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Jackson Memorabilia Missing

8/13/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Memorabilia MissingSome of Michael Jackson's memorabilia is missing and the cops are on the case.

Jackson was in a prolonged legal dispute with a guy named Henry Vaccaro, who got a judgment against the singer in the 90s that Jackson never paid. Vaccaro ended up with a treasure trove of memorabilia, including 60 unreleased master tapes -- which contained 26 of Jackson's songs which have never been heard by the public.

We've been told the dispute between Jackson and Vaccaro lingered and recently Vaccaro agreed to give Jackson 8 items that Michael wanted. We do not know which specific items Jackson flagged.

We're told on July 19, two of Jackson's lawyers went with Vaccaro to the storage locker in Las Vegas where the memorabilia was being stored. According to Vaccaro, 114 items were missing, including the 8 items Jackson's lawyers were there to retrieve.

The items ended up being sold a week later by Clark County Public Auction owner Mario Trabado -- who says he acquired the items legally from a private seller.

Michael JacksonJackson's lawyers were suspicious and believe Vaccaro took the items out of the storage unit. Vaccaro says he removed nothing, and filed a report with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

The PD tells us they're investigating the case.

UPDATE: In a police report filed by Henry on July 31, he claimed over $1 million in losses from the missing items.


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1895 days ago

while my guitar gently weeps    

I'm male 54’ loved Michael and remember Joe talking about not having Michael's teenage voice change, also’ remember Emmanuel Lewis claiming Michael rarely slept' compared to the way normal people sleep {understand that the ultimate insult' is exactly what I'm claiming Michael endured “ball-less neutering, like the Mormon Church Choir, Vienna boys Choir {halted practice in 1970’s} and my Catholic Church Choir {halted practice in 1900’s} Joe's amputation Crime’ {likely doctor nipped connectors, around 10 years old, before the song Ben' to later shrivel-up} scarred the entire Jackson family, with keeping the secret' leaving them completely screwed-up {dreading the day} pretending normalcy, while being disgusted by Michaels mannerisms, confirmed by Michael’s claim that his reproduction ability was disrupted by Joe's kicking of his preteen privates, and later claim of chemical castration {both covert admittance’s} likely plastic was at sometime implanted for bulge appearance {reasoning his odd grab’ that wasn't repositioning or scratching} what Joe never allowed the World to hear' was Michael's singing of the Impossible Dream or performing with a "Jim Neighbor" like voice, the “what if’s” must include Michael escorting females and having offspring, even altered he managed to marry Lisa Presley and marry again only to have children {Read’ Rolling Stone’s Biography’ it state’s he lived a clean life {early Never-land} never drinking, smoking or taking drugs and rarely seen in the company of a woman} Michael was given the nickname stinky’ because he always said stinky’ when working, never wanting to swear about disliking work’s in progress!

Elvis Presley made 5.5 Million last Year, 32 Years after his death and Michael owned the rights to his own music' plus the Beatles music and more, their will be a Nobel Peace Prize’ acclimation presented to his three children. Michael's live Insurance clause pay-out stated' if demise' was related to failure to awake from anesthesia {likely reasoning 3 Mill settlement instead of 17.5 Mill; if the Insurance policy I’m quoting was the same near 20 Mill policy} he took pills primarily for sleep, pain and suffering’ not enjoyment, although’ Lisa did push him into rehab {proving some abuse resulted}. Michael wasn't about hatred' forgiving his Dad in Oxford Collage speech {all followers need to read/hear speech} but’ allowed him no beneficiary in Will, now if autopsy conceals the crime against Michael’s childhood person {short vocal cords} the fact’ that Hollywood Star's family's {money talks} receive preferential autopsy reports will be exposed, or truth be told’ California's unjustified hatred for Michael becomes exposed, California had no excuse for expelling Michael from Never-land with false accusations {or failing to improve the road to Never-land that handicapped, disabled and critically ill children had to travel, despite 1.25 Million contributed to L.A. children after the race riot’s [not Santa Barbara] for Drug prevention} knowing full well he was unequipped to commit the accused’ child abuse crime’s {Liza Minnelli’s all hell breaking lose statement, about’ when Autopsy’s released, means this story will be told’ no matter what} Michael said wrong things and was childlike, never did he act the criminal that California accused, all people have fault's created into their being, Michael’s was being odd, being unprotected, having Million’s and sister La Toya’s 1993 sleeping with boy’s, accusation scandal’ flood-gated the lawsuit’s against her brother, understand’ Lisa Presley had already supported unconditional out of court settlement with drug rehab.

Best case is; Michael’s body at rest in Graceland not forest lawn and his Trust Co-managed or modeled alike Elvis’s and Never-land reopened continuing Michael’s dream of allowing ill Kid's a vacation to honor Michael's peter-pan-ishness’ forever, he died unsexed, bleached white’ from Oxygen starvation in his sleep, because doctor failed to monitor his breathing, nothing more {a three person job, with E.K.G.} La Toya disrespected Michael {because of Gordy’s beat-downing her and of course Michael later accepted her public denial and apology} then all his music and possessions’ were removed prior to Judge’s Trust empowerment, his Mom’s denial of witness to Joe's abuse, addresses abuse remaining and Joe's claiming Michael had father-ability exposes desire to conceal. Tax-evader Sharpton and Rev. Jackson needs to be stopped from helping Joe, so that Michael's change the world' Army can do children the good Michael started with {assumed 300 Million's contributed to charities from 20% of all his lifetime earning’s, acknowledged by Guinness Book

1895 days ago


Who cares??? Enough of Michael Jackson! He did it to himself, it was his choice to take the chance on dying. He turned himself into a freak, took heavy drugs, and now everyone wants to know why??? Talk about crazy!!!!

1895 days ago


I blame OJ

1895 days ago

First whores!    


1895 days ago


I smell conspiracy.

1895 days ago



1895 days ago


Another legal judgement against a Jackson never paid. These people just believe they are better than everyone else and don't pay their bills or money owed to people. Hope the guy did sell the stuff and get at least the money he was owed back.

1895 days ago


I really don't know why anyone would want to be famous, much less go as stratospheric as Jackson did.

Why not just be rich and powerful?

All you get with fame is hangers-on, fake friends and lots of people with bad intentions giving bad advice. All that can end-up happening is that the famous become paranoid (rightly so), but appearing entirely irrational to the "outside world".No wonder the life expectancy in Hollywood appears to be so low.

1895 days ago


Michael is not resting in peace with all this crazieness going on.
Everyone is after Michael's stuff. Why didn't anyone take care of Michael when he needed help.
Love Shesh

1895 days ago


How about the judgments Michael won and never saw a penny , let's begin with Victor Gutierrez...
Anybody with money will always have a trail of lawsuits , the vultures are knee deep.

1895 days ago


A lot of people are gonna get in trouble regarding many aspects of the Michael Jackson investigation.

1895 days ago


Right on CJ , that was Michael's one major issue is that he wanted to be THE greatest selling artist of all time...why ????
Why wasn't being known for your talent and making good money enough ?
Why was he obsessed with being the best ?
With being the best , came too heavy of a price...

1895 days ago


@1. No....Tohme's got them buried far far away.

1895 days ago


why all these castration claims from these commenters on this website,look if it were true,dont u think TMZ would have confirmed or proven it bynow?stop that nonsense please

1895 days ago
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