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Katherine Jackson -- I Will Be Heard!

7/22/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson wants "a seat at the table" in all matters involving Michael Jackson's estate.

Katherine's lawyer, Londell McMillan, tells us Katherine called him the day Michael died, asking him to come to the house. McMillan says when he showed up the first weekend, Katherine and Joe expressed "concern" over the estate and hired him to represent Katherine's legal interests.

McMillan says Katherine will not challenge the will, but as far as the executors are concerned, he says, "She deserves a seat at the table at a minimum." McMillan would not say if Katherine merely wanted to be named as a third executor or whether she wanted to challenge John Branca and John McClain, the named co-executors.

Sources connected with Katherine claim she has already asked the co-executors to allow her to participate in the decision-making and her request was "rejected."

McMillan says neither he nor Katherine are pushing for Joe to become a co-executor.

McMillan, who worked for Michael Jackson during the last 3 1/2 years of the singer's life, also has repped Katherine on various business matters related to her son.

McMillan says he's "optimistic they can work things out, but I'm prepared to go the distance if Mrs. Jackson directs to do so."


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Latoshi....I do agree that it is disrespectful to call this elderly woman foul names. However, some of what you stated is incorrect. Branca was not fired by MJ. Branca and MJ "parted ways" (another way of saying Branca walked out) because MJ was bringing in financial advisors that Branca did not trust. Branca did not want to be involved with all the hangers on that MJ invited into his world. As far as the bankruptcy....uh yeah....if you file for bankruptcy then you're broke. Katherine still has the Encino compound because MJ was paying the mortgage. When MJ got in too deep into financial woes, Janet stepped in and bought Katherine an affordable house in Las Vegas. If you claim $23 million in debt for a bankruptcy, that pretty much says you are broke and have no money.

1927 days ago

Split This    

Current Situation:

40% Children
20% Charity
40% Katherine = Joe and Family

When she dies:

80% Children
20% Charity

No More Joe and Family....

She has got to get what she can right now before she dies.

I hope the string this out until the children are adults..

1927 days ago


In my book people who file bankruptcy because they don't want to pay their bills are DEADBEATS.

1927 days ago


where will michael finaly be buried???????????????????????? that's better info we want

1927 days ago

welc ome    

Did anyone catch that MJ told his Father , before these concerts ever start that the US Dollar would be more than the English pound. That was 3 wks before his tour. Like I am thinking NEVER

1927 days ago

el polacko    

the day michel died, mom called a lawyer, sis rented moving vans and cleaned out the house of god know's what, the other sister and brothers decided it was time to re-launch their "careers", and dear old dad promoted his record label and its roster of fresh young 'stars' ... what a despicable bunch of bloodsucking leeches this 'family' is !! mom is not named as executor.. she has no right to do anything besides accept what the will leaves her...which, substantial as it may be, is apparently not enough for her... shameful.

1927 days ago


If MJ wanted her to be part of the decision making, he would have added her name...Shes too old to decide anything about MJs assets. besides, JJ leads her wherever he wants her to go, so I believe he is behind this.

1927 days ago

Australian Mum    

monet hungry vultures!!
Instead of grieving over Michael and worrying about his children, all anybody seems to be worried about is the money!!

1927 days ago


People have to EARN respect, it doesn't matter how old they are. If
they don't deserve respect they don't get it from me.

1927 days ago


She was active the day after he died. Disgusting. And he said she was a wonderful mother.

1927 days ago


I just wish they would give Michael a proper burial. NOT AT NEVERLAND!

1927 days ago


Of course she contacted her lawyer the day MJ died. She was concerned that MJ died without a will and the lawyers filed papers to that respect. This is old news that TMZ is churning. No one including MJ's kids is going to see a penny of the estate for quite some time. There will be lots of bills (Taxes, etc) that will get paid out before the heirs start to receive any distributions. You all need to calm down. The probate court is already involved here so time will tell.

1927 days ago

Brian Evans    

Yeah know what, I've got something to say. My name is Brian Evans. I am a singer. I am the opening act for Joan Rivers, Jay Leno, Social Distortion, etc., and I have reallt tried to put the death of Michael Jackson into perspective. It effected me that he died. It f-ing bothers me. I, like all of you reading this, were all part of the problem. We fed it.

Michael Jackson was a different kind of dude. He was a different kind of entertainer, so we should put that in the same perspective as who he was as a person. Equally different. When I heard that republican politician pounce on Michael Jackson, or Bill O'Reilly talk about "a rap sheet" that doesn't exist, it pissed me the f-off. In fact, I don't know how the Jackson family hasn't exploded over this, but that's a testament to their patience.

I do not believe for one moment that Michael Jackson ever, EVER, touched a kid in a way that people blamed him for. This guy was certainly "sharing his bed" with kids. But just what kids? CANCER patients. Kids with MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY. Kids with Diabetes, at the point of no return and readying to die. Think of that for a moment. You are DYING. You are watching a movie with your hero, playing cards, playing whatever games, watching videos, and you all crash out.

We, the public, the media, had to make it evil.

"No right-minded person would ever do such a thing". Man...what the hell do WE know. We weren't there.

The Michael I want to believe existed, I believe, is that one that did. If the many of us who mourn him had the ability to send him a direct message he'd listen to, he'd likely be alive today. But...we eren't. But we did feed into all this b-sh&t. We did buy the magazines, we did believe every evil thing we could.

Back when people were saying the Pepsi "hair on fire" thing was just a "publicity stunt" were certainly put in our place when we saw the recently released video of Michael with his head aflames WHILE HE STILL DANCES.

I dunno. I'm sure there will be some people who give me sh&t for leaving this post, but I believe in who he really was. I believe in my bones that Michael Jackson was the man I wish we all were.

Eh. There it is. If I'm wrong, and if there is an afterlife, then whatever he did he's paying for now. But I don't believe it.

Brian Evans

1927 days ago


One things for sure those lawyers will be making alot of money!!!

People need to feel sad and get on with their lives. He wasnt your family, he wasnt a member of your family, he didnt even know who you are! All this media is about making money. If anything MJ would want ppl to spend time with their family and kids and not posting on TMZ.

Get over it people, get back to your life, hes gone and hes not coming back. Just live your life in a way that hed want you to live it....go play with your kids.

1927 days ago


do you see there is a lot in common with Michaels mothers face and his. I think he tried to make his nose like hers and around the mouth structure is the same... i've never seen that before so cloesely.

1927 days ago
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