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Kate Cries

I Can't Pay My Bills!

10/5/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Gosselins continued their messy break-up in the media today -- with Kate fighting back the waterworks while claiming she can't afford to pay her bills.

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Kate came out swinging on "Today" this morning, slamming Jon for clearing $230,000 out of the couple's joint bank account: "You've left your children and their mother unable to pay for the roof over their head. It's unacceptable."

As for Jon's claim the children don't want to do the show anymore, Kate says there was "wailing and sobbing" when she broke the news to 'em that filming has halted.

As TMZ previously reported, Kate's lawyers are going to court today to demand the return of the cash and a contempt citation against Jon. Stay tuned ...


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1757 days ago

Michelle Jackson    

He is a scorned Father. She was banging her bodyguard. The woman always is played out as the victim. Now he's free, and gets crapped on! Who's watching these kids while she claims to do everything for them? Nannies, TLC? She's banging her bodyguard and people stick up for her. Same as people turning their face and denying Michael Jackson was a freak! Some great Mom. My God, only $100,000 dollars for groceries! Idiots. Many a person out there that would love to have that money for groceries!

1757 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

I've never watched this show, but is this woman serious? Did she think that the show would go on until all the children were grown and that's how they would be supported?

What in the hell was this couple thinking in having that many children and no real jobs to support them? That in itself is child abuse.

1757 days ago

Old Carole    

Wah Wah Wah John Go away. I never watched the show. I hear that Kate is crabby but can see why she might be entitled. John is dispicable. Hope that stupid young girl he dates sees her future and dumps him. He is so creepy looking that I can't imagine him getting any woman without fame.

1757 days ago


Obviously Kate doesn't honor signed contracts since she'd the one that filed for divorce.

1757 days ago


They are both trailer trash. I feel so sorry for those children.

1757 days ago


For one, they should have thought about how they were going to support all those kids BEFORE having them.

Two, the woman boo-hooing about money on the Today show is the same woman telling People magazine she is buying a new ring with 8 diamonds to replace her wedding band, "for the kids." Priorities lady! You're teaching your kids to be shallow & materialistic, just like you. I'm willing to bet anything if you asked them they would give up every freebie, gift, & minute of fame to have their family back.

Three, I recall seeing an episode where the twins put a "NO CAMERAS ALLOWED" on their bedroom door. I also remember Jon saying on camera he didn't want to do the show any more, and neither did the kids, but Kate wanted it, therefore they would continue. Funny the selective memory people have about this. I'm not taking up for him, but it's been obvious for awhile that this family has been unhappy. Look at poor Maddie; that kid is miserable!

1757 days ago


In any divorce, going against arbitration and emptying an account meant to pay bills is wrong. No matter who these people are. Theft is theft. I think I'm definitely on Team Kate now.

1757 days ago


Everyone just stop!!! This crap is ridiculous!! Do you only read TMZ??? She took money out of the joint account before she filed for divorce, on her lawyers advice, an put it in a seperate account. He cleared out the money in the joint account AFTER she took her share for private stash and BEFORE the divorce was filed!! He did nothing illegal by taking any money and neither did she, as it was shared monies before the divorce was filed. AFTER the filing it was ordered the monies is expressly to be used for taking care of the family and paying those bills. This crap was done back in JUNE, and she is just now whining and crying about it??? Give me a break!!!

1757 days ago


I don't get it if he pulls the show who is gonna provide for the kids he clearly does not have money if he withdrew all of the money from the joint account but that means he didn't even have money besides the joing money. He is hurting the kids in the long run.

1757 days ago


Is she the first mom to raise eight children ? I am sure there are moms out there with eight children that raise them without freebies and as a single mom ....
I have ZERO tolerance for this woman anymore. And ZERO tolerance for him either.
Team Kate -NO
Team Jon -NO

1757 days ago


I have NEVER watched the Jon and Kate and Eight show or whatever it is called. And I haven't watched these two on TV shows.

All I have to say is that the State of Pennsylvania needs to make all eight children wards of the court and appoint them their own attorney.

They could even remove the children from the parents' custody at least long enough to check lots of things out that concern the kids' welfare.

How much of the money that Jon withdrew (if he did) belonged to these kids?

1757 days ago

i still hate retards    

66. You guys are idiots, this is her REAL job. She is in a tv show and gets paid for it, that makes it a job. She writes books and gets paid for it, that is a job, she gives speeches and gets paid for it and that also makes it a job. Just because it is not YOUR job, doesn't mean it isn't a job.

They would not be able to support those kids on Jon's IT salary and even if Kate went back to work as a nurse, do you realize how much daycare would have cost them??? They could not have afforded it. So instead of living off our tax dollars, they went and found a way to support their family.

Jon is foolish to close it all down how is he going to afford that condo in NY and the house in PA, and pay child support and still afford any sort of life. Sponsors won't pay him for anything if they have no show to promote it on.

Posted at 10:50AM on Oct 5th 2009 by dana

wow--someone with a cogent thought on the boards! dana, you are absolutely dead on. every time i read comments telling kate to get a "real" job i want to bash the writer's face against a wall. she does have a real job like you said. just a different job than the most of us. she supports her family in the most financially productive way she can. everyone just wishes they performed a job that makes so much money that they enjoy doing but instead they are stuck at a dead-end job making $25K/year instead of $25K/week

1757 days ago


The only vicitms in the story are the 8 children. And if the Gosselins cannot see what they are doing to those kids and what they have done to those kids over the years, they are bigger idiots than I imagined. They used their children in the name of exploitation for their own selfish wants. Pull the show once and for all, grow up Gosselins and divorce amiacably for the sake of the kids, and try to raise them normally before it is too late for them.

1757 days ago


Kate...People do have large families and support them without the benefit of reality television income (and lots of freebies). I'm from a family with nine kids. We had to do without alot of extra things but we survived. I know plenty of people from large families who did the same. Jon and Kate are perfectly capable of getting jobs and supporting their kids. Stop acting like a tv show is the only way you can survive.

1757 days ago
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