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Paula A's Plan B

8/17/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Paula Abdul say even though "Dancing with the Stars" ain't gonna happen, she's still talking to ABC about a show of her very own.

As we first reported, Paula met with ABC honcho Steve McPherson earlier this week and now we're told one of the cards on the table is a possible variety show. And we're told they also discussed a talent competition with Paula in the Simon Cowell seat. Sources say Paula also talked about her desire to become the executive producer.

And there's this little tidbit. We're told Paula's feelings about being "disrespected" by "Idol" execs is more intense than ever after learning Victoria Beckham pulled in a fortune -- reportedly $275,000 an episode.

But sources say she'd still come back to Simon -- if the price ($10,000,000 a year) is right.


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Carol Wollesen    

TO ALL YOU DRUG ADDICTS AND ALCOHOLICS: Just because YOU behave that way doesn't mean Paula does. She, her doctor, and many interviews have explained her disease and the medicine she has to take to keep from stuttering alone is a must. I have it myself and have to take prescriptions (not DRUGS or ALCOHOL) for this condition and am in extreme pain on many occasions where you can't
stand it. Leave Her alone --she is NOTTTTT a drug addict or alcoholic. But she has to take her medicine for this condition and you all sit back and Judge her for taking care of herself. Yes, she's better this last year because she finally gave in and
explained all about this disease and the meds she has to take. She
Can't help it and this year she is much better taking her well prescribed medicine and is a happy person now --like like all of you who take it to make your life and everybody else's with your miserable cursing and comments. GO PAULA - I Understand because
it's hard to talk straight and not stutter without the medicine.
and the Pain is unbearable sometimes. You look wonderful! Keep doing what you are doing. These REAL ADDICTS won't remember what they said tomorrow. Love you Carol W

1886 days ago



1892 days ago


Does it really matter? Oh by the way do the people who protest on these sites have no life? I mean those who are bitter?

1892 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

"Feelings is more intense"?

1892 days ago


As usual,white men,white women,black men and last black women...That's the way companies pay.

1892 days ago

Fire Paula. She's useless. Simon is imprtant because he's the A-hole.

1892 days ago


The cow already had her own show. Intervention on A&E. NO need to say she failed

1892 days ago


i think that's the last of pulla..she didnt accept the offer on dancing with stars any many other offers it would'v been good for her and if i were her i would accept any offers come to to show them that even without AI im still wanted in many shows ,and i expected that she'd b the first to leave AI

1892 days ago


"""Does it really matter? Oh by the way do the people who protest on these sites have no life? I mean those who are bitter?
Posted at 12:19AM on Aug 17th 2009 by Joe""""""

Am I imagining things? No I don't think your response "JOE" we are left to believe YOU HAVE NO LIFE & YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!

1892 days ago


""" imjustnoisy """Is that the BEST you could come up with???? this day and age!! BTW Paula isn't BLACK!!

1892 days ago


She is not worth $10,000,000.Glad she is not returning to American Idol!!She is boring.Never knew what to say always left it up to other judges to talk.She was boring and had an awful voice.A big mistake if they let her come back!!!She was paid very well for not doing her job!!

1892 days ago


Victoria is a really bad choice. she will bring nothing to the show. She never smiles and her nose is always high in the air...literally. The only name being thrown around that I like is Queen Latifah.

1892 days ago


I think she is posturing.I have a feeling she will be back on idol once her 10 million is finally offered.

1892 days ago


Paula who? Come on. She had TWO friggin hits over 20 yrs ago, she was LUCKY to be sitting in that chair for 8 years, especially as wasted and incoherent as she was.
To say she's replaceable is an understatement.

1892 days ago


Everything about her behavior may very well be true. However, I watch AI every year with my kids and we enjoy it. You have to admit that all the pre-auditions are a hoot, then comes weeding out, then the judges, then the finally. I get a kick out of it each and every episode because of the unpredictability of all the judges (and Ryan too) I just dont think it will be the same without her. Even though Kara's advice was probaly the most understanding and truthful, her errogance was to much. Love Simon and his rude and to the point comments (which never seem to be that wrong), Randy is just cool (he gives us that laid back feeling), then Paula, hell you just never know, plus she offers a positive when a contestant needs a boost. Ryan- well hes just out there:O)
I think if AI goes on it should remain as it started of the show would loose its kick.

1892 days ago
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