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Murdered Model's

Shotgun Wedding

-- The Pics

8/20/2009 2:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It wasn't long ago that Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore were happily getting hitched in Las Vegas -- after only knowing each other for a few days.

Ryan Jenkins & Jasmine Fiore

We're told the couple tied the knot at the Little White Wedding Chapel on March 18 of this year.

Cops have been looking for Ryan since he reported Jasmine missing last Saturday -- the same day she was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in a dumpster in Orange County, CA.


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He looks like a complete doosh in this photo! She just looks weird. What a couple.

1891 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Is anyone really surprised here, given the guy's apparent domestic violence history?
Most posts attack her for her background and her looks; beneath all this is a woman who evidently taunted her husband with her text-message to the old boyfriend: she allowed her husband to find out about it somehow. Maybe it signaled she was leaving him, he over-reacted and everything went downhill from there. 'Nuff said.

1891 days ago


Very nice looking women why would anyone want to do hateful crime to anyone,But l hope if this man Ryan Jenkins will be shipped back to U.S so he can get the death row.Here in Canada Ryan will just 25 years a slap on the wrist. The lawyer that Ryan had here in Canada , Jeremy Stenkie was sentence in Canada for three murders to no chance of parole until 25 years his girlfriend got one more year and she out with a new life at age 18 years old its sad for people,god bless your family and friends thanks Teresa in Alberta Canada

1891 days ago


I thought in this country one was innocent until proven guilty? we don't know yet if the husband did it. We don't know what drives people to kill someone, how outrageous it may sound: the girl did look far from sincere.

First of all everything is plastic on her, including her face. The only people that would call her beautiful must be emptyheaded plastic fantastic Californians.

Her facial expressions on her wedding picture tell it all. This chick did not care about the person she just had married.

Then months later, as a married woman she tries to hook up with a former bed partner. Why? To play scrabble? I don't take think so.

She was nothing more than a little prostitute who crossed the wrong man when playing with fire. We just don't know which man it was. For all we know it could also be the ex BF that finished her off?

1891 days ago


Once again a plastic slutty/stripper turned model ending up in the papers for some indecent act (playing with fire) just to get burned. I mean look at their wedding that a lack of enthusiasm i see and at that they just meet two days prier to getting married. She was out for his money from the start and deserves everything he is getting right now for believing a stripper actually has an ounce of feelings toward anyone but themselves!!

1891 days ago


Most of you people in here are a bunch of scorned losers or really fat jealous B*tches... A person was murdered and all you can do is project your own inadequacies because you feel horrible about your own identities... Poor miserable B*tches... Just go to the gym save a couple grand get some boobs...Men will like you too and you can face yourself in the mirror every morning... But my guess is you will just continue to blog and eat pringles and suck down your 42 ouncer of Mountain Dew and Complain about how unimportant this type of News is... Come on you heffers live for this type of stuff!

1891 days ago


Amazing how many people justify the nasty comments by apologizing for them first; ie. i'm sorry to be mean, BUT... what is wrong with you people. This girl was someone's child and her parents are now going through something no parent should endure. She was brutally murdered, her body mutilated and some of you people just cannot resist behaving like vultures closing in.

1890 days ago
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