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Hasselhoff's Daughter to 911 -- My Dad Is 'Fine'

9/28/2009 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the 911 calls that resulted in David Hasselhoff being taken to the hospital last week -- and in one of them, David's daughter tells the dispatcher her mother got someone to call 911 just to start a bunch of drama.

Here's what went down: In the first call, one of Pamela Bach's friends calls 911 to report an incident at Hasselhoff's house. When the dispatcher calls the house, David's daughter Hayley answers the phone.

She begs the dispatcher to call off the ambulance by saying, "Turn around ... we're completely fine." She then blames the whole thing on her mother, saying, "My mom is trying to cause something ... nothing happened here at all."

Bach told us Hayley called her that day and said David had been drinking -- but David later told us he was just having a bad reaction to a combination of meds.

UPDATE: We've reached out to David's publicist, but hey, it's Yom Kippur in Hollywood.

Pamela's rep just gave us the following statement:

"Pamela and her friends' 911 calls last week were in response to receiving a distressed call for help from David's home. During the subsequent call, the dispatcher made the final decision to still send the paramedics after their request to speak with David directly were not met.

Upon arrival and evaluation of David's condition, paramedics determined that transport was necessary. Pamela's reaction was that of a caring mother whose daughter was irresponsibly placed in a situation that no child should be faced with -- she had a responsibility to react and did so accordingly."

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the truth hurts huh    

Once again TMZ writers - you fail to specify who Pamela Bach is - for those who don't know every detail of every celebrity's life. Yeah - apparently she's David's wife .... but stick to Writing 101!

And as I said when this first came out .... meds could have caused the problem for him. Now it sounds like the bitter ex is pulling crap. So everybody should get off of David's back!

1818 days ago


Who give a flying f**k!

1818 days ago


Quote: Upon arrival and evaluation of David's condition, paramedics determined that transport was necessary.

No surprise! What a jerk this guy is.

1818 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

David is so boring with no talent. I'm surprised anyone hires him. Why are those 2 English people on that American talent show? There are no Amerian Judges on Britans Got Talent. Also, why did American Idol hire the Lesbian to replace Paula? One Gay (Ryan Seacrest) is enough for that show. I predict American Idol will bomb this year - and that's a shame. It's like the Leno/Conan O'Brien situation. A BIG mistake.

1818 days ago


The first woman was the one who sounded drunk off he @ss... They should have dispatched a squad car to that h0e's house and busted them all for a fraudulent 911 call.

1818 days ago


This family is a mess. Are they trying to out do the jackson family for the craziest family award??

1817 days ago


Well whatever happend both phone calls were a mess, and something was going on I think David didn't come on the phone at all.
Medicen can cause problems yes, but so does alcohol.But weather is was the alcohol or it may have been medicen this time its realy sad this fam is a mess like this. I hope they sort things out and David works on his health.

1817 days ago


Leave him alone already -- i've known drinkers for over 50 years and i have yet to see anyone calling the 911 number as much as those idiots in GOLLYWOOD... 911 is for EMERGENCIES people--gun shot wounds, stabbings, house on fire; life threatening incidents; NOT NOT NOT for drunks, unless they've fallen and hurt themselves or have hit/beat/or otherwise attempt to maim, murder, or hurt others, and certainly not for mad ex wives or visitors of your teenage friends--they should have just gone on home and gotten help from someone else; Back East Coast here, if you call 911 and it's NOT an emergency you get slapped with a bigazzzz FINE $$$... Know that You can't stop people from drinking, getting drunk, now if he was trying to get behind the wheels of a car,then of course call the cops but only after you have tried to get the keys away and failed. These folks should be fined for abuse of the 911 system; We have a 311 number to call for non-emergency calls...

1817 days ago



1818 days ago


tmc admins I was first dont try to out beat me lmao

1818 days ago



1818 days ago



1818 days ago


Way to milk the story, Harvey!

I'm sure TMZ knew LAST WEEK that this was a false alarm.

Can't somebody get into major trouble by making a fraudulent 911 call? If so, wouldn't that be a better story?

1818 days ago


What a useless biotch!! Assuming she doesn't have a job and reaps the benefit of alimony, get over it! You are divorced for a reason. Enjoy sitting on your ass and collecting money. Live it up, what the hell?!

1818 days ago


When is she gonna learn you don't hassel the Hoff.

1818 days ago
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