the link. I would rather read about MJ than 90% of the other crap TMZ posts. They have been getting pretty lame about posting new stuff on the site. same ole same ole..

1896 days ago
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