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Jackson Estate

Sued Over 'Herpes Cure'

9/18/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael_jackson_getty_52619757_ex-1A man is suing Michael Jackson's estate, claiming the singer is responsible for the theft of his herpes cure.

Erle Bonner
claims Jackson gave his formulas for "herpes cure, acne cures and arthritis cures" to a guy named Kevin Trudeau, also a defendant, who allegedly pilfered them.

Bonner also claims ..."someone from the Jackson family came by my house and shot a 22 pistol in the air. They turned around in a neighbor's driveway and drove away."

Bonner also claims in his suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court ... Jackson stole nine copyrights and the idea for an automobile insurance policy that "would revolutionize insurance for cars in America."

There's more, but you get the point.


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lovely H    

I ask myself slowly indeed who here everybody incredibly and is bad ?

1839 days ago

lovely H    

I ask myself slowly inded who here everybody incredibly and is bad?

1838 days ago

peace and freedom for our children..    

yeah for sure. michael jackson wanted to kill himself. thats why he asked friend to help because he was scared to get poisoned..and how can you bring him together with hitler in one picture hey medias wake up the here in the world are not only a mass of sheeps running around you work would be to report why the morder is not taken in jail by the la police..??? and why they dont do there work to listen to people that wanna speak with them about this is a this the new world order ...??? thanks a lot...make for what journalisms get payed find out bring infromatins in the world and not lies....!! poor humanity...

1856 days ago

liberty rodriguez    

We call for Michael¹s vindication by MAINSTREAM MEDIA. MJ was acquitted by a jury in 2005. Not good enough. For his children¹s sake, mainstream media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel mainstream media to publicly admit it wrongly accused MJ of despicable crimes. Many people still believe MJ was guilty. They were influenced to believe the allegations by a biased MAINSTREAM MEDIA. No links allowed here so search at Yahoo Groups for "vindication better than tributes."

1856 days ago



1868 days ago


What's "There's coming out of the woodwork?"

Grammer check?

1868 days ago



1868 days ago


wtff ... ! herpes cure ! ? these ppl are $$$ hungry tigers ! stop leeching off of Mj's grave idiots !

1868 days ago

Viva Swag    

Poor MJ, he can't even rest in peace. Things people will do for money gosh!!

1868 days ago


Just a guess, but could this possibly be a publicity stunt by Trudeau?

1868 days ago

Over It Already    

MJ's Estate is going to get sued for anything you can imagine now -- 'cure for Herpes', 'how to successfully give a cat a bath', charging every American citizen for their Internet usage'... you name it.... where there are $'s, there are bottom-feeders. How sad. The Jackson Family will spend more on legal fees in the next five years, then Michael Jackson spent on Propofol.

1868 days ago

Morty M    

We are now seeing very clearly to what extent Michael was hounded, and tortured mentally. These seem to be ridiculous claims. How does a person stop this craziness...Oh yeah...spending your time fighting these allegations in court...Will this ever end ????

1868 days ago


Kevin Trudeau is the guy from the Cures "They" DOn't Want You to Know About"

1868 days ago


Damn crackheads. This person sounds insane.

1868 days ago


Amazing, those bottom feeding, blood sucking attorneys are on a feeding frenzy on the Michael Jackson Gravy Train!


1868 days ago
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