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MJ Band Leader -- Autopsy Vindicates Jackson

10/1/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael BeardenMichael Bearden, musical director for Michael Jackson's "This Is It" tour, just told TMZ the Coroner's findings debunk naysayers who claimed Jackson was too weak to perform.

The Coroner's report concluded Jackson may have been balding but his heart was strong and there was no alcohol or illegal drugs in his system.

Bearden says Jackson was definitely up to performing the 50-plus concert dates in London.

Bearden was just named the band leader for George Lopez's new late night talk show on TBS, "Lopez Tonight" ...which debuts Nov. 9th.


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Now all the MJ haters you can shut you big mouth full of s**t

1846 days ago

justice for mj    

justice for mj...

to all the haters get a life..or mess your own life...

1846 days ago


Principal naysayers who have been debunked are:

Joe Jackson
LaToya Jackson
Leonard Rowe

It's looking like the Jacksons are going to have a hard time suing AEG for wrongful death when Michael was apparantly healthy enough to perform.

1846 days ago


The following information is from people who knew and worked with MJ on This Is It, and fans who waited by the doors of his rehearsals and saw him everyday:

This Is Not It


Yesterday at 8:18am
On June 25th 2009 Michael Jackson died. He was only 50 years old and the father of three young children

Were you shocked? You should have been. In fact, the true state of Michael Jackson’s failing health was being hidden from you by those who are making a profit from the screening of the “This is It” movie.

This is what you are going to see:

-the greatest entertainer that ever lived giving his all to rehearse what could have been an amazing, ground-breaking show
-a motivated crew, working hard to accomplish an extraordinary project
-special effects, incredible choreography, lighting and staging
-movie make-believe at its best....

This is what you are NOT going to see:

- Michael Jackson’s shocking sudden weight loss as a result of stress and medication, reducing him to a mere 108 lbs (49kg) at the time of his death.
- Kenny Ortega, the director of both the tour and the movie, having to help Michael Jackson up the stairs, having to spoon-feed him and cut his food.
-Michael Jackson's growing concerns: in May, while rehearsing over 10 hours a day, Michael Jackson confided to a few trusted fans he did not feel ready to do 50 shows, having agreed only to 10 originally, he felt pressured and the tour schedule seemed grueling.
-Michael Jackson failing to show up at rehearsals because he was not well, and being picked up from his house by his choreographer to force him to go to work.
- Michael Jackson’s debilitating insomnia and loss of appetite, the crippling pressure he was under, which led him to be over-prescribed and over-medicated by criminal doctors who kept him in an altered, drowsy state throughout the day and in an anesthetic coma at night.
- Everyone around him witnessing to Michael Jackson looking confused and groggy, forgetting the lyrics of his own songs during rehearsals. Nonetheless, his entourage kept enabling his dangerous prescription-drug use, to keep him relaxed, rested and under 'control'. Those very drugs are named as the cause of death in the coroner’s report.
- You will also not see Michael Jackson’s loyal fans and a couple of his friends attempting to intervene, writing letters pleading for those around him to care for his condition, and ultimately, after being ignored, giving letters of concern to Michael himself. Unfortunately, those who had the power to act did not, instead they chose to keep Michael Jackson isolated and controlled.

You will not see any of this.

It was inhumane. Michael Jackson needed help, but they were too busy relishing the profits this tour would have generated to acknowledge it. AEG, the tour promoter, and Michael's own entourage, pressed on and did not intervene to stop what clearly looked like a tragedy in waiting.

On June 25th 2009, the world lost its greatest star. The souls of Michael's fans are still weeping and they may never heal.

Michael Jackson had so much more to give to the world, but his heart stopped under the incredible pressure that was forced on him for this grueling tour, in addition to years of ill-treatment and lies by haters, enablers and media.

Michael Jackson deserved and needed the help he wasn't given. Instead, through editing and movie-making they try to tell us a different story in an attempt to clear their own conscience, spreading lies to conceal their responsibility. Too bad we were there to witness what truly happened in the weeks leading to his death and we are here now to tell you about it.

Should you decide to watch it, we hope that you will see this movie and the greed that produced it with different eyes, because you are watching the product of those who should bear much guilt for the passing of the world’s greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson, while they are reaping the profits of his death.

This did not have to be it.

Website and more Coming Soon

1846 days ago



I agree with you and have made the personal decision not to go to the movie, nor buy anything MJ related until I am sure this issue is resolved. If I ever see the movie, it will be on DVD, that is resold on Ebay from a private seller.

1846 days ago


It's good to finally get the truth from someone with real inside knowledge of what went on like Michael Bearden. The autopsy report shows Michael was healthy enough to do the tour - 50 shows over 6 months (two shows per week).

The autopsy report is bitter pill from some Jackson fans to swallow because they are looking for someone to blame. If you've got someone to blame it shifts the focus from the fact that Michael hired a doctor to give him a drug not meant for use anywhere but in a hospital setting. Michael was partly responsible for his own death.

Joe Jackson and the Jackson family are praying that Conrad Murray called AEG the morning of the 25th - when it is revealed that AEG had nothing to do with Murray, Joe's plan to make AEG pay will meet it's demise.

1846 days ago

The Jacksons & TohmeDiLeo dunnit    

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1846 days ago

The Jacksons & TohmeDiLeo dunnit    

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What the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Wacko Jacko? About 3 hours.

His heart just couldn't 'beat it, beat it'

What do Michael Jackson's kids and black children have in common? Nothing.

Posted at 4:07PM on Oct 1st 2009 by OhWell

What is the big difference between OhWell and Michael Jackson?

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Where I have promised him/her pleasures beyond his wildest dreams.
Here in Hotel California.

1846 days ago


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1846 days ago


I agree with you. Michael Bearden may be saying that he was fine, but according to a post I read stating on Karen Faye blog that she was begging for someone to help him, but fell on deaf ears. She stated that he needed to see a psychologist due to his state of mind was not good, he had rapid weight loss, was angry because he had no control, was ice cold, showing signs of drug use and six days before he died she said she sent e-mails to AEG telling them he was not healthy enough to do this concert. She stated also that out of those six days, four of those he never showed up for rehearsal.
I believe it was stated today that AEG had gotten several Michael Jackson look alikes to cover Michael.
The coroner's office put a statement out saying they never released anything except to the LAPD and the DA. I don't know where this info is coming from about the autopsy.
They claim MJ may have been healthy, but, they never said he was healthy enough to do 50 concerts. I didn't see anywhere that he had lupus.
I'm not sure who to believe anymore. All's I know is that he was the greatest entertainer ever and will be sorely missed.

1846 days ago

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