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LeBron James

The Secret Dunk


7/22/2009 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the footage you've been waiting for -- the tape LeBron James tried to destroy -- the moment King James gets slam dunked on by an amateur!!!!!!!!

Lebron James: Click to watch
Here's the back story -- LeBron had a bunch of basketball prospects over at his LeBron James Skills Academy camp earlier this month.

LJ joined in on a pick-up game during the camp, when Jordan Crawford -- a 20-year-old baller from Xavier University -- got the rock and decided to go right after LeBron, soaring right over the all-star and delivering a nasty two-handed slam in front of everyone!

Several media outlets reported that LeBron and Nike -- who sponsored the camp -- sent henchmen to confiscate tapes from anyone who may have been recording the dunk, fearing the footage would cause some serious damage to LeBron's image.

But one copy survived -- and the tape proves all the reports are true ... LeBron is human after all, and Jordan Crawford was the guy who proved it. 

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No Avatar


confiscated haha
1.It wasnt the LAW that confiscated anything
2.it was the security that tried to
3.they had no right under any law to stop people from recording it,they let people record before durning and after the game.Only after the misshap did they try to confiscating the tapes
4. To all the 10 to 25 ish people that lost ur vid and or cam? i laugh at u,u had every right to leave with the tape and score some cash from it,it wasnt a televised event so no laws were broken and they had no legal right to take the footage
5 i love it when people do as their told with out question haha amazing how we made it this far in the world of life

1918 days ago

Jay D    

All this hype for that? TMZ said it was awesome? Do you guys watch basketball? lol that wasn't awesome, you couldn't even tell who was in the video or see the dunk. For all we know it's a fake video of it.

1918 days ago

to little    

TMZ has exclusive crappy video that you can't even make out. Here is the kicker TMZ paid for the crap. There is also other video out their and I already seen it. So much for that so called EXCLUSIVE.

Harvey seems to use the word exclusive about as much as Michael Jackson popped pills. Exclusive means nothing as Harvey has abused the word

1918 days ago


Great video, but ebaums world has a better, higher quality video.

1918 days ago


I dont see the big deal either. Why was Lebron and Nike tripping, trying to hide this video. This is baskeball and getting dunked on.......happens. Ask Yao Ming.....*snickers*

1918 days ago


Everyone loses and NIke are BITCHES for confiscating the tapes. Stay classy, NIke! One more reason not but your child labor made crap.

1918 days ago

all i hear    

ho ho ho....ho ho homygod

1918 days ago

Big Big    

The Big FREAKING DEAL is that Lebron so call KING JAMES is a freaking cry baby, first he storms out of the court when he lost and doesn't shakes nobodys hand agains Orlando like a baby then he gets dunked on and doesnt want the VIDEO to be exposed SO the more to watch this VIDEO to pick on him. Yeah your right it's just a DUNK everybody gets DUNKED on but Lebron is making himself seem he is the KING and never gets dunked on.

1918 days ago


holy cow TMZ, you got a stiffy for Lebron or what? This is NEWS? :P

1918 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Who. Freaking. Cares. So what, some kid wants to show off with a dunk while some NBA guy is around and now he is being treated as a superstar? This is why I hate basketball! Why don't you idiots just put up two hoops and no court between them and just have people jump up and do some flashy move while talking crap to whoever is nearby. The biggest crap talker wins. yippee.

1918 days ago

Charles Easterday    

Lebron was coming from the weak side to defend the play. The dunk was not that spectucular and was not actually over Lebron. Lebron is the best in the game and this video does not show anything spectacular. Lets see him do the same play if Lebron was guarding him.

1918 days ago


ok you got dunked on.it aint the first time and wont be the last.your human,now go win the championship!!

1918 days ago


I just want everyone to know how great I feel after a 5-shot tequila lunch today!

1918 days ago


I want my 2 minutes back......and the brain cells I lost trying to figure out the importance of this overhyped video.

1918 days ago
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