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Former Playmate of the Year Fears for Her Life

9/1/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dalene Kurtis2002 Playmate of the Year Dalene Kurtis thought taking a vacation to Hawaii with her boyfriend was a great idea ... that is, until he allegedly used her as a punching bag and then threatened to kill her.

Kurtis was granted a temporary restraining order earlier this month against an ex she claims pushed her, punched her and choked her during a recent trip to Hawaii. She claims the ex said he was "gonna kill [her]," "slit [her] throat" and that she was a "f**king whore."

She then claims four days later he choked her until she couldn't breathe, stomped on her stomach, punched her, broke her finger, and spit in her face. That's when she (finally) called the cops and had him arrested.

Kurtis was granted a TRO, which includes her two-year-old son. She's scheduled to be in court later today to try to get the order made permanent.

We've also learned Kurtis recently filed for a substitute of attorney, hiring Ron Rale (Anna Nicole's former attorney in the Howard K. Stern case) from Trope and Trope ... who had "no comment" when we called about Kurtis' case.


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Ok Sally I mean Daren, get over it you beat up women because you are not a man! Yeah I've seen pictures not with any supposed injuries, you really should get some work done on that face of yours. You can't always be protected because your daddy has money! Besides even if you did have injuries they couldn't be anything of any substance with the way you were beating her how could she possibly hurt you also you are 3 times her size.
Grow Up and quit hitting women! Get some professional help!
Your a jealous,immature little boy!

1815 days ago


HELLO!! Im not saying it's okay in any way shape or form to beat on a girl. It's not. It never is. That's not the point. The point is that to assume that her ex is the only violent one is ridiculous knowing Dalen's past. That's my only point. Maybe it happened how she said and maybe not. The on thing I do know is that it should have never been leaked to TMZ. Pathetic cry for attention. Why would Dalene ever want anyone to know she is dumb enough to date guy who would beat on her?

1814 days ago


I think people should leave her son's name out of this. He is TWO years old. That is sick and disgusting to even bring up his name. Do you know a**hole that his name is a FAMILY NAME????? Dalene is human and has made her share of mistakes however,those mistakes does NOT mean she should have gone through what she did. If you don't like her those are your issues but as many people have said on here, regardless of who she is or what she represents to you, she did not and does not deserve these attacks. Attack the issue, not the person.

1814 days ago


All these negative and mean comments are harmful and so hurtful to the people involved. No one deserves to be beaten and you should never bring an innocent child's name into this. Why not focus on comments that are helpful and encouraging to her and her loved ones. Send prayers of healing and for them to be able to move on with their lives.

1814 days ago


I pray that they are both healed. Mentally and physically. And Liz while I understand you want to defend your friend, not everyone who doesn't buy her story is "Daren". There are two sides to every story. Although a man should never beat a woman, you should wait to hear all of the facts..not just according to Dalene..before you start spewing your crap about her ex.

1814 days ago

Candy Winks    

OMG!!!!!!! Dalene Kurtis is so HOT!!!!! Love her forever!


1814 days ago

Candy Winks    

I'm so close to Dalene and she is a amazing person. I'm her biggest fan for life! keep your head up girl. He was UGLY anyways. So gross. And a big time abuser. Been there done that with him. He will get his one day.

Love You,

1814 days ago

Candy Winks    

Your the BEST! Don't let these Rich F*ck's try to pay you off. Piss on them and there money. They only care about them selfs. I bet he will think twice about heating another girl ever again. Junkie!
The one and only ALLY B.

1814 days ago

Candy Winks    

what's going on with all this Domestic Violence. We really need to worry about these poor girls!

1812 days ago

Candy Winks    

I love Dalene. She is a great person with a great and giving heart. When she is scared than she really is scared. I love her and have know her since I was a little girl. Im not much older know but she is family to me. I love you Dalene and stay strong like you always have been. We are all here for you always.
Love ya,

1812 days ago


Well at least now the girl she beat up in Miami knows who to sue.

1810 days ago

Candy Winks    

Well at least now the victim of domestic violence which was Dalene Kurtis can sue here ex-boyfriend James Daren Metropoulos for abuse and threats of death. She has lots of proof on lots of stuff regarding her case with Mr. Metropoulos. And I know this is not her goal to sue him but to get a restraining order which she has already been granted. And friends like me who have seen it first hand and will be there for her in whatever decision she does decide to make.

Regarding the girl in miami she could and should sue Mr. James Daren Metropoulos for throwing the drink in here face and causing massive problems that evening. This is very typical how abusive people behave on a daily bases. And one who is also on some sort of illegal substance.
This is not a joking matter and if you look at all the cases in domestic violence issues its really hard for someone to continue to focus on something that has nothing to do with what took place the night of her attack. She could have ended up died like most domestic violence cases do in this world.
It doesn't matter what anybody says or thinks. But what does matter is what took place that night. I feel very bad for all these sick people who have no clue what really took place that night and for months and months of attacks before the one that ended up with here taking the biggest step of her life to get help and not be bullied and manipulated anymore. Most women are so very scared and start to think this is a normal behavior from someone they love so much. This is so very sad.
I'm very happy that she took the right steps to get help and have this not happen to his next girlfriend. I would hope he feels horrible what he did to her. And I know for a fact that Daren knows what Im talking about. have a heart and man up to this. You and all your friends should feel the same and not have so much hate in your hearts and minds and think about "what if this was your sister, mother, any close friend or etc."
Dalene is a sweet person with a great heart and I pray and now God with vindicate through this ruff time for her and her family.
God please help and show Daren that this is not good and to please seek help for this very horrible behavior.

1810 days ago

Candy Winks    

Who is the guy who beat of Dalene Kurtis ?????? Why haven't we heard who was the man we beat her up. What's happening with her case??? Please respond to this TMZ.

1809 days ago


No charges filed. Looks like Dalene's story didn't exactly turn out to be true. Shocker

1803 days ago


Update: Daren Metropoulos was never charged as Dalene Kurtis’s claims turned out to be false. Insiders have revealed that she had been trying to extort money from Mr. Metropoulos including demanding half of the house that he purchased next to the Playboy Mansion. When Daren Metropoulos tried to break up with her she attacked him and then called the police and said he beat her but the subsequent investigation turned up no evidence to support the nude model’s story.

1803 days ago
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