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Jon Gosselin -- Contemptible?

10/4/2009 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin, Jon GosselinKate Gosselin is drawing the big gun -- we've learned she's hired legal pit bull Marty Singer to go after Jon Gosselin ... asking a judge to hold him in contempt of court for raiding their joint bank account to the tune of more than $200,000.

We've learned there is an existing court order prohibiting Jon or Kate from withdrawing any money from the account without the consent of both parties.

We've learned lawyers for Kate will go to Pennsylvania court tomorrow and argue that Jon has flagrantly violated that order, that he should be forced to return the money to the account and held in contempt.

Ironically, Jon suggested on "Larry King" he wanted to save the marriage -- at the same time he emptied the account.


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He probably needs to have his visitation rights reduced or eliminated. He seems very unstable.
I think with the right lawyer they can have him drug tested and if guilty found unfit.

1808 days ago


Oh the drama keeps getting better and better. This makes for better entertainment than the stupid TV show.
Well now Kate can get another best selling book.She can call it " Jon and Kate plus hate."

1808 days ago


I have always disliked Kate for the way she treated him like a child. But, if his recent actions are anything like he was during their marriage then I can almost understand. Not only did he steal from their bank accounts and her, HE STOLE FROM HIS CHILDREN. Now he's walking around Holywood like some wealthy celebrity.

I say, GO GET HIM KATE! Stick it to him good!

1808 days ago


If both signatures were required for a withdrawal, the bank would not have let him take the cash. Sounds like the account was set up merely as a regular joint account.

1808 days ago


He's insane. He's a bipolar drunk and so jealous of his soon to be ex-wife he can't see straight. If he were a real man he wouldn't be running around with college students.

1808 days ago


what i don't understand is that everyone is complaining that he cheated on Kate. The Marriage was over, the problem was Kate wanted more money so they didn't tell anyone that she left him. He moved on with his life (as he should) and then everyone is up his ass for being a cheater. you can't be a cheater if your marriage is over! Once it came out that they were divorcing everyone still thinks he should kiss Kates ass and he shouldn't have to. His lips are to damn chapped from the however many years of them being married to continue to kiss this stupid womans ass. Those two should have no money and the kids should have a person in charge of their money who is not the parents. Kate AND Jon should be broke and learn what is means to struggle with no money and still take care of thier kids.

1808 days ago


I've never watched the show... all I know is what's been written about these two asses in the press... I'm laughing out loud!!!!!!!!!!

1808 days ago


HEY!!! CRACK AIN'T CHEAP, YA KNOW AND HE HAS TO GET HIS MONEY FROM SOME WHERE TO PAY FOR IT.... btw, what an ass he is! leaving his kids with only $1000.00 He is out for Jon and Jon ONLY!

1808 days ago


let's do a survey----who thinks that kate will take jon back? (like when hell freezes over)

1808 days ago


To all the Jon haters, who looks at themselves as being honest people, wouldn't you all agree that Jon is innocent until proven guilty? If you say no, rather you say the word no or even imply that he's guilty, then you are not an honest person.

Let me make something clear here. I am not saying that Jon is innocent or guilty. Of course, I don't believe the story, but that doesn't mean the story isn't true.

The only way that any of us will know if Jon is guilty, is if he is found guilty in court.

Now I ask everyone (Jon Team/Kate Team/No Team) that's concern about "the children", look at what's being reported. The amount of money that's said to be in the joint account and ask yourself, how come the joint account doesn't have millions of dollars in it?

Kate has put $80,000 in a trust fund for her 8 children. I found that amount to be too low.

I haven't read anywhere that Kate and Jon have separate accounts. So, where is all the money that they have earned over the years?

1808 days ago


Jon is really mentally unstable now. If those children need PROTECTION from someone it is their FATHER JON. He can not even speak coherently, he shows that he has very different personalities within. Most of the time Jon is ANGRY. This SEXUAL AGGRESSION he has is a very serious issue and if I was Kate I would demand he only have supervised visitation. those children need to be PROTECTED FROM THEIR BIPOLAR SCARY CRAZY FATHER. HE MAY SERIOUSLY HARM THEM. JON NEEDS HELP PRONTO!!!!

1808 days ago


Kate is such a witch. So what if Jon cleaned out the account? She's trying every which way she can to screw him. I think she's a cunning, vicious, nasty woman who is out for nothing but the money. I bet she is an AWFUL mother.

1808 days ago


Why don't you idiots READ the story. (you can read can't you?)
It said he took money out of THEIR account, leaving $1000.
The children's account WAS NOT touched!!!

1808 days ago


So much for the best interest of the kids! She's a obnoxious snot, I can't stand her.

1808 days ago


He's such a DB. I guess he needed money for more flipflops.

1808 days ago
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