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Courtney Love -- Guitar Hero 'Raped' Kurt's Image

9/10/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love Courtney Love is on the warpath -- threatening to "sue the s**t" out of the people behind Guitar Hero after she saw Kurt Cobain's image in the video game.

Cobain's widow just unleashed a serious Twitter attack on Activision -- the game developer -- saying they never got her permission to use Kurt's image ... and she wouldn't have given it to them if they had asked. Here's a sample:

"not in twenty JILLION years would i EVER have allowed this and this islethal."

"we get NO money for this, travesty, Frances gets NO money for the rape."

Love is no stranger to lawsuits ... we'll let you know when she takes this thing to court.

UPDATE: Activision released the following statement:
"Guitar Hero secured the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Courtney Love to use Kurt Cobain's likeness as a fully playable character in Guitar Hero® 5."


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Is she kidding? His reputation was lost when he put the gun to his head. Leave it alone and let people enjoy Guitar Hero. It's not a tribute to him, it is a tribute to rock and roll. Had he been smart enough to stay alive he would have seen that!!!!

1866 days ago


For someone who looks wasted 99.9 % of the time, I'm surprised she could remember her daughters name let alone any contract she might have signed

1866 days ago


I just went to the link provided by the previous post and shows it on youtube. It is very creepy and he is singing a Bon Jovi song. Wow. He looks dead in the game. As for C. Love, she probably did sign something. Thanks for providing the link, it is horrible.

1866 days ago


did she already run out of the cash from auctioning off his stuff? sad.... and the trailer for Kurt's avatar has been out for quite sometime, seems a bit convienent that she would wait until after the game's release to raise hell about it. i read awhile back to that this was the first time a game was able to get the liscence for Smells Like Teen Spirit (not to mention the unreleased live version of Lithium) if she didn't sign over the rights, then who did? and as for the "rape" of his image, i think that she pretty much covered that when she started whoring out Nirvana's music years ago, not to mention its just pathetic that she claims to be doing it so Francis will get money from it. i'm sure that the girl could care less about the money, she probably just misses her father. Courtney Love is pathetic, that's all i have to say about that

1866 days ago

Lee Ann    

That's awesome, I like her mood swings and craziness! and if she gets some cash and airtime, so be it!
If they put your mom's face on the porn cover of "dirty and kinky mature ladies" wouldn't you be saying...hey,hmmm I know that we can't recall all those boxescovers, so how about a slice of the pie...duh!

1866 days ago


The idiot did sign the contract. Must have been too high to remember.

I will never forget that Kurt had been reported "missing" by her, then his body is found in the apartment/studio he used (probably to get away from her) right on the estate. I will always suspect her.

1866 days ago


Since when does Courtney Love even remember what she did or didn't do yesterday?

1866 days ago


The question earlier by a member of the paparazzi do fans think she killed Kurt. Well no one gets to know for sure what happend. I have read the books and alot of the speculation she certainly does not get spouse of the year award. He was so talented and if she did do it her life is worse then any punishment are judicial system could hand down. She is serving her penance for something she has done.

1866 days ago


you're retarded michelle. would you say van gogh's "reputation was lost" because he killed himself? i bet your twelve and love miley cyrus and if she killed herself you'd be crying your eyes out. pathetic.

1866 days ago


47. Since when does Courtney Love even remember what she did or didn't do yesterday?

Posted at 8:52PM on Sep 10th 2009 by Raejean

LOL, exactly! I used to think she was kinda cool, but now....she just creeps me out really bad.

1866 days ago

The Seer    

If I remember correctly, didn't Love have some kind of money scandal drama in the last year where she was claiming someone ripped her off for huge sums of money? Then she remembered she forgot she didn't lose the money?

The woman is checked-out. As in wack. She should be used in public service announcements to dissuade children from taking hard drugs.

If anyone has raped the Cobain legacy and estate, it's Love herself. Chick needs to get a clue. Just hope poor Frances is rebellious and grows up to be nothing like her mother.

1866 days ago

California Justise    

Which is worse, "Raping his image" or causing his death Courtney?? Well I guess no benefit to her in the "raping of his image"

1866 days ago


oh courtney, get over it and find your next fix....loser

1866 days ago


If she had anything to do with this video game, Dave Grohl, anyone who had a hand in this video game, sucks ass.

1866 days ago


Put the meth and twitter down, Courtney!

1866 days ago
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