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Rihanna Attack -- The Official Blow-by-Blow

8/25/2009 8:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The court has released the officer's report from the night Chris Brown beat up Rihanna -- describing the entire incident in graphic detail.

According to the report, cops responded to a "screaming woman" -- and when they arrived, they noticed a "very upset and crying" Rihanna seated in the driver's seat of a parked vehicle.

Rihanna Attack

Rihanna told the officer she got into an argument with Chris Brown over something that had occurred at an event they were at earlier in the evening.

"The victim said she became enraged and slammed both of her fists against the dashboard on the passenger side of the car they were in. She reported that the defendant then pulled the vehicle over and reached over her with his right hand. He opened the car door and tried to force the victim out."

According to the report, Brown was unable to shove Rihanna out of the car because she was wearing a seatbelt.

The report continues, "When he could not force her to exit, he took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window of the car. "

"The victim then faced the defendant and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then continued driving."

"As he drove, he continued to punch the victim in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand."

Rihanna told cops the "assault caused her mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter over her clothing and the inside of the car."

Rihanna told cops after Brown "stopped his first assault .. she looked in the mirror and saw her eye beginning to swell.

[Brown] looked at [Rihanna] and said 'I'm going to beat the shit out of you when we get home! You wait and see!'"

Rihanna told police she tried to call her personal assistant, but she didn't pick up -- but Rihanna says she "pretended to talk, saying, 'I'm on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there.'"

Rihanna says she pulled the act "because she did not want to get beat anymore."

But after Rihanna's fake phone conversation, she claims Brown "looked at [Rihanna] and said, "You just did the stupidest thing ever! Now I'm really going to kill you!"

Rihanna told cops that Brown unleashed a second wave of punches, "during which time [Rihanna] interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face." He continued to punch her on her left arm, which caused a contusion on her left tricep.

At that point Rihanna tried texting her assistant. Brown threw the phone out of the car, stopped the vehicle and Rihanna then tried opening her door to get out, but Brown sped off and the door shut with Rihanna inside.

Brown placed Rihanna in a headlock while he drove, then bit her on her left ear. The car eventually stopped and Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition, and Brown began to punch her again in the face and arms. He placed her in a headlock and started applying pressure to her carotid artery. She couldn't breathe and began to lose consciousness. She tried freeing herself, and Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her.

Rihanna took off her shoe and tried breaking the passenger window, and he continued to punch her.

Eventually, Brown got out of the car. Rihanna opened the door and continued screaming. Brown began punching her again. He got back in the car and screamed "Where are my f***ing keys?" He got out, looked for the keys in vain, and when he could not find them removed several CDs and walked away.

Officers were called and observed numerous contusions and abrasions to Rihanna's face and forehead, as well as bruising on her left arm. There were other injuries as well.

Investigators determined Brown was wearing a large ring on his right hand which caused several of Rihanna's injuries.

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Wow, hearing that description, he definitely should do jail time. Enough of this double standard crap with celebrities.

1855 days ago


Dont be fooled by Rihanna. I live in Va and I have seen then together multiple times and Rihanna is VERY hostile. I have seen her in his face pointing and screaming at Chris. I have seen her swing on him in the middle of a mall. She isnt want the media have try to act like she is. She isnt innocent herself. Chris should have NEVER put his hands on her, but for the public to think this chick is 100% innocent all of you are CRAZY! That chick is NUTS as well!

1855 days ago


No one deserves to get hit, how dare any of you think that it was OK. Think of that when some dude puts his hands on your Mothers, or daughters you creeps!

1855 days ago


First off, what you're reading is Rihanna's version of events, as reported to the police. Second, and more importantly, EVEN IN THIS VERSION OF THE STORY, Rihanna was clearly at fault and clearly the instigator of this entire situation. She should have left Chris Brown's cell phone alone. He was receiving text messages and it was none of her d*mn business who they were from. She totally deserved to have the crap beat out of her. I have newfound respect for Chris Brown.

1855 days ago


I have a friend who is a young black man. We discussed this incident. He is a nice guy, a good husband and a good father. That is why I was shocked when he said she had it coming. He said that she cussed at him and disrespected him. I asked my friend what if that was his sister? He said he would still say she had it coming. I am shocked and saddened that a young generation and parts of the black community condone this behavior. NO MAN should ever put his hands on a woman period unless his life is in danger.
Men, here is an idea, if you feel disrespected by your woman talk to her about it. If it continues, then have the balls to leave her. Once you cross the line of beating your woman you will lose a respect for her that you will never get back. And she will lose a respect for you that she will never get back. I was glad to at least see JZ say that Brown was a walking dead man. AT least that meant that JZ did not condone that behavior. When a man like Chris Brown acts like that, it just means that is his typical behavior. He will need a whole lot of counceling to change. He got off easy. And I leave you with this, I bet anything that I have that he would not pull that crap with a man. He'd get hit once and cry like a girl...

