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Jon Gosselin Plus Date -- a Lohan!!

7/23/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin's GF Hailey Glassman may be trouble, but she's nothing compared to his date last night in the Hamptons -- Michael Lohan.


The Ugly Truth: Nothing like two guys bonding over the exploitation of their kids.


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The guy is a jerk who is living off his kids and spending their money. The show will not last forever, and when it's over the kids will have nothing because this door know decided to spend money on St Tropez, prostitutes, FOOD, clothes that only teenagers should wear, Manhattan apartment etc. Someone needs to take the money from him and put it in trust for the kids and the jerk needs to get a job.

1882 days ago


Why does this guy move relationships at lightening speed? Now he has women quitting their jobs for him? If he dumps this one...he might be on the front cover "Jon Gosselin shot for playing head games with tabloid reporter!" And I thought he hated tabloids!!!

1882 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

Jon sooo fugly! I hopes he hook up with another multibreeder - Nadya Suleman the Octomom so they can infest the west with more welps. What what what??? Viva Argentina!!!!!! eieieieiei

1882 days ago


This is why Kate (the original) was always nagging Jon. He has no sense. Jon will realize he is a loser when the divorce is final. Kate is going to clean his clock.

1882 days ago


While TLC is running commercials about Kate taking care of the kids and learning how to pitch a tent, Jon is running around all over the place. He says he misses his kids. THEN go home to them.

1882 days ago


He's not the "sole" exploiter of his children. Remember his very witchy wife? He's not the one writing books, charging $$$ for meet and greets, trying to sell a cook book, trying to sell children's clothing line and he is not the one the local businesses have complained about trying to come in and get freebies, just because TLC wants to film Kate going in their store.

I hope he FINALLY finds happiness with a girlfriend/wife and continues to be a good father. Who he dates and as long as he does not bring the other person to his home, is his business.

1882 days ago


When does this guy ever take care of his kids...WHAT A LOSER...I read somewhere he suppose to be taking care of should get some tips from Brad & Angelina.

1882 days ago


Lohan is always needy in the CASH dept. he is prob. butttering up Dumb Jon for a handout. by the way, where is Lohans parole officer?

1882 days ago


I'm just amused by the fact that more than half of these comments say something like "who cares" and "stop posting about jon gosselin" when you're taking the time out of your life to sit there and read the story and then comment on it.

1882 days ago


He may not be the one writing books but he's not the one home with the children either.

1882 days ago


Jon Gosselin is a low grade of the worst kind. He left his wife and eight kids so he can feel like he is in high school again. His kids are going to grow up hating him. He is a f**king weenie. It would sere him right if he got all his girlfriends pregnant. LOSER!!!

1882 days ago


Jon is SUCH a loser!!This guy is going through a major midlife crisis already!!! The only reason any women look twice at him is to get publicity and start a career of their own. I hope Kate finds a real man, not a boy who wants to run around and party while they have 8 kids at home!! He is acting like a teenager who just moved out of his parents house!! I hope he ends up alone and VERY unhappy!!TEAM KATE!!!

1882 days ago


So, this is how you shun the public eye that you claimed to despise on your show...hangin' out on yachts with French designers and weekending in the Hamptons with Michael Lohan?!? Unbelievable.

1882 days ago


Why hasn't anybody noticed Jon's big "F*** You" to Kate in this season's first episode? At the kids' 5th birthday party, he was wearing an IU (Indiana University) t-shirt. That is the school that Dr. Glassman's daughter went to! Jon didn't care at that point what Kate thought of him. He was rubbing her nose in it! What a LOSER!

1882 days ago


We love you TMZ!!!!! Late nights&early mornings just wouldn't be the same without cha, We're still waiting on you guys to find out why Mcauly has not been seen nor hear on MJ's death. Isn't he supose to be a godfather to the kids or 1 of them?

1882 days ago
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