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Person of Interest in Model Murder Married Victim

8/18/2009 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just learned Ryan Alexander Jenkins -- the "person of interest" in the murder of Jasmine Fiore -- married the victim earlier this year.

Jenkins was a contestant on "Megan Wants a Millionaire." The star, Megan Hauserman, told TMZ Jenkins met Fiore at a strip club in Las Vegas where she worked as a dancer. Megan says Jenkins married Fiore two days later.

We're told Jenkins -- who was a finalist on the show -- went right to Vegas after getting booted from the show and met Fiore.

We spoke with Megan by phone, who told us Jenkins was smart, nice and she is shocked by the turn of events.

We just spoke with Jenkins' publicist, who tells us, "Ryan is currently speaking to his attorney and will fully cooperate with the police in this matter. He is planning on meeting with them in the near future."


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The kid is not my son!!    

WTF? Somebody needs to delete all these irrelevant, stupid *** conspiracy theory comments about swine flu.

Also, an "Exotic dancer" is still part of the sex industry not to mention she was in playboy and there's a picture of her in the gallery on here with a guy sticking his hand in her boobs. Those pictures will lead some people to jump to conclusions. It is sad what happened, and I know her family wants her to be remembered in a positive light but denying what there is evidence of only draws more attention to it.

1887 days ago


oh come on, Jasmine is dead, she died a terrible death, noone deserves to die like that, i personally think he strangled her, by accidently, he got pissed off, lost his tempered, and than his hired someone to do the rest, just like i read or heard somewhere?! i kept thinking that anyway, i just don't think he would go and pull her teeth and fingers hisself, sounds like mafia work, or something creepy like that, he paid someone to do it, and gave them her car too, poor her, and than he doesn't have the balls or is not man enough to admit this and pay for what he has done to her, but does save the taxpayers may she rest in peace, but i do feel for BOTH their families

1884 days ago


tmz didn't ruin nothing it's all over the internet and tv that he was a finalist. What is wrong with some of ya'll people you act so heartless. I liked the show to but I have a heart. How would you feel if that was your family or friend? Would you want to their murder's face on tv? NO!Who cares about the show now, a life was taken. This girl was somebodys daughter, somebodys friend her life was taken from her by a monster. Stop talking about her like she didn't matter.

1884 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

This is a sad story... tragic for Jasmine. RIP

1890 days ago

Just Checking    

I am so glad that Megan is still alive. He must of been so pissed that he took it out on this poor girl. What a loser. He could of anulled the marriage. He didn't have to kill her.

What's with the mug shots? What was he arrested for before?

1890 days ago

Dave Evans    

Megan? I'd hit that.
Plus I'd hunt her down and if she made me hurt her, i'd have to do something drastic. Especially if she made me do it.
I would immediately kill that stupid dog though and the bich better not gimmie trouble over it either.

Or this---

Mr. Jenkins? Mr. Jenkins? Dont be talking about no mr jenkins.

1890 days ago


well thanks for runing the finalists tmz!!!
..this is sad.

1890 days ago


Plan was to Get married I bet, become a American than smoke who ever he gets married to so that they wont get non of his richest. Roast in hell my Dude!!!!!!!!

1890 days ago

dr fred    

#1 Megan is ugly

#2 guess she made right decision to boot him off

#3 poor Jasmine, why did he kill her? that is horrible

1890 days ago


what a desperate sex addict man whore. first he tried to get a gold digging tv show bride who wanted a man based on whether he's a millionare. then when he lost he goes to vegas and ends up married to a stripper after two days. what a dumbass, after 2 days you are suppose to buy them some nice jewelry they can sell or pawn and return them to the clubs for a fresh one.

1890 days ago

Biased information    

According to health experts, the H1N1 swine flu virus is impossible for nature to create. In other words, it was created by someone in a lab. There were patents out on vaccines way before the virus just miraculously showed up. Tell everyone you know that this is a manufactured crisis. What they intend to do with this manufactured crisis is a bit unknown at this point.

What we do know:

1. It's man-made by those who have the means, knowledge and resources.
2. It's being hyped by the for-profit media and vested government agencies.
3. The vaccine is paid for by tax-payer dollars to the tune of billions.

Wake up folks. Take the rose-colored glasses off. You have real threats and one of those real threats are many of those who would profit from a manufactured crisis.

Google the 1976 Swine Flu fiasco. It'll give you some reality of how far these vested interests will go and how many they'll sacrifice for money and power.

1890 days ago


Megan is dumber than hell. Why would anyone give that flake a show?

1890 days ago


I just recently started watching this show. Yea it's shallow but too each his own. I feel bad for Megan, she didn't know how close she was to a crazy freak it could have been her. So no matter if their rich or poor you never know how crazy people are these days. She is very lucky.

1890 days ago


Hahahaha. Way to pick him Megan! lol.

1890 days ago


That phone call with Megan was weird..Why couldn't she talk about half the stuff the guy asked her? This Ryan guy tho, has creeped me out from day one on her show, I think he just oozes that creepy weirdo stalker vibe who will charm you then kill you...I'm glad she didn't pick him ha. But.. TMZ -- STOP RUINING SHOWS BY TELLING US WHO WERE FINALISTS!

1890 days ago
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