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Allegedly Stealing a Song Is 'What We Do'

8/30/2009 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kirby Shields must have a sign on his back that says STEAL MY SONGS -- because he's claiming someone else ripped him off clean.

Read the documents

Shields -- whom you may remember from "Diddy stole my song" fame -- has fired off another cease and desist letter, this time over a song of his he claims was jacked for a movie. Shields claims his song "Keep Ur Cool" was used in a movie called "What We Do" at various times, including the end credits.

According to the docs, Shields says he never gave the movie permission to use his song, and is looking to solve the matter amicably (read: $$$$$$) rather than file a formal lawsuit.


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mrez golucky    


1883 days ago


He's probably right. This sort of thing goes on all the time because the music industry can be crooked and will take advantage of people that they think wont/can't fight. It is possible this movie does not know they received a stolen song. I hope, if it is true, he is vindicated. If you dont have the money to have your songs copyrighted, alot people would seal a copy in an envelope, mark the outside, mail it to yourself and keep it sealed. If this happens, bring the unsealed copy to court and let the judge open. The postal date will help in your defense.

1883 days ago


Poof Daddy would not steal a song, because he stole his name from his Step-Mother. Now thats Pee Diddy when he had bladder problems. Now thats Puff Daddy when he smoked dubbies. Now thats Poo Daddy when he was irregular. Now thats Pimp Daddy when I worked for him. Now thats Pie Daddy when he was hungry for my.......Now that Po Daddy when he couldnt make Payroll. And last but not least the Settlement Check for stealing your Songs will be endorsed from Shaun Pee Pooh Pimp Puff Po Ditty Combs aka Boot.

1883 days ago

Johnny Wadd    

Diddy, it's catching up to you. The linch mob of artists that you've robbed over the years, all know now where you live at: Alpine, NJ. I can see them now coming over the hill, and heading towards your house. They've got pitch forks, and torches. It looks bad...

1883 days ago


This guy looks pretty good lol.

1882 days ago


Looks like it's time for a couple of rappers to start busting caps until only one is standing.typical rapper bull crap

1882 days ago


Very interesting! Kirby Shields I hope you land a major break in your music career, for all that your going through, and in court, because after reading the cease & desist letter, it would appear that Mr. Stalnecker does not care very much about what he signs his name to. Why would some producer want to hold this guy back, after being paid so much money, and not even put this artist Kirby Shields name in the credits, "THAT IS SUCH A LOW BLOW" WOW! How can this guy Stalnecker look at himself everyday in the mirror, and feel good about himself.. It would appear to me that in a very "SLY DOGGIE" way Stalnecker is clearly trying to hold this artist Kirby Shields back from moving up the ladder.. I think Kirby is a good looking guy with a cool voice! GOOD LUCK KIRBY SHIELDS!! From Kate

1882 days ago


Well, it's a bad economy and we're all broke. Gotta make the paper some way. At least he's doing it legally no matter how silly.

Make the paper, guy!

*Note to self: Don't EVER use a song even remotely similar to Kirby's or I might get sued.*

1882 days ago

Don't Socialize Health Care    

Oh stfu . No one wants your lame @ss no talent songs dude.

1882 days ago


Dude That's totally crazy, Wow that sucks! I feel sorry for Kirby Shields, Christian sounds like a total loser man. He doesn't seem like a solid person to work with, actin like he would help you, only to find out he's selling your music behind your back. Wow that would suck so bad. What a two face back stabber. P.S. "Dude get a life Christian, and stop playin with other peoples dreams! By Zach

1881 days ago

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