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Michael Vick

'I Made Bad Decisions'

8/14/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Vick "Please Don't Pelt Me with Objects" tour began today as Vick addressed the press for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Vick said all the right things -- like "I won't disappoint," "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," and "You only get one shot at a second chance" -- but he's still got a long way to go to win over the fans of Philly. 

Remember, these are the same people that booed Santa Claus.

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doc murry    

lisin yous peoples..i be needdin big bucks an i cants be makin dat workin in no animal shelter,,i jus been loked up with d animals an now i be lookin to be playin sum football and chasin after them phiily gals,,yung ones at dat..anyones who dont be liken that can be kissin my butt..i got my 8 million dollors and i be rich like mike jackson

1859 days ago


To pull the race card say`s it all. It`s not about race you moron...it`s about being humane. How can we ever show respect and compasion to each other if we can`t show it to the so called lower species. Now, if you can read....go look up the word humane...it`ll be under the H`s. While you are at it look up all of the organizations and people who are trying to change the way slaughter houses are operating. People don`t care because they have been told life does`nt really matter unless it`s human. I supose the player that got a slap on the wrist for killing the pedestrain while drunk driving is ok to. People who abuse helpless animals are no better that people who abuse children...both should get exactly what they gave. Don`t kid yourself he knew it was wrong from the beginning and only stopped because he got caught. He enjoyed it or he would not have done it.

1859 days ago


I've seen a lot of comments posted saying that Eagles fans who are now boycotting the team weren't true fans to begin with. WHAT?!?!?!?! That makes no sense: just because I don't want to support a criminal doesn't make me an untrue sports fan. I sobbed when the Eagles lost the Superbowl a few years ago, wrenched my hands through every single loss, win, and near-win we've had in the finals and championships. I LOVE THE EAGLES. I was saying to my husband last night, while we were at the 1st preseason game and before we heard about Vick joining, that I was so happy we were able to see the Eagles play the Pats-- who cost us our Superbowl win a few years ago.

I have, in my lifetime living in Philly, learned that there are several different types of fans. Some fans stick true to whatever McNabb and Reid preach and others love the team for its history, legacy, and how tied into the community it is. I'm of the second group and I've remained 100% supportive of the team despite my deep belief that we'd be much more successful without Reid and McNabb. Bringing Vick to the Eagles besmirches the title "Philadelphia Eagle" worse than T.O.; bringing Vick to the team ruins the good-natured aspect of the team and its devout fans. Moreover, I disagree with Reid's statements that Vick will help our team succeed-- you don't need star players to win, you need a team that's unbreakable. So here I am, a lifelong and true-blue Eagles fan, signing off with the Eagles; I'm done with Reid, McNabb, and their crappy decisions that ruin our home team. I'm not saying that others should, too, but I'm doing what I think is right. Saying that I'm less of a fan because of it is moronic.

1859 days ago


STFU Peta pawns. America does not like animal activists.

1859 days ago

who the hell    

Damn he ate one of those poor pups must of tasted good too look at him licken his lips azz hole.

1859 days ago


Gratification: the act of gratifying: the state of being gratified: REWARD, Recompense:a source of satisfaction or pleasure.

Wouldn't he have been correct in saying "gratitude"?

1859 days ago

Ga. Peach    

Get over yourselves, give him a break, he did his time.....

1859 days ago

Doggy Lover    

Michael Vick is an oxygen thief i.e., a despicable human being who makes no viable contribution to society, and robs the atmosphere of oxygen. No matter what his role was, he needs to take ownership for the murder, torture and vicious attrocities that categorize dog fighting. And, those in decision-making capacities that have allowed him to return to the NFL are equally despicable. May he live the pain and torture of innocent animals each day, and may football fans throughout the country remember these acts each and every moment they witness this poor excuse of a human enter the football field.

1859 days ago

doc murry    

arf arf ..arf arf ...arf arf arf arf qarf(leave mike vic alone) arf arf arf arf...arf arf .arf a.rf arf arf(we like football)arf arf arf arfd ....arf arf arf arf (he is a good man) arf arf arf arf arf(go vick) arf arf

1859 days ago


Admit it. Some people don't like to see a black man earn a high income.

You never see white guys go to prison for rooster fighting or illegal hunting - at least not on a first offense. Vicks was railroaded.
Let the man play ball and leave him alone.

1859 days ago


People need to get over it. he said he was sorry now move on.

1859 days ago

doc murry    

K who cares ,,shut the hell up

1859 days ago


Exactly, RR!!! If he was white...well we won't even go there....

1859 days ago


Lori the dog lover get a life. Instead of wasting your time going through all this for Michael Vick why don't you go do something to help an actual person out. THere are children being sold as sex slaves, raped and molested everyday. Go do something for that cause. Vick went to jail and apologized for what he did, it was wrong but being angry at micheal vick isn't going to change the fact that dog fighting will continue to take place. There were dog fights before Michael Vick and there will be dog fights after him. Yall are the lamest people on the face of the earth. You, them stupid ass PETA people and all the rest of the vick haters. All of you need to stfu.

1859 days ago


I don't get it. This miserable excuse for a human being gets to play football again after killing innocent animals and making MONEY off it, but Pete Rose is banned from baseball for the rest of his life? It's a flucked up world we live in. Bad decisions?! That's even more enraging the way he minimizes the horrific things he did.

1859 days ago
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