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Tila Tequila -- Cruisin' with a Bruisin'

9/11/2009 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tila Tequila made her first appearance out in public since her alleged attack by Shawne Merriman -- and was sporting some serious bruises!

Tila Tequila: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Tequila met with investigators from the San Diego District Attorney yesterday to discuss the altercation, where she alleges the Chargers star "choked and physically restrained" her last weekend.

Merriman claims Tila was drunk and he was simply trying to "encourage her to stay until safe transportation could be provided."

When asked yesterday by paps if she'll forgive Shawne, Tila replied "I don't know."

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I don't know about any of you, but in that video I didn't see any bruises on her NECK. Since the main allegation is that Shawne choked her, bruises on her arm don't prove anything.

And those bruises don't rule out the other story emerging: that Tila was drunk as a skunk, freaked out that Shawne wanted 2 other chicks and only asked her to join after she barged in, stripped naked, and started making threats, falling down, and attempting to run out of the house. I bet everyone knows someone who drank too much, did some stupid crap that injured themselves and woke up the next morning with bumps and bruises. I know I've done that before in my younger days and saw it too at parties.

But yeah, cops and paramedics at the house reported no injuries however 4 days later she shows up with battered arms. Who knows where they actually came from, she might have heard everyone make that point in the last few days and decided to make it look worse than it is for the cameras.

1835 days ago


According to US Today the DA meeting never took place and a spokesperson in the San Diego DA office confirmed this


1835 days ago


The reason y everyone rallied around rhianna is because there was no denyin what she endured... She was beaten bloody and bit and there was no denying this... Rhianna is alot bigger than tila... Chris Brown is much, much, much smaller than Shawne Merriman. Anyone with half a brain will realize that if someone as big as shawne physically assaulted somenone as small as Tila the damage would be very apparent. Way more apparent than say Rhianna's bruises... Think about it and besides as pointed out earlier... Where are the neck marks, and blackeyes and all the other marks that would be associated with those attacks... HMMM... Think about it people... Women stop running to her aide and sayin shawne needs to be shot... Cause you will be swallowing your words when all the details are released... You people are so dumb... Just look at the facts and not the media reports!!!

1835 days ago

Fairly Clear    

Things must be a little slow for Teq in the old VH-1 reality show biz these days my guess is this is a way for here to continue on with her imitation lifestyle. It was either to trap a jock or check into the Dr. Drew's Celeb Rehab, she wouldn't make the cut on the Celeb Fatty show, the chics are much too fine for her to even get a glance on I Want To Marry A Millionaire. I know a female UPS driver who's thought she was cute as hell which just might work since I thought that's the strapon side of the plate she hit from anyway.

1835 days ago


I would bet anything that ms tila had sum 1 make those bruises on her arms, if she had been hurt after the altercation scans and other xray type imaging could easily show the hematomas under her skin in the arm and neck area BUT THEY DID NOT! REMEMBER TILA SWORE UP AND DOWN THAT WILL FROM THE BLACK EYED PEAS DID NOT HIT PEREZ???? JUST ONE OF MANY LIES THAT THIS SICK LITTLE GIRL HAS TOLD! She is right tho the truth will come out and when it does i hope once and for all she goes back to thiland or where ever she came from, oh yea and by the way did anyone see her on her tour that started in the beginning of September? or hear of her 2 billion dollar deal she made in august? LIES LIES LIES, PIG- WHORE- SLUT- GO BACK TO WHERE YOUR FROM!

1835 days ago


Good to see she's wearing a top that shows CLEARLY how she's added makeup to enhance those 'terrible' bruises. Those don't look anything at all like a bruise to me...IMO.

1835 days ago


How can people be behind him? Saying he should stay away from skanks. He is obviously an abuser who women should stay away from. Not the other way around. I find people's attitudes that just because a woman has a bad rep she deserves to have this happen to her. This kind of thing should never happen, and people should not make a joke about it. She was probably a tease but it's her choice when it comes down to the actual act. He obviosly could not take the rejection. He's pathetic and the people who are supporting him in this disgraceful event are just as low if not lower.... Stupid pigs. Girls should look at this situation and learn that being a whore is not the safest route. Our actions do have consequences. Be safe.

1835 days ago



1835 days ago


Those bruises are faker then my weave. Remmeber this Chick likes SM and has videos of her with whips and stuff. So creating bruises so quick is easy. Allergy to drinking. HA HA HA I watched her show on MTV. A Shot of Love? She was always drinking. A good Da will toss this or have her arrested for false charges.

1835 days ago

Lippy Loo    

What is it with these dog murdering, wife beating, girlfriend beating, drunks, druggies, and roid users? It must be a pre-requisite to be a football player.

1835 days ago


If you notice it's only a few negative comments on here about Merriman? I wish Tila would stop posting sh*t lol. Get a life little girl. And its ironic how TMZ wont admit that there was NEVER a meeting with the DA, but they still continue to post articles and videos in HER favor. I think Harvey Levin is bangin the little troll. What do you guys thiink? lol

1835 days ago

When will they learn?    

Hopefully she remembers that the police reported no signs of abuse and that she went to the hospital afterwards. Plus, she said he choked her so she would have bruising on the neck and not her arms. A little FYI to all men, please stay away from train wreck women like this because they will only ruin your life. I hope this girl gets the mental help she so desperately needs.

1835 days ago


ZRGB... No one is saying she deserved it... at least no one who matters cause no women deserve this... Unless they are truly trying to hurt someone... But the point is there is no proof that anything happened... There are witnesses that discredit every single accusation she has thrown out. Including how drunk she was (she says she is allergic to alcohol, yea right), and that she had no injuries when the cops showed up or when she went to the hospital. Plus not to mention she straight up lied about going to speak with the DA... Y would someone do that if they were truly assaulted. It got nothing to do with whether or not she deserved it but rather or not it actually happened!

1835 days ago


She made those bruises on herself 2 days before so it'll look like Shawne Merriman did it. IT'S FAKE!!!

1835 days ago



1835 days ago
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