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Cops: Suicide Note Found on Jenkins' Computer

10/5/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Buena Park Police Department tells us they found what they consider to be a "suicide note" on Ryan Jenkins' computer -- the one found in the motel room where he hanged himself.

Cops say they found the page-and-a-half long letter titled "Last Will and Testament" -- which was written on August 20th -- three days before he was found dead at the Thunderbird Motel in Canada.

We're told Ryan never admits to murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore, in the letter -- but he does apologize to family and friends for the pain he caused them.

Cops say in the letter, Jenkins blames Jasmine for the situation he was in -- professing both his love and disdain for her.


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I agree with astrophysicist, this should shut Jenkins' dad up.

Didn't his father already hire a PI to clear his son's name? He'll probably continue to spend money even after he hears about the note.

Hell, he probably knew about the note BEFORE he hired a PI, since investigators likely told him what they found on the hard drive.

TMZ, are we done with this?

1845 days ago

Jennifer Juniper    

no, chad, the correct term is "hanged" in this case. Here's an idea, try picking up a dictionary before you comment

1845 days ago



1845 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"text book abuser"

Now just a second.

Jesus H. Christ himself would have smacked that woman around after the idiotic stunts she pulled.

I am sick and tired of women acting like this and hiding behind the OJ laws.

1845 days ago


Do we get to read the letter? What does that mean he apologized to her family and friends for the pain he caused by killing her or is he apologizing to his family and friends because he is going to kill himself? I would like to read how he is blaming Jasmine for this. She did not deserve this in any way.

Some people here are sick.

And do we always have to have this argument if it is hanged or hung?

Aug. 20th is the day Hasman was on the news calling him an animal and I think the warrant was issued. He spoke to his father on Wednesday the 19th which is when he was supposedly told she was dead, fits in to me. What else is on the computer?

1845 days ago


They're more famous dead than they ever were alive


1845 days ago



doesn't really matter if he confessed or not does it?

old news. move on!

1845 days ago


Ryan Jenkins was a MURDERING PIG, just like MANSON!! glad he killed himself!!!!!!! Fiore just slept with TOO MANY MEN!!! both are dead. no more on these 2 jerks....

1845 days ago


I agree with Fred. Not that I feel Jasmine deserved to die, nobody deserves what happened to her. However, when you play with fire, you're gonna get burn. With the games she's seemed to be playing, it's almost surprising she wasn't a victim of abuse sooner. When you mess with the mind of a person who is already a little unstable, there is no telling what they may do. Let this be a lesson to any woman who's goal is to live off the success of another.

1845 days ago


Ryan Jenkins was a very sexy man. Just because of that he should have been able to be forgiven.

1845 days ago

My Opinion    

I totally agree with Fred and Heather...Jasmine was playing with sharkes for over ten years.....and played with peoples, minds, lives, and finances...people are bottom feeders...Ryan was an unstable man...he too walked away from a real estate sale where a couple put down a deposit of $50,000 and never go anything out of it...and they are going after his estate....

He should have walked away and gotten a real life...Jasmine agreed to get back together with him in August and pulled off all kinds of things to mess with his sad for both families

1845 days ago


Love and distain? He was a real prize.

1845 days ago


seriously, is she the love child of Divine? just sayin'.

1845 days ago


I honestly don't think he killed her. We know of what 2 other men she was messing many others are out there that we don't know about?? She would disappear for days and sometimes weeks. I think her little game she liked to play finally caught up to her. As for Ryan...he never had a chance from the very beginning of this whole mess. He never would have gotten a fair trial...the media had already had him convicted and now just because it's easier...the DA will make sure it's and open and shut to cover there screw up.....Got to love american justice!!!!

1845 days ago
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