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Police Receive Ryan Jenkins' Hard Drive

9/28/2009 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Ryan JenkinsBuena Park Police officials tell TMZ they've now received the computer hard drive found with Ryan Jenkins when he was discovered hanged back in August.

We're told the BPPD received the hard drive from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police -- who found the computer in Jenkins' room in the Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia on August 23.

As we've previously reported, no suicide note was found with Jenkins -- but police tell us they hope there will be data on the hard drive that will shed new light on the murder of swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore.

Police tell us the case could be closed within weeks.


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#60, I could see that being a reason NOT to text Lisa if Ryan was sending out these texts. Its easy to send texts to friends and and say "hey whats up" or "I'm heading to Vegas". Those are pretty generic and safe texts that a friend probably wouldn't think anything of. I would be nervous to send a text to a friend's mom (pretending to be someone else) because I wouldn't know what the last conversation was that they had, or the style of text that she uses when she texts her mom (most people adjust their language, etc.. depending on who they text). Mothers also have intuition and I'd be afraid that they would call me out and say "this isn't my daughter". I could see Lisa Lepore being one of the people that he specifically wouldn't text. Wasn't she in town visiting? If she texted her mom saying "I'm off to Vegas", her mom probably would have hoped on the phone and CALLED her back saying "what, why?" since she was in CA visiting.

1848 days ago

lisa lepore    

ryan would never text me in a million years,i would have known the difference immediately.Jasmine leased the 2007 mercedes herself. She pays her own bills. She did get her real estate license,and was opening a gym with her friend and business partner,who is a woman.jasmine has had her own money,it is ryan who was the fraud.he only pretended to be wealthy. He is being sued for fraud in Calgary,and owes his credit cards around 30K.He definitely wasn't paying for much.

1847 days ago


Hi all, nice to see some new posters on here.

Questioner, I think you nailed it way back when you said it was a drug deal gone bad or something like that. Seems Jasmine was in a hurry to get some serious money (perhaps to finance that gym) and maybe she 'skimmed' some stuff (?). Who knows? The gal was into a lot of nasty stuff so nothing would surprise me at this point.

Very curious to find out what's on the hard drive.

1846 days ago


questioner was that you that said jasmine had the license?

if so what state and full name did you say that you found jasmine's real estate license? it should be easy to prove one way or another since CA lists all real estate licenses and they are searchable online.

1846 days ago


iwannaknow, where have you been? I have missed your posts lately.

1846 days ago


I think that it was under Kinkade. She changed her last name to sound more professional for the business.

1846 days ago


so it can definitely be found for CA under Jasmine Kinkaid?
This article says annullment was filed in June. Why no record of annullment with the courts?

here's something interesting from NYDailyNews

"The letter was basically a description of his thoughts about Jasmine. Most were about how much he loved and cherished her, and some were about how frustrated she made him," Sgt. Kohanek said.

"There was acknowledgment of other relationships she had that angered him. There were some negative feelings about alleged infidelity."

Fiore's heartbroken mom Lisa Lepore lashed out at Jenkins for trying to blame her daughter.

"That's such a bunch of lies," Lepore told the Daily News. "He's been making excuses since the day he met her. He's the one who was fraudulent."

She said Fiore filed annulment papers June 2 to end the three-month marriage and that Jenkins used her car to bring women back to the couple's apartment when she wasn't home. He even hid her clothes so that it looked like a bachelor pad, Lepore said.

"It's so horrible what he did. (Jasmine's) life was cut short just as she was about to see so many of her goals come true," Lepore said. "I wish I could just go hide somewhere and never think of him again."

1846 days ago


I think that thier marriage was also under Kinkaide or however you spell it. Not totally sure, how do you look that up? Someone else said, in one of the first posts that she was going to open up this gym with Lacey Connor from Rock of Love. Not so sure if that is true.

Thanks for that link. It's funny how even something this simple as a suicide note has been posted in different ways on different sites. Like you said, we need to see the note for ourselves. Wonder why he didn't mention the murder.

