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Kate Cries

I Can't Pay My Bills!

10/5/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Gosselins continued their messy break-up in the media today -- with Kate fighting back the waterworks while claiming she can't afford to pay her bills.

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Kate came out swinging on "Today" this morning, slamming Jon for clearing $230,000 out of the couple's joint bank account: "You've left your children and their mother unable to pay for the roof over their head. It's unacceptable."

As for Jon's claim the children don't want to do the show anymore, Kate says there was "wailing and sobbing" when she broke the news to 'em that filming has halted.

As TMZ previously reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court today to demand the return of the cash and a contempt citation against Jon. Stay tuned ...


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wow... you guys are disgusting.. take a good look at yourselves. I'm not saying it's right for the children to keep being filmed but seriously man.. this is a woman with 8 do you think she's going to provide for them? This is disgusting... how could he do that to his children and his wife. It doesn't matter what you believe about them, it's very sad for this woman to be going through this. And i can't believe that so many women on this are trashing her.. Wow.. don't cast the first stone...She did this because it brought alot of opportunities to her children. I do believe it's time to stop filming BUT only because of Jon's horrible conduct.. I don't believe she's a media whore. She has been a magnificent mother and she's kept herself together and acted with grace while jon's been pickin up STDs in vegas.. Have some sympathy. It's incredible how judgemental people can be. It's very sad.

1781 days ago

Team Kate    

Geez, so much hate! I'm sure if your spouse took up with some young hoochie and then cleared out your bank account you'd be crying to the most highest court you had in reach. It's the same for her, numbers are just bigger, court just higher. She has $1000 left in her household bills account....that's probably a weeks worth of groceries(maybe 2) for 8 kids.
And if your tired of the Show...the bitchin' from both sides...DON'T's not that difficult.

1781 days ago


Do you think she would allow all the money she made from the interviews where she bashed Jon to the mags and when she was on The View to go into their joint account? Highly doubtful. As of being in the midst of a divorce she clearly has another account. & I wonder how much money she made just being on 'The Today Show'?! Prob as much as any normal person makes in a yr!

1781 days ago


Now Kate can go back on the church-speaking circuit and pretend to be poor again & rake in those "love offering" !!!

1781 days ago

Make them go away!    

Geesh, taht didn't take long. On NATIONAL TV crying her crocodile tears. I doubt for a minute that she only has access to $1000 and that she doesn't have another account.

My guess is that she's looking for more LOVE OFFERINGS from the people who actually believe her lies.

So much for taking the high road! These 2 idiots make me sick, sick, sick!


1781 days ago


It would cost a fortune to care for 8 children! In order for her to get a "real job" she would have to arrange chilcare for 8 children which would cost a fortune. I have 3 kids and the daycare was way too expensive for me to be able to work full time, I'd have to spend my entire paycheck on childcare. So before people bash her, they should look at the reality of it. How many of you have 8 kids? OK, then we shouldn't judge!

1781 days ago


I would love nothing better than getting the chance to slap his face off!

Housewives of the world unite! Let's go kick Jon's a$$!

1781 days ago


Looks like she is going to have to move into one of the kids "Crooked houses".

1781 days ago


GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1781 days ago


I'm feelin' empty & withdrawn.......

1781 days ago


If you have kids and can't pay for them the U.S. Army will be glad to send them to war when they are 18.

1781 days ago


Whatever Kate! Kate get a JOB!!!! Maybe she needs to sell her 1.5 million dollar home to pay her bills! Now Kate may see this is REALITY!

1781 days ago

Aussie Mom    

Oh give us all a break! When do these children not wail, weep and throw continual tantrums? I hate that they cannot lead a normal life. They should have never exploited these children for their own benefit so I don't feel sorry for either one of these disgusting adults. Just what do they think they are teaching these children? And if anyone notices, just look at the tumultuous lives that most children who grow up as entertainers lead. A fine example, just look at Britney Spears and how she has turned out. Michael Jackson and his distorted view of life, and any one of the old early 30's and 40's children who played in movies. Portraying happy lives does not make a happy life. Be done with this mess and go back to normal lives for the sake of your children. Go out get normal jobs and make a normal living just like everyone else.

1781 days ago


Kate you make me sick with your fake brought all of this on yourself with your manipulative brow beating crap for years. Jon finally had enough, but then you threw him out a year ago, right? But continue to play the 'wronged' one; yeah, your drama classes from high school are paying off now.
Just go away

1781 days ago

Get in line    

Sorry Kate, you'll just have to get in line with the hundreds of thousands of other US citizens who can't afford to pay their bills. Except they actually had a real job at one point that they lost, leading to their problems. I can't feel sorry for someone who helped piss away all their money over the years and now expect everyone's sympathy. This is all a pointless game of who can make the other parent look worse. They both screwed up.

1781 days ago
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