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Katherine Jackson Wants Help with MJ Deal

8/20/2009 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson won't give her blessing to a key deal in Michael Jackson's estate until her financial peeps have a chance to review it.

Katherine's lawyers went to court today, asking the judge to give her permission to show the confidential AEG memorabilia deal to her financial advisors. Under the current court protective order, she's only allowed to show the unredacted version to her lawyers.

Meanwhile, AEG is threatening to pull out of the deal, because the company is worried people are quickly losing interest in an MJ memorabilia tour.

Katherine's lawyer, Burt Levitch, thinks AEG may be crying wolf just to ram the deal through.

AEG has no comment on the matter.


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I doubt anyone here is in envy of anyone--if anything, I think most people find Michael's family pathetic the way they are groveling for money, framing it as their "right" whilest they trounce all over his will. Michael was a good person, however his family not at all. If you read the very details of his life, to include his own autobiography where he rights that he is not even sure if he can trust his mother, you will learn that Michael did not feel loved by those people. In part, I think Michael was extremely good at pr, giving his father the flames of his wrather while his mother got off pretty well from the entire deal (ie. from the Oprah to the Sawyer and Bashir interviews). But his mum did hit him, his mum stood by while he and his brothers were beaten. Not a great mum by any measure, including Michael's who said he would never allow that to happen to his own children.

It is clear how Michael felt about his mum and made sure that she and his family would be taken care of...out of respect. There is, however, a world of difference between respect and love.

1891 days ago


I believe if Michael ever felt that his mom simply stood by and watched while papa Joe beat up the children, he would have said so. Watch the Martin Bashir doc. where he talks about how his mom would scream at his dad to stop! Women react differently to situations involving hubby vs her child(ren). I for one would probably go crazy and hell would break loose if one laid a finger on my child regardless of him being the father. Thats just me! I feel i have to protect my child physically emotionally and spiritually until they are old enough to do so by themselves. Even when they are mature, i will continue to guide them so they dont fall apart. Whatever happens, a mother's arms are always wide open for her child to run into anytime they need to. Mrs Jackson has always been supportive of her children, and i mean all of them. When you are a mother, you know how to treat each one of your kids because they are all different. Mrs Jackson knew her son was lonely and she gave him a lot of support. We are outsiders and can only feed on the gossip in the news, but lets take it with a grain of salt because these greedy paparazzi are out to make money at whatever cost. Imagine if Michael's kids were your children's best friends, what would you tell your children? That you are one of those people contributing to their misery? And imagine if your mom found herself in mrs Jackson's shoes, would you like anyone to call her names?? If you have a mother, ladies and gentlemen, refrain from calling Michael's mom names because what goes round comes around and God's revenge is the worst revenge coz it sticks around until you learn a lesson. I love Michael Jackson yesterYear, today and forever. I know for those of us praying for the Jackson family, God is at work, and all you haters your day is coming, and might be sooner that you anticipate! God will deal with you. Treat other people as you would have them treat you!!!! RIP MJ for i know you are in heaven, and some haters here are destined for HELL. I hear its real hot and good luck there! FYI-There are no Air conditioners there!

1891 days ago



Just wanted to say if Katherine Jackson had wanted to help her son because she loved him unconditionally she would have found a way.

I am from Iceland. We don't have bluebells here but I like those flowers a lot.

1889 days ago


Why is AEG want to pull out unless they got something to hide, that they don't want Mrs Jackson to see what is real going on.

1889 days ago


call their bluff.. AEG.. for once I'll side with you..

teach then a lesson from all this bloody uncalled for Meddling!

1892 days ago



1892 days ago



1892 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Frist. AEG killed michael with rehearsals

1892 days ago



1892 days ago


That woman is full of crap her son is dead and she's only looking how to get more money out him. This is so sad.. And now because of family isues they are burring him 31th aug. "Isues" yeah right they are doing this because everybody said u don't burry ur kid on his birthday. Karma.. get these people out of here !
Why does she need more money' ? Like she's going to live another 100 years damn. His whole family is sick!

Rip Michael where ever you are i hope your happy

Love always.

1892 days ago


yea they losing intreste in Michael Jackson..that makes sence. the fulla shiiiiit

1892 days ago


AEG is crazy people are NOT losing interest in anything MJ. was blocked on the first hour of tickets purchase. plus, this is for all of you who whine bout TMZ articles on MJ, can't you see that MJ articles are most read and commented on? so i guess MJ brings ppl to this site.

1892 days ago


Mrs. Jackson has the right to make sure that the deal is accurate and fair!!

1892 days ago


First page!!!!!!!!!!! :P

1892 days ago



1892 days ago
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