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Phelps After Crash

99 Bottle of Beer

on the Wall

8/16/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps may not have been at fault for his car accident this week, but he wasn't exactly squeaky clean, either.

Phelps will be cited for driving with an expired license, which was from Michigan, the NY Post is reporting. Phelps will have to appear before a judge, though no date has been set so far.

Phelps also admitted to police he had a beer about an hour before the crash. He was not given a Breathalyzer test on scene.

Phelps was involved in a two-car accident in Baltimore on Thursday. It was ruled the other driver ran a red light, causing the wreck.

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I can not believe how many things he has gotten away with. He doesn't know you need a drivers license to drive legally? He is not that young. He should be learning from some of these mistakes. He is supposed to be a role model? Not to anyone I know.

1892 days ago


Interesting...the jerk was driving without a valid drivers license AND he had just 'one beer'????? He lucked out that night. Bottom line is. He put himself in the public eye and enjoys each and every minute of the fame and millions of dollars he receives as a fame whore. Shame on Michael Phelps for continuing to set bad examples.

Hey, Phelps...you MUST have a valid drivers license to drive...bottom line. Maybe he and many of his handlers forgot he didn't have a valid license?

1892 days ago


You bitter people, give the guy a break and get a life. It was the other driver's fault, she ran a red light and hit Phelps' car. Ffs, she could have killed him! She could have killed 24-year-old Olympic gold medalist...

1892 days ago

a random person    


1892 days ago


Lily - we all get it. It wasn't his fault. How, though, do you explain him driving without a license? It's ILLEGAL to drive without a license. He should not have been driving the 'other' car...period.

You cannot justify wrong doing by not getting caught....then again, he DID get caught so now he should pay the consequences.

1892 days ago


I 100% agree with Lily.

1892 days ago


Who cares?He wasn't drunk,he didn't cause the accident,the other driver did,he's innocent in this story.The only wrong thing he did was driving with an expired license,only that.Nobody died.
Stop dissing him,people.He's human too.And humans make mistakes,including everybody who commented here.Or is everybody here perfect?I'm not perfect...and all of you aren't perfect too.
He didn't cause the accident,period.If you don't like Phelbs,you're in your right to think this way,but dissing him for nothing,for an accident that wasn't even his fault?Get over it,haters!And this site...lame!Shame on you,TMZ!

1892 days ago

Linda Mott    

Give the kid a break. There is a big difference between drugs and a possible chance he forgot to renew his licence.

1892 days ago


Phelps didn't ask to be a role model,why should he have to be "perfect".Anything he's has done is mild,Ive seen a lot worse.He is a nice young man,with a very supportive mother.

1892 days ago


There is a difference between 'mistakes' and 'breaking the law'.

He did ask to be a celebrity. Besides winning a Gold medal in the Olympics, he also endorses many products as a CELEBRITY SPOKESPERSON...continuing to make millions of dollars in endorsements as a CELEBRITY

There is something on your driver's license that states 'expiration'...This usually means the license is only valid until this particular date and at such time, one must get a new license with a new expiration. Kinda weird, ha??? FYI. If your license is 'suspended' this means you cannot drive. It doesn't state 'go ahead and drive but just be careful that you don't get caught...or, if you are in an accident and it's not your fault you will not be punished'

What happens when you get caught driving illegally? You get a ticket...


1892 days ago


Now why go insulting grapes?

1892 days ago


Wow! Get a life people. He is young and had a beer. Chill!
I am sure you've never had a beer and driven after a football game all your life eh!! Not saying that drinking and driving is ok, but jeez stop spewing venom. He has accomplished more in his life at such a young age than probably you ever will. Is that why you want to take every opportunity to bring him down? Nice!

1892 days ago


Hi, "Lewis". Yes he is young and he had a beer (that we know of). But remember something. It's NEVER ok to drink and drive, even one beer. Too many innocent people have lost their lives because of drunk drivers. One beer, 2 beers, 4 beers, 5 beers, Olympic Athletes, celebrities, lawyers, maids. It's NEVER ok. Just because people drive drunk after a football game or whatever and nothing ever happens, remember that many times things do happen (that you don't hear about). It's not about being bitter. It's about doing the right thing.

Visit mothersagainstdrunkdrivers.

1892 days ago


I'm sorry but there is just no way you're going to make this guy into a bad boy just because the hypocritical intn'l olympic committee expects their athletes to be choir boys....just go down into any professional sports team's bowels or to any police department or fire station for that matter if you want to learn the truth about roids and more in america. this country's inquisition has helped create international mafias that could end up having the keys to our country....like our neighbors to the south for instance

1892 days ago


His father is a baltimore police officer, thats why the extra special treatment

1892 days ago
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