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Kendra Shows Off the Twins, Baby Bump

9/10/2009 2:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson's unborn baby is doing what no doctor ever could ... make her breasts bigger naturally.

The even more buxom 24-year-old "Girls Next Door" star revealed her maternal curves at her baby shower in L.A. yesterday.

While it may not have been an immaculate conception, Kendra is due on Christmas Day.


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Jus goes to show ya, younger guys or guys ur own age! You hop an old man's totem pole, get all over that wrinkly body & damn, it must be more catchy & contagious than herpes coz somehow it ends up aging you 2! She looks at LEAST 30...granted her boobs maybe 4 or 5 years old, but damn...all them "playboy" girlz...all need botox by 26, face lift & lipo at 35, & some leather polish by 40 for their wrinkly skin.

Shame...she's a pretty girl who chose a skanky life...let's hope she's wantin' to fix it up being married & pregnant & all. She should start by coverin' up! We've ALL seen yo bits & pieces, Kendra! Time to put it away! At least have some respect for your husband & baby!

And no...I ain't "hatin"...I've got nutin' to hate on...I know who I am & and I know what I got, know the difference between right & wrong, & I speak the TRUTH.

1846 days ago


GOT SILICONE? why doesn't she spead her legs for the centerfold of slutty moms magazine! Just hope the kid(s) do not grow up and follow in her bunny paws! just gross!

1846 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Kendra is looking great as always!

1846 days ago


Those are nice and ripe.....I want to hold them!!!!

1846 days ago

dr fred    

this skank slept w/an old man for $$$$$$$
has huge fake boobs ,fake hair, parties are a priority
her life is all about lazy luxury...& she has ZERO class or intelligence..this girl has no resposibilbilty & respect for the world...she just wants the easy life & popping out a kid is another way to cash in

& she smells,she has terrible hygiene habbits & is dirty & lives in filth

1846 days ago

dr fred    

buck tooth horse face....some day HANK will wake up & realize he reproduced with this whore, dirty pig, slob,sloppy skank, no class,no education, can't do anything but party,drink shop , travel,,she cannot even grocery shop without disrespecting the handicap she is a worthless skank

gross ,she looks like crap besides...for someone that gets things due to appearance she looks like a stupid cheap whore,,she looks cheap fake tacky low class

1846 days ago

dr fred    

this is the only picture I have ever seen when she is not bent over, shaking her ass ,drinking & cussing. but she still looks trashy..

please cover up the ridiculous boobs & beer belly Kendra.
she has no class, no brain is not funny, just obnoxious.

she has a buck tooth horse face bleached hair extensions & nasty fake boobs ,, they look awful..
she did an old guy for his $$$$, I use to think playboy women were pretty but not fake plastic, low class very few turn oout to be productive decent citizens ,,most get fat wrinkled & go broke for living beyond their means..will be intereting to see how this turns out

1846 days ago


I can't believe she left Heft. What about love, commitment, duty, obligation.

1844 days ago


a whore bringing a possible whore into the world wow ..........lets have a toast

1843 days ago


i didnt know she was pregnant yea im happy for ya kendra.

1842 days ago
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