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Jon & Hailey Plus Kate's Money

10/9/2009 2:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin spent some of his hard-earned money to buy his girlfriend Hailey Glassman some drinks at an Irish pub in NYC the other night.

No word if 'Entertainment Something' picked up a round too.


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this chick has no shame jon is buying her drinks with his kids and wifes money pathetic losers they deserve eachother i hope the judge gives kate full custody and a mother walking around with high heels and jeans? when did that become a crime when did that make you a bad mother by just wearing heels??

1841 days ago

Pat of Moscow    

Jon my advice to you is have as much fun now as you can with your little girl Hailey because your day is coming. I don't know why you don't undrestand just what you had done to your beautiful children. You had done everything you could to hurt Kate, ran around and had affairs with many women while still being married, and made a complete fool of yourself in front of the whole world don't you think that this kind of behavior is going to hurt your children in the future? They are going to reap what you have sowed. Kate has kept her word and said my kids come first and is the stable parent for the children right now. No matter want you say about Kate she has been standing on solid ground not like you. Who do you think the children are going to respect when the dust has settled down? I don't think it's going to be you. You have done something far more grivious with your attitudes and that is a wound that will never heal when your children find out the truth of all the nasty things you have done. To lose the love and respect of your children is the worst thing that can happen. Your pay back will not be with money but it will be through your children. We all pay for or mistake but I'm affraid yours is going to be a real bitter one.

1840 days ago


She is the worst of the worst. Money hungry *itch. Time to grow up, both of them really, but she thinks her *hit doesn't stink. Got news for her the money hungry twit.

1840 days ago

Pat of Moscow    

For all the Kate haters. She's going to win this thing and win big because your buddy dumb head Jon couldn't keep his big mouth shut. The judge is not going to take it litely on Jon's bad behavior not to mention he couldn't keep it in his pants. Kate has been insulted for the last time by this idiot and she is going for blood. I don't blame her because there is a lot at stake and I don't mean money. The sooner she detaches herself from this fool the better. Everything Jon does is a embarrassment to Kate and the children. What a terrible legacy he is leaving for the children. Their going to remember their Dad as being a irresponsible, dumb, fool.

1840 days ago


Man, I just saw it and can't believe it! She's wearing a heavy coat closed to hide her stomach! Has everyone checked out Hailey's round face......and her little bump of a tummy when they were on the yacht! Her face is much rounder and fuller just a few short months out there's another Gosselin on the way!!!!!!!!!!!! Jon will be supporting another shortly!!!!!!!!!

1840 days ago


i really hope they both die, soon. they are two of the trashiest people ever, he doesn't even care about his kids. it's pathetic.

1840 days ago

Grandma of Four    

My sympathies are with Kate. She clearly is the driving force behind the entire "Jon and Kate Plus 8"! She has the brains but made a very poor choice for a partner in Jon. I would bet from the very beginning he exhibited his MAJOR passive/agressive behavior and it just become more pronounced with the addition of 6 children at once! Yes, Kate certainly did boss him around but with good reason...I always thought he was a pain and looking for every reason to go somewhere else. Basically, Jon is a "ski bum" and would have been far better suited to work at a ski resort. He is being such a media whore it is sickening. I could not believe he showed a partial email from Kate on National television. And, I wonder how many of you saw him puffing on his cig then flicking it to the pavement like he was some sort of big man! Disgusting! But the way he showed up at his daughters' 9th birthday was beyond reason. He takes a cake bought by "Entertainment Tonight" (who he clearly is being PAID by), it has Mady's name spelled wrong (I will bet SHE did not think it was funny!), and looked like hell! Wonder if he even showered before he left NYC?? UGH! There is something clearly WRONG with this guy! And, his attorney appears to have no control over him! Wait until the judge gets ahold of him!

1840 days ago


He looks about as happy as he did in photos with Kate before they announce they were separating! Why is this girl still with him? After everything he has said on national tv about wanting to work things out with Kate (who would be a fool to take him back)? He thought the grass was greener, only to realize what an idiot he really is!!! Enjoy your "20" Jon cuz when the money dries up so will your love life!

1840 days ago


John get glasses Hailey is nothing to look at. Kate looks great! Plus you have 8 kids with her. Trust me Hailey wont be around forever. Grow old with your wife kids grandkids. Think about it.

1837 days ago
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