Paula A's Plan B

8/17/2009 1:15 AM PDT

Paula A's Plan B

Sources close to Paula Abdul say even though "Dancing with the Stars" ain't gonna happen, she's still talking to ABC about a show of her very own.

As we first reported, Paula met with ABC honcho Steve McPherson earlier this week and now we're told one of the cards on the table is a possible variety show. And we're told they also discussed a talent competition with Paula in the Simon Cowell seat. Sources say Paula also talked about her desire to become the executive producer.

And there's this little tidbit. We're told Paula's feelings about being "disrespected" by "Idol" execs is more intense than ever after learning Victoria Beckham pulled in a fortune -- reportedly $275,000 an episode.

But sources say she'd still come back to Simon -- if the price ($10,000,000 a year) is right.