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Katherine Jackson -- I Will Be Heard!

7/22/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson wants "a seat at the table" in all matters involving Michael Jackson's estate.

Katherine's lawyer, Londell McMillan, tells us Katherine called him the day Michael died, asking him to come to the house. McMillan says when he showed up the first weekend, Katherine and Joe expressed "concern" over the estate and hired him to represent Katherine's legal interests.

McMillan says Katherine will not challenge the will, but as far as the executors are concerned, he says, "She deserves a seat at the table at a minimum." McMillan would not say if Katherine merely wanted to be named as a third executor or whether she wanted to challenge John Branca and John McClain, the named co-executors.

Sources connected with Katherine claim she has already asked the co-executors to allow her to participate in the decision-making and her request was "rejected."

McMillan says neither he nor Katherine are pushing for Joe to become a co-executor.

McMillan, who worked for Michael Jackson during the last 3 1/2 years of the singer's life, also has repped Katherine on various business matters related to her son.

McMillan says he's "optimistic they can work things out, but I'm prepared to go the distance if Mrs. Jackson directs to do so."


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So sad that money becomes the focus, MJ trusted this attorney (a well known music industry one) to take care of his affairs, his name and legacy. Let the Jacksons sit in (see what a bang up job they did with the money MJ funneled to them monthly-not) and have a say and we will see "startin' something" on a viagra commercial within a year.

1882 days ago


She is greedy and outrageous.

Honor MJ's wishes IMO this is a contest of the will.

Why a seat at the you can bankrupt it ... maybe get another fat executor fee you can will to one of your 6DEADBEAT kids.

1882 days ago


So....the jacksons are calling lawyers the day Michael died......before they even knew about or if there was a will....What family thinks like that?? Boy....their grieving didn't last too long did it??I'm starting to re-think my opinion of Katherine.#1 priority should be burying Michael and taking care of his children! R.I.P. Michael.

1882 days ago

brits ok    

She calls her lawyer about the estate the day her son dies? Holy smokes what a heartless bitch. Think that is about the last thing I'd do. So much for the real and profound grief she was supposed to be feeling. And people wonder why the Jackson family is so messed up

1882 days ago


You know you can't always get what you want greedy woman.

Michael left you more than his children. You were NEVER a business advisors.

Disgusted by this legal angling .... really.

1882 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Jackson Death Probe Zeroes In on Source of Drugs,2933,534217,00.html

1882 days ago


She is already getting 40%, the same amount all three of Jackson's kids have to split. So sit back and shut-up greedy old glad you don't actually have to work for a living!!!

1882 days ago


79. bebefj123

your reasoning is flawed. the courts have to approve all transactions and Katherine will be advised off every move.

she wants to get in and cause trouble and steal for JOE!

1882 days ago


M., it seems you don't understand, I don't want you along with surprises. capisci????

1882 days ago




1882 days ago


she is being steered and manipulated by Joe into chasing down the money. If she can't prevent that sort of manipulation, she can't be trusted as an executor.

She should focus on finding a burial site for her son and a permanent situation for the children.

1882 days ago




Michael did not have her or her husband involved in his business affairs and thats that.

Judge please give these greedy bastards a stern warning. And take the kids away.

1882 days ago


I agree with everyone who is shocked that this mother could call the lawyer the day her son died, if that is what happened (someone else could have done it and claiming it was "on her behalf"). But hold the insults. There is tragedy enough here.

1882 days ago


Ive thought about this long and hard and I was and still am a fan of MIchael Jackson who doesn't believe all the rumors about his life, etc. From my own experience, I know that when people you think care about you can hurt and cause a person to turn to prescription drugs to numb the pain of feeling alone and to deal with the mistrust of everyone you run into afterwards. My situation was different but being burned by people makes it hard to make friends and have friends as you never know that you can trust them and it is a mighty lonely situation and world Michael had to endure it and this is how I am sure he dealt with it, not saying its the right way.
I think katherine Jacskson needs to sit down and let these lawyers that Michael appointed do their jobs. He appointed them for a reason. Maybe this was the one thing that he wanted to make sure was done right and that was the sucurity of his kids and he didnt trust that to family lawyer friends. John Bracka is the top attorney in this field. If anyone can straighten out this mess and get the debtors away from Michaels Assetts and as much money as possible into the kids trusts its John Bracka.The money from his career was burned out ages ago with his spending. What has made him so rich over the past several years is his ownership in the Beatles rights that John Bracka brokered. I am sure if he wouldnt have parted ways with this man for a while a few years before his death, his estate would own all of the rights and Michael knew that was a mistake and why he took Bracka back as his attorney before his death.
As for the kids, I do not believe that he should be with someone old as katherine and I would most likely like to see them with Janet. she was the one person who did not accuse michael or just stand back during the child molestation trials. She cancelled her tour to be with him during that time. Also, she doesnt need their money, she is set. Also, she is a very private person. Look how long she was married to Rene (9yrs) and no one even realized it as she keeps her life private and she doesnt need to grandstand or get her name out there as she has her fame and forturne. I think Michaels kids would be best in this existance and raised the closest Michael would want them to be truly so I hope she will take a strong part in the lives of those kids and help grandmother raise them.
By the way Janet, tell your mom to not let those vultures she has as lawyers take up all the money in her own inheritance as thats what they are doing, bleeding her dry by convincing her that only black attorneys are the only ones who could have her best interests. Once again racism raises its ugly head.

1882 days ago

Auntee Rach Rach    

The WILL should be considered INVALID.............due to years of addiction to various controlled medications.......who's to say MJ was @ his right state of mind during the signing of the suppossed WILL.......I think MJ's death is a CONSPIRACY................just like Anna Nicole's........Princesses Diana...........JFK....................MRS JACKSON/THE JACKSON FAMILY ARE NOT GREEDY PEOPLE.......all those surrounding MJ over the last 25yrs getting paid astronomical wages to provide/feed MJ's pysiological needs..........those were the GREEDY PEOPLE.........THE DOCTORS...THE LAWYERS.......ans super close firends.................we r talking about MJ's blood relatives.........MJ's next of kin .....and they have every right to be upset about these blood sucking person's overseeing his assests...............that's just like if one of my loved ones passed and the were wealthy and those closest to them assisted with their demise..................feeding them controlled substances/narcotic medication/DRUGS.................and my loved one was so mentally gone on the stuff that I could not do anything short of exposing them to the public...........who wouldn't really see it as a illness.............but more like ur common back alley drug addict.......................Yeah I would do the same and feel the same way.......................cause something is so wrong with this picture........................and then Paul McCarty so conviently comes to the he hasn't show his face in America for years wonder is he's come to claim the Beatles catalogs...............something ain't right and I smell a lot of RATS...............and it aint Ben

1882 days ago
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