1855 days ago


Are you guys for real are you really excusing his behavior i dont care if some of you think she deserved it theres no excuse for a GROWN MAN i dont care if hes the best singer or the king of the world theres no excuse for him to not only HIT a woman but put her on a head lock until she's losing consciouseness, treathen to kill her i mean those are the acts of someones thats crazy i know shes not innocent cuz she went back to him after this fiasco but i cant believe you people saying she deserved it cuz she hit him first, i dont care if she hit him, spit on him or kicked him he should have been MAN enough to walk away cuz i bet he's got tons of people he could have called to pick him up. Now i wonder if it would have happen to those who say she deserved it ( and if there womans by the way your disgusting) would you think you deserved it too. I think you would. Thanks for listening.

1855 days ago


My word! Look at the difference in sizes. I agree that she should never have hit him. Ever. But he's a big guy. RESTRAIN her. It't way beyond self defense when he is choking her and punching her while she is cowering. I think that he needs help and I hope he gets it. He got off way too easy, but that's Hollywood justice.

1855 days ago


I'm glad TMZ posted this account again for all the people out there who were thinking about maybe buying Chris Brown's next album. Of course nobody but them knows exactly what led up to all this but no matter what she did short of assaulting him first with a weapon, there is no excuse for him beating a tiny defenseless woman so badly. He's a sick person who will undoubtably do it again only next time the girl won't be famous and she won't get help from the police and the public being on her side. I know that sometimes the woman really will start the altercation and really will assault and batter the man in the situation but the pictures clearly show who beat who in this particular case. He's a disgusting overpriviledged brat. He should just go die in a gutter somehwere where he belongs.

1855 days ago


I'm also so mad because my little cousin who's like a sister to me LOVED Chris Brown. She showed me all his videos and we gushed about how hot he is and how talented and everything and then he goes and does this. I didn't want my cousin exposed to this crap. She's a good girl who's worked harder in her 18 years than most people work in their whole life. She does all the right things and she deserved a celebrity crush who wouldn't disappoint and horrify her like this. Imagine how she must feel now after idolizing him for so long. I guess that's why I'm so mad at this particular rotten bratty monster of a celebrity. She taught me his dance moves for God's sake!!

1855 days ago


Nikki(322). As a woman, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! She as his girlfriend was upset and rightfully so when she found a text from his ex. She also, did not hit him, she hit the dashboard. This in no way gives this BOY a right to physically attack her the way he did. If he felt like he was in any kind of danger he could have pulled over and called the cops. Both of their histories or no excuse for what went down. I hope you dont have kids or never will cause the way you think is warped.

1855 days ago


it is not her fault. all she did was yell at him, hes the one that took it to a physical level. whether he never hit nobody or not, i know for damn sure this wont be his last time hittin a woman so how is it her fault? its never the womans fault when a man brings himself so low as to hit a woman, its the mans fault for not walking away!!! forget all you men that thinks its her fault

1855 days ago


O think you guys need to put up the photo again. I think people forget that he didnt just slap her... he BEAT her.

He should not be forgiven so easily. Put the picture up again, and let it me known how Chris Brown BEAT Rhianna.

Piece of...

1855 days ago


How in God's name can any sentient being say that Rihanna deserved getting beaten up? It didn't matter if she hit him first. Punching her. Biting her. Refusing to let her get out of the car. Threatening to kill her.
And all he got was five years probation?
No man should ever hit a woman. No woman should ever hit a man, either.
Of course he pnly got probation. He's a celebrity.

1855 days ago

jess lans    

Well i think RiRi is just a timid local country gurl that needs to find herself. She has messed up the guy's career hope she is satisfied now, what happened to the love she claims she has for him? why wud she report him to the authorities instead of just leaving and flushing him outta her life quietly and maturely. that would have thot him a huge lesson and made the foolish tempered child respect her and other women more.

1855 days ago


Domestic violence from man to woman or vice versa, never good. They're both guilty of it and now he's got to do MANUEL LABOR? Oh Darn! Rihanna get's to do more videos and party like a ROCK STAR! Miss Thang isn't innocent and ALL the cliques KNOW IT. WATCH OUT BEYONCE, he put a ring on it, but his DING is in RIHANNA!!!!!

1855 days ago
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