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The Prez's Vacation -- In a Category 4 of Its Own

8/20/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama is set to take Martha's Vineyard by storm this Sunday for a little R & R-- but guess who's also gunning to stop by M.V. on the same day? Hurricane Bill.

President Barack Obama

The National Hurricane Center tells us if Bill stays on course, the tiny Massachusetts island could easily succumb to the power of Mother Nature right when the Prez is scheduled to make landfall -- but it's a freakin' hurricane, so who knows.

Ironically, The Oak Bluffs School -- the place the White House is renting out to host its press corps -- is also the town's evacuation center. The principal for the school, Laury Binney, told us if Bill rolls through town it could get pretty "interesting" having families and the media all holed up in the same shelter.

At least the press corps won't have far to go.


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39. Simone are you kidding me about the health care! I have lived overseas I have seen FIRST HAND how bad these universal healthcare plans are. I am not saying our health care system is perfect because it is not but I would love for you,or anyone else who is for this plan, to explain to me WHY people from all over the world come here to the US to take advantage of our health care system. I do not have insurance despite the fact I have 2 autoimmune disorders,Diabetes,Mitral Valve Prolapse,Arthritis,diabetic neuropathy,and osteoperosis(I am 29 and not I am not overweight at 110 lbs and being 5'5 tall). And under Obama's plan I still would not have insurance.My medical bills w/o insurance are over 5 grand a month so needless to say I can't afford it. Medicaid will not help me(hmm government program)and I am having to fight to get on temp disability. 90 percent of Americans HAVE HEALTH CARE and I can't say I blame them when it comes to them not wanting to be taxed more to sustain people like me. Obama is a bully plain and simple.Despite the fact his polls are falling and he is losing support daily on this health care reform he is determined to ignore the American people and push it through anyway. Obama has an evil agenda and a blatant disregard for the opinions of the American people. Again Obama get you a$$ back to the WH and do something.Seriously are you ever at the WH!?!? Obama doesn't have a clue. Hey Obama what are souls going for these days? It is clear you and all of your law breaking cronies have sold their souls to the devil!

Posted at 2:36PM on Aug 20th 2009 by Jess
If you would happend to explore the details of what Obama wants you would happend to see that National Health Care is only part of the plan. The other part of the plan would be those that have Private Insurance would be able to keep their insurance, but he would make insurance companies more responsible. He would make it law that they would have to take people with pre- exsisting conditions, only spend 15% on non medical necessities(the rest goes to pay for the medical expenses of the patient when the patient needed it) basically what that is is a cost control element that would be implemented. Insurances would be required to keep you as a subscriber if you lost your job, change jobs or got sick. As you know if you get sick right now companies find any way under the sun to dump you. They use the fine print. Under Obama with the new laws they wouldnt be able to use the fine print, because it would be erased. As for the taxing issue, yes certain people would be taxed but it would not be the middle class. The middle class are the people Obama is trying to help. I dont know about your percentages but 46 mil people in this country are not insured. And if we keep on the route we are going, the number will keep going up because private insurers(?) will keep increasing their premiums as the need for services for the uninsured increase. Every time a uninsured person gets seen the tax payers and private insurance carriers get burdened with the cost.

1825 days ago


55. Exactly WHAT has he done for the average American since being elected?

Posted at 10:52PM on Aug 20th 2009 by ????????????
-11 mil more childeren have been insured since he came into office
-He got the Lilly Ledbedder act signed into congress
-Got the tobacco companies to stop targeting minors

Are these not average americans?????

1825 days ago


i really hate the people in this friggin country, all they do is complain and act like jerks, get off the man's back. i would like to see u fools run this friggin mess of a country and make it work. Some days i wish McCain would of won so you bastards would shut the hell up. I'll pray for you Obamaa

1825 days ago


I am not pulling for Democrats or Republicans. I vote for whomever I feel will do best for ALL of us. If President Obama takes another "world tour" to meet with foreign leaders, would that include Mrs. Obama and the children for another vacation? Most of us who "still have jobs" usually have two weeks, once a year. The first family seems to have leaped over the fence enjoying their position for "perks." I wonder how children of parents feel who have lost their homes, their jobs, their health coverage when they read about the frequent Obama vacations to France, Grand Canyons and now, Martha's Vineyard. Perhaps President and Mrs. Obams need to be a little more sensitive about our devastated families who are left with little or nothing in a land where something like this should never have happened.

1824 days ago


How much R&R does this guy take...seems like he's always on vacation somewhere...

1824 days ago


Ramadan starts this weekend and so does obamas 10 day vacation.
Since Ramadan is the high holy days of islam, where ELSE do you think a
good islamic brother, follower of Allah would go?

He says he is a Christian, yet has not been to Church but 2 times since coronation.
He has been in mosques on the apology tour. Should be easy to figure out.

1823 days ago



1828 days ago

And I thought Health Care would be the death of him!

1828 days ago

arte help    

Don't worry everyone, The Great Messiah will wave his hands and the storm will go directly to Crawford Texas and all will be ok. He will say he inherited the storm from the Bush administration and it didn't start under his watch. Let's all say it together, "Goodnight Grandma"

1828 days ago

Me, myself and I    

Oh Lord, please sweep away this plague from our Nation.

1828 days ago


It's okay, Bama knows how to go whichever way the wind blows.

1827 days ago


Are you silly????? The Obama's plan for health care is very nice and will help people who don't have money to pay for health insurance. A lot of people in US are losing their jobs and drowning in bills to pay. So, they don't have money to pay for health insurance that, by the way, is extremely expensive and unfair.
We pay our taxes for everything we buy, for every service we use, so we have the right of take it back as social benefits, like good health care.
Don't be stupid, you guys!!!!!! Don't let yourselves be foolished by private health care companies that want you continue to pay abusive prices for them.

1827 days ago

republican mensa    

Nice to see my tax dollars @ work. Speaking of work does this ever work? We are all living paycheck to paycheck and he is on vacation again. One term prez. Loser. Tired of hearing about his stupid brats. Ugly wife. Let the storms hit this fool.

1827 days ago

judy anderson    

TMZ siad "if Bill rolls throguh town". Who's 'BILL"?? Did you mean to say Obama!!haha Clinton has been gone awhile...

1827 days ago


Get real like he will ever be in danger,storm looks like it will be well east of there anyway.

1827 days ago
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