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Pink to Vick

I Hope The Fans

Tear You Apart!

8/14/2009 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pink is not a fan of Michael Vick -- and now that he's playin' ball in her hometown, she's letting everyone know how damn pissed off she is about it!

Pink to Michael Vick
The singer just unleashed on the dude on her Twitter page, firing off the following message: 

"wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs."

There are already several protests set to go off today in Philly -- no word if Pink plans to join in.

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C'mon People !!! Who hasn't done something in their life that they truly regretted but couldn't take back? No one is squeaky clean and if you are... keep living and I guaran"damn"tee you, you won't stay clean. We've all needed forgiveness and a second chance or ( two) and generally it's the one's that are so hard on every body else that has the most mess in their closet. Right now Pink and her husband are on their second chance in a marriage(that almost went to the dogs) Pun Intended so.. who is she to throw the book at someone. Apparently they had to do some forgiving to get to a fresh start so with that being said....don't wish that bad things happen on people because karma is is alive and well! What you send out... will return to you ! Athletes and celebs are no exception!

1905 days ago


This is why I love PINK so much - she has common sense and isn't afraid to say what's right. Vick is DISGUSTING. If you saw the episode of Dogtown where they rehabilitated all of the PItbulls you would have cried like I did and HATE this horrible man.

1905 days ago


Nope, would not have shed one tear.

1905 days ago


This man has did his time. You would have thought that he was a mass murderer by the way people are treating him. Let this man go on with his life. He is very remorseful to me. So I forgive him and I believe he has learned from his mistakes.

1905 days ago


You go Pink! I agree 100 %. Let's not forget what we're talking about here. A multimillionaire with everything going for him. The only pastime this piece of garbage could get any enjoyment out of was inflicting cruelty on defenseless creatures. A curse on the Philadelphia Eagles!!

1905 days ago




1905 days ago


Pink is a stupid hermaphrodite slut who has a little of each but not enough of either.
Which means she can pass on STDs to both sexes.

1905 days ago

Linda Mott    

Good for Pink! Everyone says he paid for his crime but there are many animals that are dead or torn up. He had a posh house arrest in at his home. I think they should have used the same punishment that Martha Stewart got.

1905 days ago


Call the Eagles Corporate sponsors that you are going to boycott their products!

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1905 days ago

vick is a prick    

I think the issue here is not PINK, but rather Michael Vick, who committed a disgusting, cruel, heartless, heinous, SHOULD I CONTINUE???? crime. Yes, we all know it was "just dogs" as some of you are saying, but that is exactly it..... they were living breathing creatures that were capable of feeling pain and suffering. It's not like he cut down some trees or flowers (which are also living creatures, but I think you get my point). I read some people are writing "he didn't murder anyone" Well, you obviously were misinformed cause YES there was murdering of the dogs going on.... they were drowned, hanged, electrocuted..... that is MURDER, what because it was not human it doesn't count? I also remember hearing on the news that there were things called "rape racks" where they would strap down female dogs and allow male dogs to repeatedly rape the female dogs in order to make more champion fighting dogs.,,,, I mean that is just SICK!!! This is the problem with this world, is that people are not held responsible for what they do or are a part of..... it's like what he did was "minor"..... Getting a ticket for being double parked is more along the "minor" crimes to me.... He killed & fought innocent animals, or at least was involved with the killing of innocent animals.... You have people who go to jail for less of crimes for like 10+ years ( and Micheal Vick gets 2 years... and now is able to play again where he'll probably fund and be apart of another dogfighting ring with the money he's making again. It's unf***ingbelievable. Also, I read something about "god forgives and god is a forgiving god" well, I don't think God can be too happy with someone who tortured and killed HIS creatures..... Dogs were created by God, right? I could go on & on about this... I know people are going to comment after me and call me all kinds of names, put me down and try to make themselves sound like king or queen SH*T, but that's fine.... cause I got my opinion in and the fact that you feel the need to degrade me just makes me feel better cause at least I know you read my opinion and actually are thinking about what I said.....

1905 days ago


Michael Vick is a MURDERER and people have a right to be pissed that the NFL even took his dumb ass back. I'm not a big fan of Pink either, but you go girl! Just because a pedofile did his time, would you let him do your lawn? If you said yes, youre a lyin sack of shi*!!

1905 days ago


Welcome Back Mike Vick !!! For all those that hate on you and boo you.. ask them what rhymes with Boo You? Answer:SCREW YOU!

St. Louis Go Yo Back Bro

1905 days ago

Big Daddy    

Who the hell is Pink to be sounding off?? All these so-called fake advocates stepping over homeless people to talk about dogs! Get a life! If Vick was white he probably wouldn't have went to prison at all!

1905 days ago


We LOVE YOU Pink!!!!!!! As far as MV "doing his time" that's BS. An eye for an eye. Put Vick in a 10 x 10 cage with a Fila B or a Presa C, and let's all watch that on TV!

1905 days ago


Pink is turning into a racist - after borrowing black music. She stinks.

1905 days ago
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