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Jon Gosselin -- Contemptible?

10/4/2009 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin, Jon GosselinKate Gosselin is drawing the big gun -- we've learned she's hired legal pit bull Marty Singer to go after Jon Gosselin ... asking a judge to hold him in contempt of court for raiding their joint bank account to the tune of more than $200,000.

We've learned there is an existing court order prohibiting Jon or Kate from withdrawing any money from the account without the consent of both parties.

We've learned lawyers for Kate will go to Pennsylvania court tomorrow and argue that Jon has flagrantly violated that order, that he should be forced to return the money to the account and held in contempt.

Ironically, Jon suggested on "Larry King" he wanted to save the marriage -- at the same time he emptied the account.


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On Radar, it was stated that Jon supposedly have withdrawn the money hours after being on the Larry King show. Okay, first of all, wasn't the Larry King show filmed live and it was after banking hours? No one can withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from the ATM machine.

Second, it was reported not to long ago that a judge has given Kate control over the family's finances, because of all the spending that Jon was doing. So, tell me how was Jon able to get all that money, without the bank contacting Kate to find out if it was okay.

Third, to say that Kate has 8 children and she gets paid a lot of money off them, why would she only put $80,000 in a trust fund for them? With all that money, why does Kate believes her children should only have $10,000 each?

Fourth: I hope for Kate's sake that she didn't withdraw any money from the bank, Thursday, Friday or Saturday or used checks or a bank card on large purchases.

1809 days ago


Yes, Kate may have been rude to Jon on the show, but it was supposed to be real life. Some one had to be the grownup here and it obviously was Kate. She did not have 8 children, She had 9 and the real Jon has emerged!!!!!

1809 days ago


I'm sure there's two sides to every story but Jon is flagrantly divulging his side ... quite unsuccessfully. I hope Kate can keep up her more subdued image and success. I have to admit she wasn't my favorite during their filming time together, she was quite snarky, however, now I completely understand why. Good luck to this family; quite startling watching a very public marriage unravel on public TV. Perhaps that's the point.

1809 days ago

Mickey von Dutch    

This Gosselin character is a real prince. I called BS on the Harlequin romance novels a long time ago, because romance is dead. This goes to show it once more. A real man wouldn't leave his wife & 8 kids for some flousy and - to add insult to injury - clear out a shared bank account.

1809 days ago


Yeah, He has been all over Hollywood this weekend. I have seen pictures of him at the Ivy, buying cupcakes, at a game...that stuff ain't cheap for someone who is not working. Doesn't he have 8 kids at home to take care of?

1809 days ago



Oh my god! this guy's insane, can we all say, "Briney Spear Jr". This guy is obviously bipolar, and needs help immediately. This guy is all over the place, one minute he hates the media, and the next he's pimping himself for the media.

What exactely did Jon do to make himself famous, besides bedding his kids babysitters. This guy is digusting looking, and a mental case. His behavior has been erratic for the past 2 weeks. You hate to see a young man publicly melting down in front of you, and there is nothing anybody else can do to stop it. Where are his parents, they need to step up, and try to save their son. This guy is obviously bipolar, and needs medications to controll his erratic behavior.

TMZ enough with this guy, why don't you try contacting his family to get him some help. If no one steps in to help this guy, I predict he will either overdose on drugs, and may even try tocommit suicide within 1 year.

The signs are obvious: Bipolar Disorder
1- Acting exactely like Britney Spear
2- Erratic behavior
3- Compulsive Liar
4- Promiscuous
5- Mood swings
6- Obsesses about the media, constantly seeks out attention
7-Contracdict himself constantely, and thinks everybody is after him.

1809 days ago


Come on, this guy is famous (or infamous) The people at the bank just gave him the money, knowing is was a JOINT account???? They didn't reconize him???

1809 days ago


Go Kate Go!!! This child that you were married to is a like most men going thru a divorce (Not ALL). My X turned off all the utilites and a judge made him turn them back on. They have no regard for anyone but themselves and revenge. Jon is so jealous of you and it shows.

1809 days ago


Oh come on! This story isn't true. They freeze your assets after you file your divorce papers.

1809 days ago


Send Jon, Kate and Nadya off to some deserted island please.

1809 days ago


I said all along he was a lazy jerk. Kate can do so much better than him. And, any man that would cleanout a joint account with EIGHT children should be arrested for GRAND Larceny.

1809 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

Listen up all you folks who love to hate men...this woman treated this man like s*it for how many years??? Finally he is finding his balls. Go Jon! Who knows maybe she used to give him $5.00 a week for pocket money, an'he's finally finding his balls!

1809 days ago

who dat    

In kate's pic on the left it looks like she is getting ready for =============D -- -- -- -- -- -- -- (the facial)

1809 days ago


What is it about courts and judges? Either they kick someone to the curb like what happened to Paris or they do nothing for 30 years like with Polanski.

My bet is that nothing will happen, he will be ordered to put back the money, and he will, and the lawyers involved will get a new BMW.

If he was ordered not to do this he should be punished for violating the order of the court and if he was not then the judge should be fired for cause...stupidity!

1809 days ago


Jon and Kate both are feeding the media all this crap to keep themselves relevant. Kate must have a direct phone line to every media outlet and just keeps the mud slinging. I'm sick of these two losers. I hope Jon does pull the plug on her new show. That way they can both go away and disappear.

Ten years from now they'll have 8 hellion mongloid teenagers to contend with and not one person will care.

1809 days ago
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