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Marilyn Manson

Shoots Swine Flu

Snot Rockets

9/25/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The night before announcing he was infected with the dreaded pig virus, Marilyn Manson was busy blowing loads of snot on stage at a concert in Ottawa.

Marilyn Manson Shoots Swine Flu
In the video -- shot on Sunday in Canada -- Manson is performing "Beautiful People" when he suddenly, disgustingly decides to empty flu goo from both nostrils ... while standing only a few feet away from the fans in the front row.

Let's hope Swine Flu is snot as contagious as everyone thinks it is.


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Marilyn Manson's reps deny he has swine flu, will play Atlantic Canada dates

(CP) – 4 hours ago

TORONTO — Contrary to online posts attributed to Marilyn Manson himself, the shock-rocker's reps are saying that he does not, in fact, have swine flu.

The Gillett Entertainment Group and Live Nation sent out a release on Friday denying that Manson had contracted the illness and confirming that he would play his two remaining Canadian tour dates.

Manson was to play in Halifax on Friday and Moncton, N.B., on Saturday.

The release contradicts posts on Manson's MySpace and Facebook pages that were attributed to the artist. The posts have since been removed.

"So I have officially been diagnosed, by a real doctor, with THE SWINE FLU," Manson had written. "Unfortunately, I am going to survive."

Manson is touring in support of his new album, "The High End of Low," released in May.

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1819 days ago


This "guy" (???) is totally disgusting!!! He obviously has no class whatsoever, and if anyone had any doubts, if this doesn't prove that point, then nothing ever will. That is someone's right to like his "music", but there is NO excuse whatsoever for any human being to behave in such a disgusting, and undignified manner. Any one who thinks this is okay, or is funny, etc. needs to find out which floor their elevator is stuck on too. Maybe like M.M., it never leaves the basement floor either!! Just absolutely sickening that someone could be this repulsive and be proud of it.

1819 days ago


That is totally GROSS =/ I would demand my money back, and if any of that crap went on me LAWSUIT!

1819 days ago


all of your realize, the day this was posted Marilyn announced "MARILYN MANSON has a clean bill of health and has fully recovered"

1819 days ago


I am SO glad he did that. That's a perfect illustration of the respect he has for his fans and if only one or two of them are coherent enough to "get it" and move on and reclaim a bit of self-respect, then it was worth it. I only hope those who "wish they'd been there" because they'd "take any body fluid he had to offer" contract the swine flu without delay. Those are people we don't need walking among us, so hasta la vista at their earliest convenience.

It kills me that his "fans" simply don't get the fact that he's making a mockery of them. He's probably one of the most intelligent human beings I've ever heard speak... he's certainly among the most articulate... and he KNOWS he attracts losers. He thrives on their ignorance, degrades them at their own expense, and still they come back for more. If anybody thinks HE would cheer and yell and want to lick anybody's swine-flu-infected snot off a stage (or, in simpler terms, behave like his fans do), they're dead wrong AND exactly the kind of person he's laughing at. Long and loud. All the way to the bank.

He thinks you're fools. He KNOWS you're fools. He went into this gig looking for sad little nobodies who, when they're all alone with themselves, believe they count for nothing and think that being outrageous (even if it's only by association) will draw attention to themselves and ultimately give relevance to their seemingly meaningless existence.

News Flash: even HE knows he has no talent.

News Flash: he knows you're a loser, and he loves you for it.

News Flash: He marvels constantly that anybody continues to buy into his gig.

News Flash: he thanks you for so graciously contributing to his retirement fund.

Dude's smarter than smart.

1819 days ago


That's hilarious! I mean, he's been doing stuff like that for years, so you kind of have to expect it going into one of his concerts, it you're whining about it, you don't get it.

1819 days ago


15. Please rap fans just shut the hell up. You will never even come close to posses the talent he has I'm not even a fan but you suckers think you're what the world needs. This is not right but that's who he is. Oh and it's NOT EMO! Go make some talented beats on a computer and shout out words about how tough you are and enjoy shooting people. Yeah, we need that instead of someone who acts differently on stage and actually has talent.
Posted at 4:45AM on Sep 25th 2009 by Fock

how about Fock just sat here and called this waste of space talented....there is nothing talented about him other than the fact that he made lots of money for having kids want to dress and act like a lot of the bling rappers he hates so much....have you heard one Manson song? Did you realize that they use synthesizers as well, or was that statement about the computers something you just tossed in there?

why don't people think....why?

This video of him signifies his character and music, that much is true "just the way he is". This is the most genius he's ever shown in his career, a complete summation of his influence.

1818 days ago


I have more talent in my left nut.

1818 days ago


That's simply "PUNK-ROCK" This phot is extremely tasty
Keep it real just rocked out with "PINK" at the L.A. Staples Center
last week it's awesome when you can plainly Rock the Establishment.

1818 days ago


You know, if other fans come down with the swine flu, they can file a lawsuit. This is a form of battery.

1818 days ago


I wish I was there. God, I love him. He's a genius.
It's gross but I'd expect no less from him.

1818 days ago

Dan Houser    

lol this is great! Not really a fan of MM, but it's clear he doesn't believe in this Swine Flu H1N1 bulls--t either. Him blowing snot rockets is the biggest "f--k you" I've seen yet. Awesome!

1818 days ago


Awww, poor guy. I love you Marilyn, get better my love! :D

1817 days ago

mexicano guy    

synthesizers are everywhere in the music industry. mainly with rappers. nobody can say no to that. talent could mean anything from having a great singing voice, playing an actual instrument (how many rappers play an instrument), or just know how to make your own music. i like rap and rock, and i have to say im more in favor with rock because of the fact that not many rockers CHANGE the way REAL music is made but rather cover it for the newer generation. rappers take what ROCKERS made and butcher it. Kanye west for instance. takes songs from daft punk, adds a few extra words in it and there u have a millionaire who doesnt deserve to be one. and this so called Flo rida?=fail. cant make his own music and had to butcher a perfectly good song to make "right round?" and this whole thing about H1N1. bull. anyone who has it. oh well. whoever died from it. better they died now than when the world blows up. religion = cult. a man wrote the bible. i aint gonna believe it's from a "prophet named jesus" i see jesus everywhere. hes a mexican. evolution ftw. we're all monkeys.

1817 days ago


Everyone forgets that the fans in the front row were probably lapping it up

1475 days ago
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