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Plaxico Burress -- Smells Like Fishkill

9/22/2009 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned where Plaxico Burress is expected to serve part of his 2-year prison sentence -- a place more than 100 years old.

Plaxico is currently in the Manhattan Detention Complex, but Plaxcico's lawyer, Ben Brafman, tells us Plax is expected to be shipped to the famous Rikers Island correctional facility and then quickly moved to the Fishkill Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

We're told Plaxico will spend a total of 4-6 weeks going through the Rikers and Fishkill systems -- while authorities determine where Plaxico will spend the bulk of his sentence.

FYI -- Fishkill, which was constructed in 1896, was originally used as a hospital for the criminally insane.

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the truth hurts huh    

5. FYI -- Fishkill NY is NOT UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!! Fishkill is about 30 mins from upper Westchester County. Its in Dutchess County, north of Putnam County.

Posted at 11:41AM on Sep 22nd 2009 by The Katster

That is considered "Upstate" - from Manhattan. Albany or Buffalo, it ain't ..... but people do refer to the counties just north of Manhattan Island as "Upstate NY."

1803 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

The guy shoot himself and ends up in jail. America is the worse place to be if you're a guy.

1803 days ago


This is a bunch of hooey!! 2 yrs MANDATORY for a gun charge..and frickin' Stallworth KILLS someone DRUNK and gets a slap on the butte, a kiss and dinner with the DA....

1803 days ago

Linda Mott    

Vicks is a dog murderer and Brown is a woman beater. I think they were to hard on him for shooting himself. Give him a break.

1803 days ago


In NYC you will do hard time for carrying an unlicensed gun. This law was put into place to stop the craziness of 30 years ago when 2,000 people per year were being killed in NYC. There are no exceptions. Period. If Plax was worried about his safety he should have hired bodyguards. He could easily afford it.

1803 days ago


Actually in NYC they wouldn't even care if you shot yourself with an illegal gun. It's just that Plaxico shot himself and he's a star so the hospital alerted police and media then he got busted.

Most of us in the Bronx carry illegal arms all the time to clubs... ain't get caught.... it's all about respect...

Plax he is just the mascot who representing the bloomies gun control laws...

Stallworth lol kills someone drunk and driving... it's okay to kill someone drunk but you shoot yourself ... you a moron so do not pass go... go directly to jail ...

Stay safe Plax you be out soon...

1803 days ago


I give him one week before he puts a blanket up around his bunk to make a "jack shack" and he'll be smuggling tabs of butter back to his "jack shack" and he'll be doing this while his cellmate his trying to make conversation. ENJOY YOURSELF JACKSOCO!

1803 days ago


I just want to let everybody know that Plex is not going to Fishkill Corr. I know because I work there he is going to Downstate Corr. Fishkill Corr. is in Beacon NY and Downstate is in the Town of Fishkill also Downstate Corr. is a reception center so that is why he will go there. Oh by the way the picture is not Downstate its Fishkill so the article is wrong again.

1803 days ago


15. To #11...You dumb ass michael vick wasnt personally killing dogs he was financing it. They were just dogs who really cares? and you dumb ass he got 24 months not 20 months
Attention retard (like the insult?) the law holds him as responsible in the deaths of the dogs as if he killed them himself...and I have read where he was actually involved as well. Also -retard- the amount of months I listed are the actual number of months Vick served and that Burress is "expected" to serve.

Now go dig through your pants and find the balls you borrow when you want to be a tough guy on the internet and call people names. Don't use them for too long though as it is obvious you are not used to having them.

Bye for now retard.

1803 days ago


Sorry guys, wrong picture. The prison is on the other side of the road. It was built about twenty years ago. But the description of this photo is correct. It was a mental institute.

1803 days ago


#22 You are wrong. NY has a no tolerance gun law on the books. It is a MANDATORY 2 year jail sentence for having a gun within city limits. Loaded or not. It's not about him shooting himself (how stupid), it'a about having the gun. He's lucky they did not tac on the charge of carrying the gun acroos state lines. You haven't gotten caught??? It's about respect??? Give me a break. Only a COWARD carries a gun...

1803 days ago


It used to be called the Matteawan State Hospital, I grew up in Fishkill and the hospital was located through the woods in my back yard! Creepy Yes!!

1803 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

@ the Katster: Fishkill, NY is in the Mid-Hudson Valley, some 60+ miles north of the Bronx. I live here.

Dutchess county is in upstate NY (vis-a-vis NYC), though I'll grant you that we moved from being a sleepy, rural exurb back in the '90s to becoming very Westchester-like, to my chagrin.

1802 days ago


LOL my uncle works here.

846 days ago
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