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Chris Brown's Partying Could Damage L.A. Club

8/28/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown partied his ass off at L.A. club Guys and Dolls after his sentencing hearing this week. Only problem: Brown's 20 and the club's liquor license is strictly 21+.

We asked Alcohol Beverage Control if they were investigating Brown's visit and they confirmed they are "looking into reports that are surfacing regarding an underage individual in Guys and Dolls" -- but do not name Brown specifically.

If it's proven the club did allow a minor in -- which this photo gallery should pretty much do -- disciplinary action could be taken, including revocation of the spot's liquor license.

As far as Brown's probation getting revoked as well -- the jury's still out on that one.

UPDATE: A rep for the club tells TMZ "Chris Brown was at Guys and Dolls for a scheduled personal appearance. A good time was had by all."


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I bet this punk will violate probation and will end up being bitch-slapped in prison with a year.

1848 days ago

mrez golucky    


1848 days ago

For Sure    

I think this was the ultimate week for Stupidity!!! What was Chris Brown thinking!!! I think he better learn ....the word Probation violation....

1848 days ago

Linda Mott    

This shows how immature he is. It also shows that if you have money you can do just about anything and get away with it.

1848 days ago


Good job TMZ! You followed up and dug into the story. If it is in fact a 21 and over club then Brown is in violation of his conditions of probation and the judge can proceed with probation revocation hearing, but it is highly unlikely that this will happen since he is on a "felony probate" and not a "deferred adjudicated probation." Now the big question is why can he still leave the country with only permission from the court when it is illegal for any convicted felon to leave the country?

1848 days ago


Can you say "probation violation"?????
I knew you could!!!!

1848 days ago

4. You guys bring nothing good to the world...absolutely exploit and thrive off of other peoples're just disgusting people...

Posted at 5:41PM on Aug 28th 2009 by austin

Love to watch you suffer as Brown bitch-slaps you. I'll likely clap.

1848 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

Looks like "OJ Lite" (caveboy beat his cavegirl to a bloody pulp and proceeded to choke her unconscious and leave her for dead!!!!) is untouchable. Even had someone at his table order 10 (ten) bottles of champagne!

1848 days ago


UuoH!! Club's in trouble!! How about Chris Brown???

1848 days ago


Hey #4 Brown brought this on himself. He is the one who chose to go to the club just after he appeared in court. If he was not so dumb he would have realized it was not a good idea.And just what does Brown bring to this world? He is just one more "man" who beats women. He will abuse again.Sadly it is just a matter of time and when he does I hope they throw him in prison where people like him belong.

1848 days ago


You white folks got to many other things to worry about in stead of stalking Chris an ridiculing him, your folks are off the hook, check the news, Jesus forgave him and thats all that matters, I'm praying every demonit spirit that come against him will be cast down. Chris what ever you do put God first and he will encamp his angels around you, so many people want you in jail, but God said not so.

1848 days ago


#1. He's convicted of a misdameaner not a felony
#2. The club covered there ass by saying he was schedule to appear, as if they booked him for that night. (lie)
#3. That's what we do when we get over on the system for a change. We party!!
Remember OJ verdict?

1848 days ago


Chris Brown's true colors are coming out now! He was so apologetic, his "attorney wouldn't let him apologize to speak out". You betcha! He was just trying to save his own butt, and worried about record sales and all. He's back to his old ways and thinking all of this is just behind him. He's still the immature punk that he always was!!

1848 days ago


That picture doesn't mean sh#$!! He could be at the Highlands in Hollywood, or a house party for all we know. Man theirs always a twist.

1848 days ago
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