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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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Tink11, I completely understand where you and other Kate supporters are coming from. I really do. But try to put yourself in his shoes. Let me just add that I think both of these people are DISGUSTING. I'm not a Kate supporter, nor am I a Jon supporter. I'm a supporter of the children and that's it.

I know that Jon is acting like an ass...I just can understand WHY he's acting like an ass. He's acting out...I don't think he can help it. He wants the world to know that he can get a "wild" woman. It's just to prove that he's a "stud." I feel sorry for him.

It's easy to say that he should have stood-up for himself while Kate was berating him - and he should have - but he did not. Apparently he found it hard to confront Kate. It is apparent that her treatment of him has affected his self-esteem and his manhood. Too add to that, he had now tasted fame and he cannot stop himself from wanting more...but this applies to both Kate AND Jon.

Kate was a verbally and emotionally abusive spouse. There, I said it. That abuse has affected Jon in a negative way. I wonder how different the public's opinion would be if Kate had been the abused spouse, and was trying to move on with her life, and Jon had been the abuser.

Yes, she needs to run a "tight ship" at her house. I understand that. In most traditional 2 parent homes, the wife usually is the backbone of the house. Organization is key. She had that down to a science no doubt, but where is the compassion...where is the love? Where was the joy?

I understand that the show provides them with a wonderful income. Fantastic. But I will tell you that those children are going to look back on their childhoods and be thankful for the material things that they had, but they will mourn the loss of the nurturing relationships that they should have had (could have had) with their parents.

Divorce is extremely hard on children. The fact that Kate wants to continue to film during this trying time for her family speaks volumes about where her priorities are. I have to give Jon props for not wanting that for his children. Why should they have to put on a brave face for the cameras?

1839 days ago


She is putting on weight, just like him.

Jon, I don't know if you read these but how do you think your death from lung cancer will affect your children? You need a swift kick in the butt you moron!!!!

You say you have your children's best interest at heart and yet you continue to set bad examples for them. You only set good ones when you want something out of it.
Do you really think dating a much younger woman who is a whore is setting a good example? She smokes and drinks and does drugs? Is that truly the kind of girl you want to have around your children?
She is nothing but a skank and looks like it.
You bought a place in New York that is not big enough so your kids can come visit and stay with you every other weekends? I am confused how that is thinking about your kids?????
Responsible up, RETARD!

1839 days ago

Therese Rose    

Damn, Kate is way prettier than this gal. She looks like Sandy from SpongeBob and Jon looks more and more like Patrick Starfish!

1839 days ago

Mamma Mia    

Ummm is it me or does Hailey's face look BLOATED??

1839 days ago



1839 days ago

he'll be out of money in a year or two. This dude should just give up and move into a trailer already.

1839 days ago


Both look as if they are gaining weight.Jon doesn't look very happy in photo.Wonder if he is worrying about his childish comments of the week, like maybe the girls will be full from his cake and not be able to eat Kates cake. Which is on video so he can't deny it, what a shame. My advice to him is shout his mouth and read his Bible.

1839 days ago


God, she is one homely girl...not ugly, just homely. I can understand your marriage breaking up and dating, but when you date, shouldn't you DATE UP? That girl certainly is NOT a step up from Kate!

1839 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Normal Mom, just ignore Lisak, 10doll and that group of girls on Jon and Hailey's twitter that have a hate kate blog. LisaK is the moderator and they come on gossip sites spewing forth their hatred of Kate, despite Jon's douchey behavior. Then 10doll especially gets into the name calling of posters and try to bully on here, ROL, Just Jared and almost any Gosselin site post, they are there to attack, attack and do their TEAM JON crap. They used to even make fun of Hailey and Jon, now LisaK sucks Jon's pimpled 2inch tool on Twitter. So when they try to use MrsD and other names from gals chatting at ROL that are disgusted by Jon, they come over here under those names to bash on Normal Mom. Just ignore the trolls, they want to create a stir, and they like Jon because they are just like him, attention seeking whores. Normal Mom, LOVED ALL OF YOUR HILARIOUS POSTS!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CRACK ME UP and are spot on! If you want to know about LisaK, just google that, it will bring up her hate Kate blog and then you will see how 10doll and them all talk with such class there and all big and bad with their swear words and calling Kate a "c" word, they are some really classy gals, like Jon and Hailey, that type of sewage gutter like class.

