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Poker Legends Sued for Robot Fraud

10/2/2009 1:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The biggest names in poker are being sued by two people who claim they were defrauded on an online poker site.

Chris Jesus ferguson and howard lederer
Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotoy claim they opened an account at fulltiltpoker.com and -- as luck would have it -- they amassed winnings of more than $80,000.

The famous poker defendants who own the site -- including Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey and Mike Matusow -- allegedly accused the plaintiffs of using an automated play functions called "robots" instead of playing the game themselves. Since using robots violates Full Tilt's rules, the site's owners confiscated more than $80,000.

poker playersThere are other gripes as well in the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, including an allegation that fulltilitpoker.com manipulates the game through the use of robots of its own so it becomes more a game of luck than skill which is outlawed in California.

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The way I read it, FTP accused them of using bots and then kept their money without giving them an opportunity to face and dispute their accusers - simply "Our decision is final." For 80K, I would try and get it back, too!
How about this... put her on a table with other players (no electronics) and watch her play. Let the pros evaluate her "live" play compared to the FTP records of her alleged "bot" play and see where it lands.
So many of you so quick to judge... what would your mothers think?

1854 days ago


If these guys really were using bots they deserve to have the money conviscated as they cheated, funny they should try swing the angle by saying that Full Tilt Poker is cheating, I really doubt that FulTilt Poker would cheat they have too much to loose and it would make no sense for them to do so as no one would ever play there if that was the case. For those who are concerned about playing at FullTiltPoker you can always try PokerStars the current #1 site online. Compare Fulltilt vs PokerStars http://www.winallpoker.com/2009/08/21/pokerstars-vs-fulltilt-poker/
I personally preffer Full Tilt Poker.
One thing that is really difficult to understand is how can so many unknowing people post negatively about online poker with out knowing enough about the topic. If you don't like it then its simple don't play and let those who do enjoy playing continue to do so.

1853 days ago


Fulltilt is not as vigilant as a site like Poker Stars in preventing the use of bots, but they do routinely shut down accounts caught doing it. I have personally had accounts investigated and shut down for these reasons. Nobody who is seriously involved in online poker or successful at it believes that full tilt is involved in a conspiracy to allow bots. They do, however, exist. In fact - the existence of bots is what guarantees that it is possible to win in 9 handed or 6 handed games. Because no one will run a bot in a game where it is losing. And artificial intelligence is not yet at the point where it can surpass the upper echelon of human players.
Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/10/02/chris-ferguson-howard-lederer-phil-ivey-mike-matusow-full-tilt-poker-lawsuit/#comments#ixzz0T2WWJzQR

1853 days ago


Just to clarify, I meant that I have had accounts investigated that I suspected were bots... not that I had my own account shut down.

The same applies for accounts that I suspected were involved in collusion.

If you can make a good case and the truth is on your side, the respectable sites will listen.

1853 days ago

Jesus H.    

Fascinating conversation everyone. Half to 70% of you are defending FT and online poker, the other 30-40% questioning the honesty of it.

For those of you defending... why are you defending? What's your agenda? Are you part of the online community who make a living at online poker and don't want to see negative press?

Something is wrong with some of these poker sites. Something is wrong. What, I don't know. But I'm a winning player live, and less so online. Game selection is no doubt perhaps part of the issue. Level of stakes too. I do know one player personally who has won some serious online tourneys. But of all the poker players I know, there are quite a few who are as good or better than this one guy, yet they don't win, or don't win much.

If poker sites such as FT are themselves using bots to keep games full, or increase action, this should result in legal action, such as a class action lawsuit. I know a few pros (who are not investors in these online sites) who refuse to play online for serious money. They must be the smart ones.

1850 days ago


The people in these comments make me sick, suck ignorant people.

First of all this is an ALLEGATION, an allegation with no proof at all, for that matter.

If any of you actually looked into the case you would realise that this woman filing the lawsuit was actually caught cheating and using bots herself.

"If you gamble, there's 99.99 percent chance of losing. Robot or not, you'll either lose or break even. It's simple statistics. If you want to win, play a fun game with your kids in the backyard. That's a guaranteed win."

You obviously don't understand poker. If you are a good player you can get a consistent 0-30% ROI playing poker, people have been doing this for years. Why speak on subjects you know nothing about?

1843 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Mr Roboto!

1856 days ago


Only idiots gamble online.

1856 days ago


Just stupid stuff. No more comments about it. : P

1856 days ago


1856 days ago

Your name:    

Actually they're called Bots not robots.

1856 days ago

I am    

Now I don't know much about video poker but I'm wondering if both sides are utilizing 'robots'; how is it possible to amass ANY winnings?

1856 days ago

Mason Malmuth    

It's impossible for a female to obtain a 3.65/100 flinging poo.

1856 days ago

Rob Jenkins    

I am taking out all of my money from FULL TILT immediately. I had no idea they would try and screw people. Isnt there anythign they can do about these bots?!?

1856 days ago


These guys were obviously cheating and got caught. There just pissed cause they lost 80k

1856 days ago
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