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Phelps After Crash

99 Bottle of Beer

on the Wall

8/16/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps may not have been at fault for his car accident this week, but he wasn't exactly squeaky clean, either.

Phelps will be cited for driving with an expired license, which was from Michigan, the NY Post is reporting. Phelps will have to appear before a judge, though no date has been set so far.

Phelps also admitted to police he had a beer about an hour before the crash. He was not given a Breathalyzer test on scene.

Phelps was involved in a two-car accident in Baltimore on Thursday. It was ruled the other driver ran a red light, causing the wreck.

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Aren't their cabs in Baltimore? Maybe not. Yeah. It's much better to have a beer and drive (just one though)with an expired license then to be on the safe side and call a taxi. Who cares if you don't have a valid license. Chances are, you won't get caught. If you do get caught, just give an excuse. Life's all about excuses, anyway. Just look at the people justifying Phelps illegal activities with dumb excuses and praises.

1860 days ago

too sad    

one beer ???
who ever has one ???
multiply by at least 3

1860 days ago

too sad    

cops should of breathylised him like any one else in an accident .

1860 days ago


ridiculous!!The woman caused the accident.not michael phelps!!!!!!!!!!!

leave him alone .He is a nice guy.

1860 days ago


Bunch of stupid Mormons must be posting here who think having a beer or a cup of coffee is similar to murdering someone.

All this moralizing from a "church" whose founder "married" 14 year old girls behind his wife's back and sold liquor at his mansion in Nauvoo, Illinois.
STFU you idiots!

1860 days ago


To the brainiacs who continue to justify Mr. Phelps ludicrous actions that night. Your excuses for his illegal driving after just one beer are getting better and better. Keep it up though it's gonna be hard to top the ones you already have though it sounds as if 'he only had one beer', 'drinking and driving is not considered murder if you kill a person in the process', 'yes he was driving without a license but he didn't cause the accident' and 'He has accomplished more in his life at such a young age than probably you ever will'. And - the award goes to (drum roll) 'Bunch of stupid Mormons must be posting here who think having a beer or a cup of coffee is similar to murdering someone'...congrats!

1860 days ago


If a cop stopped you and found out you were driving...

with an expired drivers license((how lazy and stupid is that?)...

you said you had A beer (it's always A beer)...

and they knew you smoked weed (public knowledge)...

YOU would have been breathalyzed.

Stretch and his boyfriend cop...

are such schmucks.

1860 days ago


I have never heard of anyone who admitted to having a beer not be given some kind of test to see if they were intoxicated after an accident, even if they were not at fault.

1860 days ago


You people are freaking stupid. I'm not even a fan of his, but his 1 beer over an hour ago did NOT cause that woman to run the red light. Idiots.

1860 days ago


This wouldn't be the first time he was drinking and driving. people forget that he has a previous DUI.

1860 days ago


why are people treating him like he's some golden child who does no wrong and should be excused for whatever he does? this guy had done some very irresponsible and dumb things yet people keep on giving him excuses.

this guy already has a DUI, got caught smoking pot (and don't give me that crap that all kids in their 20's smoke pot because im 21 and i haven't smoked anything in my life.) and now he got caught driving with an invalid license and was drinking. even if he didn't cause the crash. he should be charged with drinking and driving without a license. if he was a regular joe they would have booked him without even thinking about it twice.

1860 days ago


This kids is dumb as a stump.

1860 days ago


Phelps is regularly seen in western Maryland around the Deep Creek resort area of Oakland / McHenry, Maryland where his family has a home. I've seen him in a few bars, and he has always been a gentleman and never seen him leave drunk. On the other hand, our community is also residence to the resort homes of many Congressmen, ambassadors, and Presidential aids who are often seen driving drunk around town and rescued from arrest by the Secret Service.

1858 days ago
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