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Jessica's Doggy Help -- Calling Off the Search

9/18/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the group of experts aiding Jessica Simpson in the quest for her lost dog is officially calling off their search.

Jessica Simpson and Daisy

Sources close to the situation tell us Simpson and the people have exhausted every possible resource to find Jessica's precious Daisy -- last spotted in the grasp of a wild coyote.

We're told Simpson's camp used tracking dogs, scoured neighborhoods, put up posters, power-dialed neighbors and did everything else they could to find a clue ... but came up short.

Jessica Simpson And DaisyWe're even told a pet psychic offered to help, but we're not sure if Jessica actually accepted the supernatural offer.

Jessica still has hope ... but that hope seems to be fading pretty quickly.


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Obviously, SOME of you are NOT animal loving people. Give me a break...this little dog was carried away by a wild animal. I would've done the same thing!!! I feel for Jessica and totally understand!!! An animal is like part of your family!

1798 days ago

The Dude    

Sorry Jess, Known people who have lost thier dogs this way. Your dog was in pieces and half digested before you cpould call anyone. A Coyote pack would have that dog quartered and divided in 5 min.

It's too bad we have humane societies, under legal conditions the coyote can be killed but not harmed or injured.

The problem here is lack of allowing natural selection to take place.

When we just "kill" the animal, it dies and carries no warning to others about man, thus the next predator in line will make the same mistake and have to be "Killed".

Now If your going to just "kill" the coyote, really the corpse should urinated on and be place around where the coyotes are. They will smell the "man" mark, see the dead counterpart, and thus get the picture that mingling with man in dangerous.

Really what should be done to the coyote is a great thrashing, when it returns to the pack with man smell and looking really jacked up, the rest of the pack will get the message and fewer animals will have to be "killed"

This is why animals have been scared sh*tless about man for thousands of years. In the past 20 years, animals are now starting to loose thier fear of man and are enroaching. We don't hunt or retaliate anymore......

1798 days ago


Feel really, really bad for Daisy. Jessica....not so much. Daisy shouldn't have been where a coyote could get to her in the first place. Shame on Jessica.

1798 days ago


hmmm....for all of us "lame-O's"....I guess it's a good thing Jessica's parents weren't babysitting for Bronx. It could have just as easily been a small child that was carried off by a coyote. Pay attention Ashlee!

1798 days ago

Trooper Tom    

The TMZ vid of that dog licking her mouth made me wanna throw up, that dog had probably licked its own ass and what ever else it had found and there was this stupid assed woman letting the dog lick her mouth. This idiot is way beyond stupid so any one who thinks about kissing her mouth remember the dog was there first

1798 days ago

I feel her pain    

I just lost my dog 3 days ago. I came home and found him passed away on the floor. So I know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet when they are like your children. I would have done ANYTHING if I thought there was even a small chance of being able to save my dog. If you don't have a pet that you love that much, you could never understand that.

I know she'll never read this but, Jessica, I am so sorry that you lost your beloved Daisy. Get all of your tears out--don't hold back. Only then can you begin the healing process. I wish you the best and that you can gain some peace in all of this knowing that you did everything you could.

1798 days ago


I had my 3 week old Husky taken by a coyote in daylight (11 a.m.) in my backyard. I came to give my dog some water since it was hot outside and at the end of my yard I witnessed a coyote holding my puppy by the neck in it's mouth. I am still haunted until today about that image (and it's been over 8 years). I was to traumatized to go in my backyard...we just sold our house. It is very disturbing to see such an image, especially when it is your pet.

1797 days ago

same same same    

Poor Daisy, Poor Jessica, Don't be so mean PEOPLE!

1797 days ago


Does any one of you know what a coyote does after it snatches a dog? It usually does not go far, and when searching for your beloved dog you will find it does not consume its rear quarter, paws, and head. If not for any other reason I would think that finding some kind of remains would at least give Jessica closure. Now for the TMZ comment it must have been a rural place the dog was taken… what separates the San Fernando Valley? The Santa Monica Mountains! And what might live in these mountains that prey on peoples pets besides the California Cougar, bobcats, raccoons the great owl and hawks? Coyotes! So I guess Studio City, Brentwood, Encino, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Tarzana, Malibu, Woodland Hills, Calabasas are rural areas in Los Angeles. You really need to smarten up before you open your mouths on TV!

1797 days ago


Nick should get her another one...

Maybe a bigger dog like a lab or cute pit bull...

1796 days ago


If you cant take care of an animal and keep safe you dont deserve to have one you f------ jerk

1796 days ago
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