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Joe Francis -- Coaching the Witness

9/3/2009 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis is sticking to his story about his brawl with Brody Jenner -- and he's already taking steps to make sure the key witness is on the same page as him.

Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson

TMZ has obtained a text message from Joe to Abbey Wilson -- his ex-girlfriend who triggered the melee -- sent just hours after the incident.

The text was sent August 28 at 1:11 PM -- the incident happened in the early hours of that same day. Joe wrote:

"Your statement is the truth. That jade threw a drink on me when I was talking to you and I reached around to tap on her shoulder to see who it was. Brody then grabed [sic] my shirt and ripped it partialy [sic] off. I curled up in a ball and covered my face. Joe never touched anyone!!!!!!! Most important!!!!!"


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Elissa Branson    

Stupid gold-digger....guess Joe showed her--what a little lying tramp!!!

1819 days ago

Elissa Branson    

Guess the security footage will show what REALLY happened!! And stupid girl for lying to the press...doesn't she know the truth will surface eventually?!?! Guess she does now!!!!!

1819 days ago

Elissa Branson    

Jesus, I am soo sick of this story already! It is blatantly obvious that she just wants the press....dumb whore!!!!

1819 days ago

Elissa Branson    

If Joe did anything the cops would have a case against him--this is old news, and it means JAYDE is a lying slut who wants attention from the press....oh yeah, that ABBEY girl is too!!! Them two deserve each digging bitches who just want the men they are (were) with for their money and fame!!!!! Lying to the press is a big no no Abbey!!! Bad girl!

1819 days ago

Elissa Branson    

Stupid bitch just wants the attention....have you ever heard of telling the REAL truth (including ALL the information) editing stuff so that it says what you want it to is a dumb move, stupid blonde!! Hopefully that's a crime....and SHE'LL get reprimanded for it!!!!!

1819 days ago


Nice, what a D-bag!

1819 days ago


Dont know who they are. Dont care

1819 days ago


He refers to himself in the third person ("Joe never touched anyone")?

Creepy freak.

1819 days ago


Posters from this point on need to see the next TMZ post in this series, because it sheds a lot of light on this one.

I know a lot of you despise Francis, in many ways I do too. But he's not much different from "legit" businessmen in that he takes advantage of the weak. There are plenty of young dumb hos willing to flip their shirts up, strip naked, and fake having sex with other girls FOR NOTHING. Dumb dumb dumb. And they'll lie about their ages if they aren't yet 18. If these girls were a tiny bit smarter and said "PAY ME", Francis wouldn't be perceived as a pedophile (which he isn't anyway), he'd be more like a mainstream soft porn producer. It's not his fault that there are so many young dumb hos.

1819 days ago

Kemi at Impaired Stars Canada    

The Jayde Nicole that I know is 100% a lady. Joe Francis has to be a thug. This is not one of your "Girls going wild." You messed with a fine lady! Watch my video when I asked Brody about Jayde. That couple is the FINEST.

1819 days ago


FAKE TEXT ALERT! Joe Francis is all over this text. He called TMZ and forwarded a copy. The text says "Joe didn't touch anyone!" Wow, I didn't know it was a texting trend to refer to oneself in the THIRD PERSON. Stop being such a hot ass and hit on chicks who want you--begging isn't cute!

1819 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

I'd do him.

1819 days ago


Kemi, would a "fine lady" throw her drink on a guy just because the guy is talking to his ex-girlfriend? Would a "fine lady" spread her legs for millions of men? Would a "fine lady" freeze her face with Botox and blow up her lips with injectibles? (Hmmm, maybe so on that 3rd one, but at her young age it makes her look like a desperate cougar.)

We're not buying it, sorry. But good job promoting your web site. :)

1819 days ago


I think I'd rather go down for kicking someone's azz then curling up in a ball and covering my face - especially if my opponent was Brody Jenner....geez

1819 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

This guy is a sleaze. He deserves jail for so many things but I'll take this, if it's all I can get.

1818 days ago
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