Papper Wants Big Bucks From Britney

9/24/2009 7:42 PM PDT

Papper Wants Big Bucks From Britney

A paparazzo has put a price on his foot -- $221,533.59, and he wants Britney Spears to foot the bill.

Britney Spears ran over photog Ricardo Mendoza's foot while leaving a medical building in 2007. Mendoza, who worked as a photog for TMZ at the time, sued Britney but never specified how much he thought his foot was worth. But now he has.

Mendoza claims he's suffered $195,000 in general damages, $16,533.59 in medical bills and $10,000 for any future foot problems.

Right after the accident Mendoza said he would let bygones be bygones and actually allowed us to auction his sock off for charity. But hey, business is business.