1846 days ago


Well it sure would have been his opportunity to adamantly insist he was innocent, now wouldn't it? ;-)

I am sure yahoo has links to search the real estate license 4 California. And if what Jasmine was telling people was true, Jasmine Kinkaid should be listed as a real estate agent in CA.

1846 days ago

My Opinion    

You are right Dawn...the real estate licence should be listed....but I bet it is all lies...her biological mother Lisa Lepore keeps changing her story to benefit her daughter leasing the car....

Lisa Lepore should provide us evidence of Jasmines real estate licence and leased 2007 Benz in her name....for us...I them may believe her...Just as she stated the marriage was annulled in May...then the most recent article stated that she (Lisa Lepore) said Jasmine was starting annulment proceedings just before she was passed away....this woman changes her story daily....I donot believe alot of what she says....expecially media stuff....and
G. Beauregard stated that Lisa Lepore recently moved back from Maui to Santa Cruz in the Larry King interview....(she posted in TMZ, if that is her that she was leaving the next day back to Maui after she seen Jasmine and Ryan off to San Diego for the Pocker Tournment because that is where she lives.

She sure is cutting up Ryan Jenkins, but Ryan was good enough to pay for her flight and Jasmines flight to her grandmothers funeral according to Gwendolyn Beaugard on the Larry King interview....

She also stated that Jasmine and her biological mother (Lisa Lepore) were close but it was a different kind of closeness....

I'm assuming Lisa Lepore didnot bring up Jasmine...and if she did it may have been until she was 6/7/8 years old, then the Beauregard's brought her up (as Gwendolyn Beauregard stated on Larry King that her biological mother (Lisa Lepore was always traveling)... and stayed at Joanna Runeare's when she went back to Santa Cruz as an adult.....

1846 days ago


Yes, exactly, records should exist of a real estate license as well as annullment filings if Jasmine was truthful to those around her.

I am interested if they exist.

Can you imagine, it's one thing when you play men or play around in romantic relationships, but to lie about things like legal things and career achievements to friends and family? I wonder what is really true.

1845 days ago

My Opinion    

Yeah us proof....her biological mother seems to be lying all the time or that is what I think or she is just making up stuff because she really doesnot know her daughter...I saw the marriage lience somewhere to Ryan and her last name was kincaid-Jenkins or however you spell it....

Maybe if Robert Hasman proposed to her...but I think he was her client and she really liked him but moved in and out like Marta Montoya stated...because of no ring....maybe Jasmine would have changed her married name from Jasmine Kincaid-Jenkins to Jasmine Conartist Hasman to marry Robert Hasman and be married to two people at the same time...

1845 days ago

My Opinion    

I agree with you Questioner....last paragraph....about leaving Ryan high and dry...Jasmine and her circle of toxic trash....yes it is strange that her (biological mother knew about her marriage to Ryan and G. Beauegard didnot). Also if she was going to open a gym the next day or paint it according to Lisa Lepore if that is her would think she would stick around and her roommate...that roommate (was she the one opening up the gym with Jasmine)? that gym theory is also probably lies...yes why would her biological mother not stay....or her roommate stay...

I'm sure the annulment was on its way in the Jasmine was plotting her future....according to what Marta Montoya stated....probably with Ryan's divorse settlement (since he won I Love Money 3 $250,000) (opening a gym, leasing a car....renting a penthouse suite...etc....)all her goals were cut short according to her biological mother Lisa....I think L. Lepore was also in for the kill or to reap the benefits of Jasmine's lifestyle....afterall wasn't it Beauguard that stated on Larry King that when Jasmine's grandmother passed away Ryan paid for both Jasmine's fight and Lisa Lepore's fight but according to L. Lepore Ryan was the fraudelent person and con man.

1844 days ago

My Opinion    

Yes...Jasmine had her biological mother (Lisa Lepore) in her life when she felt like it (just like everyone else)....and told her lies about her life (lifestyle) just like she did to everyone else...

and now Lisa Lepore if that is really now posting Jasmine's lies to her on the TMZ...

1843 days ago

Whop der it is    

Hey TMZ!!!!!!!!!! Since when are you allowing fake sh!t being advertised on your site. I have used silk bikini's going for $20 each. Any takers. WTF

1853 days ago
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