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Stash of Propofol

at Jackson's House

8/14/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MJMichael Jackson
's doctor, Conrad Murray, had a stash of Propofol hidden in a closet in Jackson's house, but there are signs Dr. Murray may have either stored Propofol elsewhere or had a steady stream of FedEx deliveries.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ authorities found 3 large bottles of Propofol and 5 smaller vials of the anesthetic in Jackson's house. The drugs were found in the closet attached to Dr. Murray's bedroom ... the bedroom where the doctor administered Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

But numerous anesthesiologists tells us ... if the stash was used to keep Jackson asleep for 8 hours, it would require approximately 3 bottles and 5 vials. ... so the entire stash would only have lasted one night.

Law enforcement sources tell us Dr. Murray regularly administered Propofol to keep Jackson asleep for the evening. Our sources say law enforcement believes Dr. Murray was getting shipments of the drug through FedEx and may also have been storing it outside Jackson's home ... so he could regularly administer the drug.


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I think that courts and judges should not punish the Dr in accordance with standard punishments. Michael Jackson must have extreme influence on people everywhere including the Dr... He is a Dr though so I feel he needs to face consequence

1850 days ago



1861 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Conrad Murray needs to be an inmate already.

Say goodbye to freedom, Doctor Death... I mean, Doctor Murray !!!

1861 days ago


Surprise surprise from this.. and from the Bar comments, Wanda you're a bitch.

1861 days ago


What a hell??? I am thinking why MJ didn't take a serious treatment for his sleeping problems??? How this man started to take Propofol???? It is absolutely unbelievable!!!!!!! Why a normal human being needs to take anesthetic to sleep???!!!

1861 days ago

mk killed him.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1861 days ago


Please sign the Michael Jackson Nobel Peace Prize petition. Google it.

1861 days ago


why was dr.murray stupid enuff to administer this drug to MJ?? its just spooky to think of MJ lying there with an IV hooked to him all night long. scary scary....didnt ANYONE think that MAYBE this wasnt SAFE??? anybody???

and i dont get it because this type of "sleep" isnt actually rest. so MJ wasnt seeking rest...he probaly just wanted to escape and not be MJ sometimes...just my 2 cents

1861 days ago


so dr. murray must have brought a fresh stash with him everyday? weird!

1861 days ago


The feds are building a case and the good doctor will be in deep doodoo. It looks like some sort of mail/wire fraud charges will be added.
By now I'd be lounging by a pool in Brazil if I was the doctor.

1861 days ago

just sayin    

Note to tmz: use a f***in better picture of mj next time, i'll repeat there's thousands out there for you to use, you're so frickin stubborn you'd think with all the money you're making off his death you'll be able to afford a decent picture

on the subject maybe the propofol was only used on days he had rehearsals, who knows or maybe he was storing it in the storage facility those women went to

1861 days ago


OK, and.....?

1861 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

If MICHAEL JACKSON would've remained in FRESNO, he might be alive today.

1861 days ago


Hey Suze....the man was found not guilty on all counts and everyone knows that first claim was just for money. Do you really think that if he was guilty that anyone would have let him get away with it. No way in hell!

1861 days ago


4. Maybe 'the world continuously harassing him with lawsuits, empty accusations that intruded on his privacy, and the anxiety of the failures of humanity that just couldn't believe or understand him' kept him from a sound sleep?

Posted at 2:17AM on Aug 14th 2009 by Suze

1861 days ago
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