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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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Bash a Pap    

These "people" are not celebrities. He is an IT nerd and she is the pudgy daughter of a plastic surgeon. Please stop reporting on non-celebs TMZ... you are degrading your position as the lowest common denominator.

1805 days ago


This woman needs to get well away from this vile creature. Has she no taste?? Has she no shame?? Has she no conscience??

1805 days ago


#17 Normal Mom?

You've said it best.

I stand and applaud!

Great post.

1805 days ago


Arlis... I am not going to trash you or anything, but look, Jon's actions have changed since the start of the so called divorce.

YES, Kate is bitch and she treated him badly, BUT you have to realize he brought it on himself by not standing up for himself from the beginning, even before the kids.
She has to be controlling to keep 8 (ok 9) KIDS in line. If that wasn't there, it would be chaos in that house, kids running around screaming, running into walls, the house would be filthy, disgusting, dirty, smelly, etc..

The show has HELPED that family immensely. They are organized, popular, the kids are WELL-BEHAVED, all because people HELPED them get that way.

And what does it mean Jon cares more for the kids than Kate?
He SLEEPS WITH THE BABYSITTER in the same house with the kids, he's constantly on the phone with whoever when he is there, he's ALWAYS talking to reportersm, who has the kids when he's hanging by the fence, going on shows SLAMMING Kate, he has gained extensive amount of weight, he SMOKES, drinks, and if you look at his actions, drugs too. he has "unprotected relations" with numerous partners, and even has a sleezy druggy g/f now. Is that better for the family?

Kate on the other hand is very professional. When she received a call from one of the twins saying she saw "daddy with the babysitter", did Kate say "Oh Well?" No she went over there right away, causing the cops to be called, rejected from the property BY JON, and she left crying because the kids were upset and there was nothign she could do about it.
She guest spots on shows, and when asked (in the beginning) about the situation, she politely said "I have nothing to say about it, or I am not inclined to speak about it".

Neither one of them want this in the media, the media will NEVER go away from these 2 because of the show. BOTH of them are using the popularity of the show to better themselves.

I know EVERYONE has their own side to take, and many people have leaned towards Kate because of his "bachelor" actions, but don't slam Kate because she was and still is, and still has to be a "bitch".

1805 days ago


Direct quote from lovely Normal mum.. # 16.

"When I was her age I was riding hot football players can't imagine doing a chubby dad." isnt she lovely?

1805 days ago


Give it up SOR....(#64 and#69)

Normal Mom owns you on accurate and amusing comments.

1805 days ago


#76 - LMAO good one!

1805 days ago


I had meant comments #74 and #69.


1805 days ago


Smoote what a stupid thing to say, he is a father of eight kids who is separated not divorced, he is not some frat boy with no responsibilities. Get real.

1805 days ago


why is everyone saying it's kates money john was on the show as well and so where all the kids it's alll of their money and hopefully the kids will see a lot of it it's because of their cute little faces besides she's a "she devil" i would get the hell out of that house too and for her own show it's going to suck who is she going to talk down to now?

1805 days ago


Normal Mom the snail trails on his jeans comment made me spray my Moster Low Carb all over my keyboard. Please go into comedy writing.

1805 days ago


If Kate can barely pay the bills because Jon took $230K out of the bank account, why in the world is she buying a new ring with 8 diamonds and a mother of pearl??? Doesnt' sound like she is very financially savy!! Not intelligent if you ask me! She needs to get off her high horse. She has turned into a monster and Jon if finally taking control of his life because Kate has always been mean and rude to him on camera. She just needs to shut the F up. Go Jon!

1805 days ago

Glassman is a home-wrecking whore.

1805 days ago


HA ha they have to drink to deal with the lame reality that is their plain existence. plus shes lookin mighty swollen lately too! two Tubbies........

1805 days ago

Normal Mom    

To those of you from the Radar site ripping me up you should all know by now that I don't like Kate either. I just want to clarify something, I think Kate is a crappy parent as well only it's for different reasons than why I think Jon is. I'm not being harsh on Jon because I love Kate. If we had a story on here about Kate I'd give you my detailed opinion of her too. Unfortunately Jon takes the brunt of the citicism because he is the one who is out there rollin with the paparazzi, parading his 22 yr old women in front of the cameras etc. Because he is a major attention whore who panders to the tabloid media outlets that is why there are so many stories on him for us to make fun of. This story was about Jon & Hailey so that is who I comment on. For the record, I do not think Hailey is fat, people are ripping her looks apart and it's not that there is anything wrong with her looks or that she is fat, she just gets picked on because of her association with Jon. I feel sorry for the girl. Although she chose to insert herself into the tabloids by getitng involved romanticaly with Jon so it's her own fault, I can't help but feel sorry for the girl in a way.

1805 days ago
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