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Reality Star and Murdered Wife -- On Rocks

8/19/2009 10:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A close friend of Jasmine Fiore's tells us Jasmine and Ryan Alexander Jenkins' marriage was on the rocks, and that Jasmine was planning to go to Vegas to "reunite" with an ex-boyfriend.

Ryan Alexander & Jasmine Flore

The friend says Jasmine was planning to take her Vegas trip the day before her body was found.

And, the woman who was the roommate of Fiore and Jenkins tells TMZ Jenkins told her last Sunday -- the day after Jasmine's body was discovered -- he was "done with the relationship," that "he couldn't take it anymore" and he was going to Vegas.

The roommate also says Jenkins -- who appeared on the VH1 reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire" -- called her last Saturday night and said, "I should have known something was up when she said she was going to run errands and left with all of our packed suitcases in our car."

Jasmine's body was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a dumpster in Orange County, CA last Saturday.

Both the roommate and the friend say Fiore was not a stripper and that Fiore and Jenkins met at a Hawaiian Tropic event in Vegas. And Playboy says Fiore worked as a promo model for a "Girls of Golf" event one time 4 years ago and hasn't worked for Playboy since.


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First of all Nancy Grace is making it sound like Jasmine is perfect, and by all means, SHE IS NOT! She would "work guys" for money while living in Vegas. All at the same time being married to Ryan.

1891 days ago

Sad sad    

So much hatred Dan Ryan wtf ever you are.

1891 days ago


No one deserves her fate...however.....she had no integrity for her marriage and was NOT looking for love.....she liked the greener type of love

1891 days ago


all this for that mean, mean, mean green, almighty dollar. its a shame.

1890 days ago

lisa Fluty    

No matter what a person looks like, or what a person does for a living - they do not deserve to be brutally murdered, having their teeth ripped from their face, there fingers cut from their hands. For those who state such ridiculous comments regarding this young woman, I only hope that one day - YOUR daughter is not found stuffed in a piece of luggage with her body having been mutilated and thrown away like trash. Those who speak ill of her, truly have your own issues that you need to get a hold of. It is amazing that on this forum, there are those who have such disrespect for a person you do not even know, to state such terrible comments regarding her looks, or her past. Who are you to judge another? Your ridiculous comments only show the type of insecurity of which you behold. She, was a person, she was a daughter, she was a person. We often wonder in our society as to why a person can do such harm to another, but - take a look at the comments on this forum. This forum and their comments prove, that there are a lot of hateful, disrespectful, illiterate, and self loathing of man kind. I am a mother of two soldiers, fighting for our rights to speak as those have spoken here. Unfortunately, those who have spoken within their written language, are full of hate and full of ignorance. That however, is why our sons are fighting for your rights. Again, I do hope that your daughter will not be placed in this position. No one, deserves to be called such filthy names, to be ridiculed regarding their appearance. I can only fathom, that those who state such - have a wide range of issues of their own - as they look in the mirror. To Megan, from "Megan Wants a Millionaire", if you truly made the comment previously - you had your 15 minutes of fame. Your show was pulled due to a woman being brutally murdered. Do not be hateful. You have been on numerous shows and I am sure we will see you again on another channel. This forum, surely shows that the hatred out there, especially for those we not know - is how we witness such brutality. Why should we be surprised? Look at the comments some of you have made, regarding a person who you do not even know. Again, take a look at the person in the mirror. Those who criticize ones looks, ones career - are usually those who are experiencing the problems themselves. She is dead. She had her teeth ripped from her face, her fingers cut from her hands, her body stuffed into luggage, and then disposed of in a trash container - do you truly feel proud of your ridiculous comments about her looks? Absolutely ridiculous.

1889 days ago


**** the stuff is ****en crazy

1066 days ago
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