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Kate's Lawyer: Jon & His Lawyer are Frauds

10/5/2009 7:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a letter Kate Gosselin's lawyer fired off to the lawyer for Jon -- and, to put it mildly, it's war.

Jon And Kate Gossellin Read the doc

Legal pit bull Marty Singer wrote the letter this past Friday. TMZ obtained a copy. In it, Singer expresses outrage that Jon secretly raided Jon and Kate's money market account "of hundreds of thousands of dollars," leaving only about $1,000. Singer says the withdrawal is not only "outrageous," it directly violates the Arbitration Award in the divorce which requires both parties to agree before any money is withdrawn.

Singer -- who says the withdrawal of funds is fraudulent and contemptible -- claims both Jon and his lawyer, Mark Heller, are hypocrites, after they went on Larry King's show and claimed family values (not money) was the important thing.

Singer says Heller has done this before, citing a New York Supreme Court decision which says Heller directed one of his clients in a divorce to "withdraw everything that's in the bank" so the money could be used to pay his fee.

And then there's this ... Singer blasts Heller, noting that the New York Supreme Court "addressed charges that you violated 'thirty-eight counts alleging multiple violations of the disciplinary rules,' and charges that you 'had engaged in a pattern of misconduct involving misrepresentations, deceit, abusive treatment of clients, fee gouging, neglect and willful failure to return unearned retainers to his clients' in matters which involved your 'mishandling of the matters of twelve separate clients.'" The letter goes on to claim Heller admitted to engaging in "professional misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation."

As we first reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court tomorrow, demanding that the monies be returned to the account and asking for a contempt citation.

We called Heller but he was not available for comment.


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summers eve commercials here he comes..........

1843 days ago



1843 days ago


This guy is so full of crap. Funny how he didn't pull the plug on the show until he found out his name was being dropped...and he "did it for his children"..okay. I don't see Kate all over the place but SHE'S suppose to be the one who wants the attention. Every day makes me realize more and more why she would get so aggravated with him. He is so immature. I hope she burns him.

1843 days ago


#16 doh what an idiot....she could not of delivered them vaginally, uh c-section.....

1843 days ago


oh and i'm PRETTY sure she would not be all stretch from him (eye rolling) LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

1843 days ago


Jon is a big LOSER....

1843 days ago


Jon is BIG dirt bag. You want to be a big star-- stop using your family and see how far you get? If you love your kids so such why are you keeping yourself in the public eye? Go to your young girls and leave the kids and Kate alone.

1843 days ago


And i suppose Marty Singer has never, shall we say, played games with the law.Attorneys do this stuff all the time.Marty ain't no saint.

1843 days ago


Well this is all coming from camp Kate so let see what the truth pans out to be in the next few days. Jon had already claimed that Kate was socking away cash in an account for herself...not a trust fund for the children but one that she could use to continue her lavish lifestyle. I think Jon was right to stop the show from further filming. But they need to both be careful or they could lose the children...CPS might get involved like they did for Octomom. People vilified Kate's brother and wife when the broke the news of the sham marriage in February. JKP8 fans had a mob fest but no one has yet admitted they were right about their allegations...they also said Kate only cared about the money...could they also be right about that too?...but of course they are.

1843 days ago


I don't know how any of you can say Kate is a bad parent. I can guarentee you haven't watched the show. She may not have been a fabulous wife, but after seeing Jon now, not sure I blame her behavior, but she is a great mother. Her kids are so smart, good natured, sweet children. She has done a great job ensuring the kids experience as much as they can and she has the patience of a saint for raising 8! Yes, she gets a lot of things for free but I would challenge anyone to see if they would turn it down if they were offered free things. Don't throw stones and don't talk about something you know nothing about.

1843 days ago


I cant wait to see Jon get cuffed and stuffed. Team Kate all the way!

1843 days ago



1843 days ago

The Truth    

This little boy is nothing but an immature skum bucket who has no morals and lies. He is borderline sociopath if not one. What he did was completely illegal. His actions speak millions. Let him continue to do this stuff, its only hurting him. When it comes to court, do not be suprise when Kate gets everything and more, and this moron will have to pay money up the butt hole for child support for 8 children. Lets see if its fun and games for Jon then. Lets see then if his girlfriends will want the looser!!! Trust me Kate will get the last laugh!!! HaHa

1843 days ago


Holy crap Batman. It will be a cage fight to the death. My money is on Kate. She will crush his tiny balls to dust.And that lawyers little pee pee also .Go KATE Go.

1843 days ago


Kate's biggest mistake?..........reproducing with a loser like Jon

1843 days ago
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