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Alleged MJ Love Child Surfaces!

8/26/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonAs if there wasn't enough to figure out in the wake of Michael Jackson's death, a San Fran man is throwing his name into the circus -- claiming to be Michael Jackson's 24-year-old son!

According to a creditor's claim filed yesterday in L.A., a guy named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is requesting a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of the late King of Pop.

A birth certificate was submitted with the claim -- one which lists a "Michael Joseph Jackson" of Indiana as the father and Zerline LaVette Dixon as the mother.

According to the claim, MJ's family pressured Prince Michael Malachi's family to keep quiet.

Coincidentally, Prince Michael is the name of MJ's two "official" sons.


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I will only believe it when the DNA test proves it. Otherwise shut up! Do your DNA test first! Stupid!
Love you Michael!
MJ Forever!

1848 days ago


I find it funny how most everyone that post about MJ now ...JUST LOVE HIM! But when he was alive,just about all of ya on TMZ and other sites talked about him like a dog. PATHETIC...

1848 days ago


Wasn't Michael Jackson GAY or asexual? Why are these slime-balls crawling out from under rocks claiming to be his "love child"? Katherine Jackson and family must be going around in circles with all the allegations...

1848 days ago


Let's see a pic of him. If he has the Old Jackson Family Pre-plastic surgery nose then he's a Jackson.

1848 days ago


He fathered how many kids in 1984? There was the story of Omer Bhatti who also born in 84...

If we had to believe all these stories he kept himslef quite busy in 1983-84.

1848 days ago


Some people may not know that there's a difference between wishing to be the wife/kid of Michael jackson and claiming to actually be the wife or kid of Michael Jackson.

1848 days ago


litzie; The claims that he was gay or asexual doesn't hold as mch water as a lot of other stories running about him.

1848 days ago


NOW we know why he ain't buried yet. They been waiting for ALL his kids to be there. OMG my sides hurt. Thanks TMZ, I needed a laugh.

1848 days ago


Let this guy take the DNA test and do like they do on the Maury Povich it out on TV and WE WILL SEE if MJ was his dad.

For all we know he could of changed his name to Prince Michael-being that all the information from the claim is stating that MJ's name was on the birth certificate.

I feel sorry for him if he isn't his son-He just embarrassed himself and was brought up on a lie..Plus-YOU THINK his mom would have staked her claim from the's not like MJ paid her off to keep quiet...

Just because you name your son after an Icon dosen't mean he's related to one..well maybe this lady is crazy too like the two wackos who show up to EVERY MJ court hearing...for all we know she will probably show up now as well...

Add two more to the list of crazies who claim to be part of MJ's life...well in their own mind anyway..

1848 days ago


Well, all the Annie, Billy Jean, Susie should come forward now.

1848 days ago

He Needed Help    

What a shame this would be if this is true. People put to much faith in human beings HEAL THE WORLD but deny my kid. JUST SAYING.If you would've told me he was doing drugs I would've argued you wrong.Most sweet and innocent folks are usually the biggest demons out their.( T.V.Evangelist) etc. Those talking about God all the time but grabbing your crotch, come on that don't mix. We do not really know this man so stop saying what he did and didn't do. I don't even think he knows what he did half the time!

1848 days ago


Thats not true you can't put anyones name on a Birth Certificate. You can name the child anything you want and you can give your child any last name you want but they will not list the father of a child on any birth certificate if they are not married without the alleged fathers signature that he is accepting the child as his own or a court ordered DNA test is done (it must be court ordered for it to be a valid DNA test). For Children born to a married couple the husband does not need to sign his name on the certificate because whether the kid is the husbands or not they are married and all children born into the marriage are heirs to the marital estate. I do this for a living. If a woman goes out cheats on her husband and has a kid the child is automatically the husbands responsibility even if it is not his child because they were married at the time of birth. DNA is irrelevant and it can be difficult for a man in court to get his name removed from a birth certificate of a child born inside of marriage even when it is not the husbands biological child there are plenty of ex husbands out their paying child support for children born from the ex wifes affair and they have DNA to prove it is not their kid and they are still paying COURT ORDERED child support. Court believes the Child should not suffer the sins of the mother and thats that. If Michaels name is on the guys Birth Certificate then Michael signed it. Unless someone else has the exact name and they are using this for their 15 minutes but I have a feeling the judge will allow the DNA test and even still he doesn't need a DNA test if Michael did sign the Certificate, he is fully entitled as an heir to MJ's estate.

1848 days ago


I would love to see a picture of this guy.

But whatever happened to Omer Bhatti? He kind of disappeared and nothing ever happened with finding out if he actually is MJ's child. But I've read around different sites saying that he actually denied being MJ's biological son, and just more of his "honorary" son. They were best friends, not actually family.

It is just so strange to me that MJ would have a one night stand, especially because of his religious background. He even married Debbie Rowe because he didn't want people to think he was having children out of wedlock. He didn't think it was right.

MJ's life was either very strange, or very normal and rumors just make it strange. It's so hard to figure out.

1848 days ago


MJ has not lived in Indiana since he was 10; and to think that he would list Indiana as his state of residence on the birth certificate is ludicrous.

1848 days ago


It's so unlike tmz to post a story without a video or pic to substantiate. What's up fellas, falling down on the job?

1848 days ago
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