1839 days ago


It is only a matter of time before this guy has a breakdown. He can only go on so long with being a jerk and knowing he is making a lot of mistakes. Just look at his eyes you see it there. I hope he soon will see the people around him are so bad for him and are using him. I feel sorry for him cause he is so blind.

1839 days ago


To #96
A trailer is too good for him.

1839 days ago


What a loser, why don't you spend time with your kids instead of acting like a horn dog. Kate deserves full custody of the kids and ALL THE MONEY!!

1839 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

and he told Larry King it was time for him to grow up, we are waiting Jon! Oh and didn't you tell Nancy Grace that "actions speak louder then words"

The doofus is a walking contradiction, he opens his mouth and spews out words, and does the complete opposite. That is what makes him look so dumb, he has no integrity or credibility. No one likes a liar of any kind, and he is pathological! And Manic! He needs more help then the silly shrink (is his therapist the drug dealer?) he claims he sees. He brags how the therapist tells him he is charming (in psysch 101 terms Jon that means you are a weasel and a snake that cannot be trusted) and he brags how his therapist says he is 32 but acts 23....and he thinks that is all cute and funny (in psych 101 terms Jon that means you need to grow up and be a Dad and stop being this whiny self centered martyr and victim you play to the cameras and it means to start being in control of your own actions, words, behavior and hold yourself accountable for you and stop blaming everyone around you for what you choose to do and your bad choices.) There, and you did not even have to pay me to be a friend enough to speak to you with truth, unlike the lawyers you pay, shrink you pay, drug dealer you pay, bartender you pay, paparazzi you pay (or they pay you then laugh at you behind your back when they put up their photos on sites or in the media). Those are all people you pay to be nice to you, or who want some thing from you so they tell you what you want to hear. What you need is to be slapped upside the head with some heavy dose of TRUTH SERUM like what Nancy Grace tried to get through your self absorbed pea brain.

Truth hurts when it is mirrored back at you, and no one likes to hear it, but some need to hear it like you Jon. If some one really cared about you, they would pull you aside and say hey, your kids come first, not you telling all the family secrets for money to the paparazzi at the cost and expense of your children's emotional wellness. They would also tell you to man up and stop playing a victim and change what you don't like in you, because you cannot change Kate or anyone but you, you are only in control of you and Jon, you are spinning out of control in front of millions of eyes and the ones that count the most, you are archiving your meltdown for your children to read one day or view from archived media sources.

You could stop, by stop talking to the paparazzi like Kate does, when she does talk out or do appearances, she chooses the more reputable ones, like TOday Show, she does not go to these gossip rag magazines or Insider, Inside Edition, ET and all of these sources that have no integrity or credibility, but then again you show no integrity or credibility.

But you could change that, you could choose to do better, be better, if not for yourself, for your children and their best interest. Just zip it, at both ends, keep it zipped! Your crotch and your mouth and hey, you might just get fans back, beings that is what matters to you. You are insecure and unstable just craving friendships, you want to trust some one so much (but in your industry you have to know boundaries and not treat everyone the way you open up to your therapist for they have their own motives and it is not your best interest in mind), and so until you continue your journey helping to rebuild your self esteem, just go privately to your shrink, deal with that, and stay out of the spotlight until you are healthier and a healthier Dad. And get away from that drugged up Hailey, she is an addict and a codependent and you have codependent tendencies to be attracted to women like that because you want badly to be the hero, the knight in shining armor and have your ego stroked among other things stroked. But women in this industry use you only for your name, fame and fortune, but your name and fame are going bye bye. Thanks to your own unraveling and your own bad choices.

Good luck, you need some, but you need common sense more then anything right now. Hope you find some and soon, for your kids, because they matter and their needs and feelings matter more then your "it is all about me" routine.

1839 days ago


I slept with him and it was lame, 10 minutes of my life I will never get back.

1839 days ago


LOSER and LOSER LOVER!!! Maybe one day he'll get a real job and stop living off of his children.

1839 days ago
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