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Jackson's Auction Property Still in Limbo

9/2/2009 7:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The auction items Michael Jackson fought to have returned to him before he died are still not in his estate's possession ... and it's all because MJ's former manager won't let the auction house give the stuff back.

Jackson's Auction Property Still in Limbo

The drama began back in May, when Julien's Auction House filed documents saying they couldn't return the property to Michael because someone else was trying to claim it too: Dr. Tohme Tohme.

In new documents filed by Julien's, they say Dr. Tohme² still hasn't signed release papers for the property -- which is the final step in returning Michael's stuff to its rightful owner.

We spoke to Jerry Hawxhurst -- a lawyer for Julien's -- who said Tohme has had the papers for nearly a month. Jerry said if Tohme doesn't sign the papers within the next few weeks, he'll have to take MJ's estate and Tohme to court.

Jerry said this would be "completely unnecessary" and a waste of time and money.


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mrez golucky    


1815 days ago



1815 days ago


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1815 days ago


I only want the "pied piper" drawing. Keep the auction!

1815 days ago


Is there something "fishy" about Tohme? Why won't he sign the papers?

1815 days ago


Geesh! Not another friggin' lawsuit!

"Jerry said this would be 'completely unnecessary' and a waste of time and money."

And Jerry would be right.

All together now: Tohme x 2 = Creepy, Sleazy Weirdo

Why in the world did Jermaine introduce Michael to this scary, incompetent dude? He's the one the LAPD should be focusing on next in their joke of an investigation.

1815 days ago


This Tohme Tohme seems to be a very dangerous and disloyal person. I don't know, but I have a hunch that he took advantages of being MJ's friend and counselor. I think that he had something like a bad influence on MJ, forcing him to take bad decisions.
I am afraid of this man. He should be investigated.

1815 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

First, everyone remember how Tohme Tohme came to Michael's inner circle. Jermaine. If you think he wasn't still close to Jermaine at the time of Michael's death, rewatch the video of Jermaine's annoucement at UCLA.

So, he gave back $5.5 million to Team Branca. Likely because it had been announced Team Branca hired a forensic accountant.

It is brilliant to whoever leaked this to the public. Once it goes viral,the public outcry will bend against Tohme (not that it was in his favor at anytime).

Question for TMZ - What is the status of the "theft" of Michael's items from the Vegas storage unit? Who has Michael's unreleased songs? Were they stolen from that storage unit (still wondering why they would have been there) or did La Toya (as reported elsewhere) take them when she cleaned out Michael's Holmby Hills home?

1815 days ago


WHAT is with the Tohme person?
Didn't he threaten the auction house
with physical action?
Isn't he a friend of Germs?
Michael was scared of him....!

1815 days ago

By the time they arrest Murray, he would be already be dead from old age.

1815 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    


1815 days ago


Michael didn't trust this guy - fired him and hired Frank DiLeo. Listen to taped phone conversation to MJ's spiritual advisor on Geraldo last weekend. CREEPY!

1815 days ago

danger baby    

How can a doctor shoot up his patient with an insane amount of drugs and kill him, and NOT get arrested? Yes, it's nicer to call this 'medical malpractice' than murder, but the end result is the same: death! The LAPD has had enough time to interview every resident in LA by now. Get on with it.

1815 days ago


By the time all of the Machiavellian drama, objections, lies, obstructions, manipulations, etc., etc. is over, the KIDS will be dead from old age.

1815 days ago


la la la laaaaaa.....You say Toe-may, I saw Tah-may, let's call the whole thing la la laaaaaaaaa.......jeah yeah...jeah yeah...jeay yeah...chuh-mon-uh!

1815 days ago
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