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Levi Johnston -- No Palin, No Gain

10/8/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not sure if he's gonna show his front or backside, but one thing's certain: Levi Johnston wants to make sure both sides look good for his upcoming Playgirl spread just in case.

 Levi Johnston
Johnston's handler tells us the 19-year-old father of one is preparing for the shoot by hittin' the gym hard -- at least six days a week for the last three weeks -- with the help of a newly hired personal trainer.

Levi agreed to pose for Playgirl last month for an undisclosed amount ... but the real question is what he's willing to bare.

We'll find out soon enough -- the photo shoot happens sometime this month.


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A Stupid Punk, I agree when the tabloids are tired of Sarah Palin, he is yesterdays news. What a Dumb ass stupid jerk. I wonder if he can read or write, he certainly has poor speaking skills and the vocabulary of a third grader...(Sorry third graders) A jerko, punko jacko, idiot...Who said he is even good looking? UGH!

1804 days ago

London not England    

Sarah Palin was/is a stupid TWIT......
John McCain was SO Desperate to gain the female supporters of Hillary Clinton, he chose some PWT, unknown idiot (NOT EVEN A SMART FEMALE POLITICIAN) whom he thought would fill the bill. Even the republican base and Colin Powell who had no love for the Democrats couldn't get behind that choice, that's why Powell endorsed Obama....
Now, Sarah Palin decided instead of fulfilling her duties as governor, which by all accounts she at least was doing a half-way decent job at; and went for the quick $$$ by writing a book.....
then her PWT Son-Baby-Daddy-in-law does the same thing by going for the lowest common denominator by posing for a loser Mag like PLAYGIRL...he's no different from Palin. They both are going for the quick bucks while they're still somewhat relevant.... Anyone with an IQ higher than 12 can see this for what it is.....John McCain was too old for the office of President, but at least he was qualified...Sarah Palin Was NOT !~! Anymore than Joe the Plumber was ready for his own business. And look, they BOTH QUIT. People need to stop acting like someone has "planted" Levi on the Palins....THIS WAS THEIR PEOPLE.....Nobody knew these Hillbillys before McCain Trust them into our collective faces. So what you see is what you get...and I guess we'll all get to see what Bristol saw in her boy-toy/daddy. i'm just glad his mother-in-law didn't get the reigns of the country. now Hank Williams Jr., Bankrupt Billy Baldwin, Joe the out-of-work Plumber, and all the rest can go back to their mediocre lives, and we'll continue to be amused at their antics.

1804 days ago


THIS is just too great. Really? Naked?

I love this extended family. I'm so thrilled he is kind of related to Falin' Palin.
Oh Sarah, now what? I guess even you can see what package brought fourth into this world you grandchild.

Too bad her work of art book she didn't write, was out and done, she could have tried to slam him on paper too. And how you can tell she didn't write that masterpiece?

The words are spelled correctly, and the words 'you betcha' are not on every page.

1804 days ago


Very well done post KEVIN.

I totally agree with you.

I'm shocked people, esp. women want to support her. Talk about a first class digbat. I have five ladies in this corporate building right now who would do a better job of Vice President then she EVER could.

Enough said, thank you.

1804 days ago


Levi Johnson... Jon Gosslins' wingman. What a pair.

1804 days ago


Funny Kevin and Snaps. Not only is Obama showing every day that he is not qualified (vetting process of too many czars, war - which he promised to end but now cannot decide what to do, health care, etc.), but I am not sure why on earth any woman would support the democratic party. The democratic party has a platform that insists that women need government to do anything. They cannot succeed on their own, which is why they need dems to strongarm everything for them. You can see how dems treat successful women - not good. I am not a fan of Palin politically, but she is not a twit. Don't believe everything you see on the news. Mass media breeds igorance, and so do people who believe everything they read without further investigation. See, at least Palin doesn't feel entitled to get a "piece" of what others earn, like the democratic party does. People should be able to keep what they earn and decide where it goes, not a corrupt government run by corrupt politicians who will do anything to get reelected, including promising other people's $$ to trade for a vote. People can be such sheep. Baaaaaa...

1804 days ago


Go back to your trailer in backwoods Alaska, Levi, no one wants you. Your time will be very brief.

1804 days ago


I love how people become celebrities...I guess since he got a high school girl pregnant we need to see his d***. Give me a break.

1804 days ago


Two things:

1. I hope Levi Johnston is paying his child support regularly, even if someone in the Palin camp says he doesn't have to now that they are getting rich on someone's writing of Sarah's new best seller.

2. I hope Levi Johnston is enforcing his child visitation with his baby boy regularly and NEVER MISSES ONE VISIT! You can be sure the Palin camp will be noting his visits on a calendar. If he misses many, he could lose his visitation rights, which is what they are "preying" for.

1804 days ago


#42 Khara

I don't know where in hell you get your political information, but it would behoove you to take a vacation from the far right-wing blogs and TV/radio shows and get your bearings. I don't think you are old enough to know much of anything. Once you have VOTED through several election cycles (like maybe back to the Ark), then you can spew your poison. I think Obama is doing a superb job considering the outrageous mess he inherited from people who think like you. At least Obama WORKS hard every single day.

1804 days ago


All this 'excitement' in his life certainly doesn't mean he is, or is going to be a terrible father....he's young....I'm thinking though, he may be flying by on the advice of people who are only interested in riding his coat tails....and not his best interest.

1804 days ago



1804 days ago


Say what you will, but my Grandbaby daddy is lookin hot.

1804 days ago


Wow Lilarose! Ignorance is bliss, eh? First, before you assume, you should realize that I did not vote for Bush. I do not agree with him. I do not follow far right wing blogs, but I am rather a Libertarian. Libertarians are actually often very politically informed with facts (research it if you are unaware). I am assuming that because you are getting defensive, you don't have facts to throw at me. I am 29 years old, and very politically informed. I am aware that our founding fathers had Libertarian ideals, and I am aware that Obama feels that he has the right to take money from those who earned it and redistribute it to those who didn't. That is a fact. That is what he is doing. Also, I do not see Obama working hard every day. I see him going on Leno and to Martha's Vinyard (with taxpayer money). Also, Bush did not get us into this mess, nor did Obama (though he is making the mess larger with his spending). We did. We are a people who feel like we should put booze, tobacco, boats, vacations, clothes, dining, etc. on credit cards. We have over spent as a nation, especially on housing, and we are paying for it. Period. I suggest you not assume where people stand in political arenas and research some things yourself, rather than sitting back and expecting the government to take care of everything for you. Your thinking enslaves people, and that is sad.

1804 days ago


Lilarose, my guess is that you are gung ho for government run healthcare. Can I ask why? Do you feel that you should have someone else pay your way through healthcare? Are you aware that Obama's plan will only make healthcare more expensive? Someone else will pay for it, of course, but it isn't fixing the cost issue. That is what it is about; cost. It is not about access, because everyone has access - they just have to pay for it. There are other options to actually reign in costs, but the dems don't want to go there. Tort reform, purchasing beyond state lines, less government regulation on insurance companies (yes, regulation costs a lot of money, and they pass that on to consumers). No, dems don't want any part of that. Not very logical.

1804 days ago
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