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Jessica Simpson --

Coyote Took My Doggy

9/15/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dog Nick Lachey gave Jessica Simpson as a sign of their once undying love may have met a violent and tragic demise.

Jessica Simpson -- Coyote Took My Doggy

Daisy, Jessica's beloved "carmel colored" Malti-Poo, was snatched right in front of her eyes by a coyote last night.

Jessica has posted a missing dog sign on her Twitter page along with the following message:

My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!

It doesn't look good....

Jessica Simpson And Daisy


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:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Where was she when this happened? What State? Here in Maryland we have coyotes but they never come close to the house when we're outside. Just wondering if anyone knows.

That dog has been consumed for sure. Poor thing.

1808 days ago


Wow, that's horrible! I can't imagine watching a coyote snatching up one of my pets. Poor Jessica and poor Daisy!

1808 days ago


I am shocked at all the people on here that are so jealous of Jessica's beauty and fame that they pick on her and say cruel things about something so horrible that happened to her. Make sure you post when something you love or god forbid one of your parents or children are killed in a tragic accident so I can make fun of you and tell you that you deserved it for being such a jealous piece of sh*t. You people must have pretty crappy lives.

1808 days ago


28. she prolly thinks that if the coyote sees the missing signs its gonna bring the dog back. DUH!!!!!! if she seen it take the lil dog its obviously gonna not comming back

Posted at 10:12AM on Sep 15th 2009 by KT

29. To #26, but the whole reason she is getting bashed is because she posted "Missing" signs everywhere when she knew that the dog had been taken by coyotes. Like coyotes can read or something.

Posted at 10:19AM on Sep 15th 2009 by Ranish

Read more:

Hahahahahaha!! Had a mental picture of the coyote coming back with the dog in it's mouth, maybe giving an interview & saying "How Sorry.." it was for TMZ!!! L

1808 days ago


Wait, where was she that a coyote took her dog? and why did she stand back and let it happen. If they have a coyote problem any smart person would not let their pet run loose. I agree with #27, it’s a media stunt. They crave attention. She just want’s everyone to feel sorry for her. Wait and see. The dog will pop up somewhere, Ken’s probably has it.

1808 days ago


for anyone who loves his/her animal this can be devestating to an owner. especially watching it happen. this is similiar to some people if not worse than losing a close family member. for Jessica I am so sorry about your loss...i love my pets dearly and almost everyday I think of what life would be without them

1808 days ago


MESSAGE TO JESSICA: If a coyote did take your dog and kill it, it didn't suffer much, it may have been scared and had time to get confused about what was going on, but coyotes are not mean, they are wild, smart and effective; it would have been quick and purposeful. There are a lot of dog owners who put their pets through far more uncomfortable and sustained problems. Be glad it wasn't another dog or a neighborhood kid that did it.

1808 days ago


#15 you are a cruel and despicable human being. You probably think you are funny but you're not, you're sick. Anyone who would think nothing of watching innocent animals maul each other and cause extreme pain has no heart nor a conscience. Grow up

1808 days ago


Look guys, I am sorry if her dog got killed. No one likes to see a poor defenseless animal get hurt. But really, do you ask for help on Twitter?

1808 days ago


This is horrible. I wish I could help. I don't understand the mean comments...she is trying to do whatever she can hoping someone might come across her dog. I'm holding out hope someone will too...

1808 days ago


oh my god. this is horrible.

1808 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

At least it wasnt a WOLVERINE that took the dog - those things are vicious and make their prey suffer. Coyotes kill quickly then peel away the fur and consume the meat before it spoils. Sometimes they bite off the legs and save the rest for a midnight snack.

Jessica can stop by and pick up a new mutt from Paris Hilton - she has a fully stocked inventory.

WOLVERINES!!!!! RIP Patrick Swayze.

1808 days ago



1808 days ago


I don't really see why she's bothering with missing posters. If a wild animal came up and snatched it the dog is dead.

1808 days ago


@#24 & 27 "LeighAnne" You sound like a real unhappy person that has no joy in her life or heart! All you can do is trash people!
Time to grow up! You sound like you are probably a homley fat chick that is obviously jealous of Jessica's pretty face and hot body! Time to hit the gym lard-azz!!!!!!!!

So sorry to hear about her poor dog!

1808 days ago
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