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John Travolta Back on the Stand

9/30/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta just testified again in the Bahamas -- and he explained how he learned of the alleged extortion plot against him.

Travolta said one of his employees, Ronald Zupancic, is the one who initially told him there was a threat against him. John said medic Tarino Lightborne threatened to release a document in order to "imply that the death of my son was intentional and I was culpable in some way."

Travolta said he then pulled his lawyer, Michael McDermott, into it -- who informed him the demand was for $25 million or the alleged extortionists would release stories implying that John was in some way to blame for his son Jett's death.

The attorney of one of the alleged extortionists -- Pleasant Bridgewater -- asked John if he was approached directly about the demands ... John said no, it all went through his lawyer.

John's off the stand now.


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He must be heart broken having to go through all this.

1817 days ago


who cares??!! more mj news!!!!

1817 days ago

doc murry    

why must we be exposed to this crap,,i care less about some rich kids dad going to trial for killing his son because he wouldnt get him proper medical care and now its being reported he had a 10 million collor policy on the tards in johnny ..pretty good investment..

1817 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

BUT .... What about me??!? Back to ME !!!! .. Me Me Me Me !!!!! ... Mai brother is dead and my ship has come in .. Mo Money .. Mo MOney.. MO MONEY !!! .. Ker Ching

1817 days ago

MJ's KIDS    


1817 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to us !!! Mo Money for us.. Buy our t shirts, dvd, cd, tickets of our movie and of course our up coming family reunion show in London.. (Even tho we might not really have the concert) .. Ker ching

1817 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Am I the only one that thinks Kookiee Klown seems a lil gay? *I'm just say'en

1817 days ago

arte help    

#7, I can't agree more!!!

1817 days ago


Wow people can be so disgusting these days and would do anything to get money its so sad and pathetic......

1817 days ago


8. latoya..the offer is off the sheets money for you unless you want to dress up like michael jackson and make love to a donkey

Posted at 11:02AM on Sep 30th 2009 by prezrez


1817 days ago

arte help    

I agreed with Knockers De Clown!!

1817 days ago


Enough already TMZ.

1817 days ago


Enough already TMZ.

Posted at 11:37AM on Sep 30th 2009 by phish steak

than beat it beat it....

1817 days ago


It is beyond belief and beyond all human decency that John, Kelly and their daughter are having to go through even more pain and grief than they already have because of this

This poor man has lost almost everything except Kelly and their daughter. He's had his heart and soul ripped out & now to have to endure all of this is beyond cruel - ENOUGH ALREADY!

These thugs need to be put in jail for life IMHO!

I was livid when I read an earlier headline here this morning about them claiming John wanting his "son to die"!! OMG!

They should be executed for just saying THAT! What a horrible, cruel, inhumane thing to ever utter about anyone, much less a man who loved and adored his son as much as John does!

I'm praying for John & Kelly & their daughter. They're in my thoughts & heart as well. They've been through so much already and now this.

I know that in order to put these evil thugs in jail they need to get the facts and they need to hear John's side of things too which means he has to testify BUT for lawyers to rip this man's heart out all over again with such lies and evil questions/statements directed at him, well....THEY (lawyers) need to be put in jail for life along with their "clients"

God bless you John, Kelly & your precious daughter

All of us out here are thinking about you & hoping that this nightmare of a trial will be over soon.

We all love you guys and wish you the best always.

Stay strong, especially you John while these evil people are making such horrific statements to and about you.

1817 days ago


What I di-ont understand is why we as the public feel we have a RIGHT to know about this....let the Travolta's grieve in peace with there family and friends, it is not our RIGHT OR BUSINESS to know about Jett's medical conditons...I know the whole world does not know about my kids medical conditions, and I am you peopel do not hold press confrecences regarding your personal business...

I know this is a celebrity site, and I like gossip as much as everyone, and I hate that some lowlife pieces of trash tried to take advantage of the Travolta's at the lowest point in there life, I just dont like that I have heard people say way the Travolta's should have said there son had Autism.....IT IS NOT OUR BUSINESS...

1817 days ago
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